Going off the Grid and Off the Rails for a bit.


Behave yourselves.  I will be keeping tabs….


Fuck Scott Walker.

There’s a post over at the Great Orange Satan about the history of anti-police brutality songs.  Really excellent stuff, and there are a couple that I didn’t know.  In particular, Lauryn Hill’s re-construction of “my Favorite Things” into “Black Rage” is sublime.

But mainly, i am an oldish white rocker/punkerr and Tom Morello speaks to me:

Hopefully, that will also annoy Plummet.  :D


But hey, why is all the recent political songwogrk by rappers?  White indie rockers have no cred, or had shoe gaze made everything by rock bands into mopey crap?  I mean, Living Color used to do some fine political songs….

OK, I think I know the answer, of course.  Political songs during the 60’s, 70’s, and even into the 80’s had to do with white folks being beaten and suffering under harsh economic policies.  The rise of hip-hop allowed for black voices to be heard, and the long-standing abuse that they’ve had to endure was allowed another venue of expression.  By Romero, sometimes I think the worst virus visited on this benighted planet has been goddam white folks…

Field Report, a local band that helped spawn Bon Iver, has a new album out and is playing tonight at The Pabst Theater.  The Mayor acclaimed it Field Report Day, and I am thus playing FR all day, as should you.





Fans of Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens will like this.  It’s not mellow, as such; but it does take a bit to grow on you.  The first album was one that never grabbed me, but soon I realized that whenever one of the songs came up I would have to check who it was.

Still haven’t decided if I will go to the show tonight, I have a lot of work to do and a threatening cold.  It’s across the river; I admit I would be much more likely to go if it was at Turner Hall across the street.

Of course, I would suggest you actually pay for the music.  Others disagree.

All Cats Are Grey

Posted: October 10, 2014 in Fridge Note, Shovels

Caturday comes early this week:



Courtesy of Blue Gal and the Professional Left!  Thanks, you commies.

Melt the Guns

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Body Count, Humanity is a virus, Shovels

Fucking dog’s legs.

Watching the Harry Nilsson documentary, for the several timeth time; and it is completely awesome in a way that a retrospective of a completely awesome artist may only be…

but there is a portion, where the murder of John Lennon shows up, that is where I get a bit irate. after the tragedy, he pretty much completely devotes his life toward gun control.  And the people on the doc talk about how he wasted his talent in his anti-gun efforts.

fuck.  Waste your efforts in gun control?  That’s a pretty fucked up music-industry shit-head point of view.

Here is a person, whose best friend was shot down without reason, by a person who should not have been allowed access to a firearm.  And he spent the rest of his life working to prevent that kind of thing ever happening ever again.  And somehow, that is less meaningful than making pop songs?

Fuck That.  Melt the guns.

Whoah.  20% year-over-year increase in Professional  Errors & Ommissions insurance premium.






Title Lonk

You know things are in Serious Shit Mode in ZombieVille when I am being out-blogged by Paleo, OBS, and mikey.  Yeah, busy as shit.  robotics startup, projects under increasingly pressure-vessel deadlines, and a looming vacay.

I would be very sad if I was also being outblogged by  any/all of :fish, Blue Girl, Jennifer or Pinko.

So.  Turdwaffle HockSpit is now obviously NOT running for governor, but running for President.  Dunno who is blowing smoke up his ass, but Jeb stands a better chance, which is none.

Anyway, Same-sex marriage is GO in Wisco.  Even Turdwaffle is admitting that it’s a done deal.  If only the judges had been as willing to pass on the whole Voter ID thing.

But no time for actual blogging about these items or others (like I went and saw the Revenge Of The Mekons movie TWICE during the Milwaukee Film Festival.  And did I mention that the Milwaukee Film Festival actually draws more patrons, this year, than Sundance?  And that the Amazing Randi visited for the showing of his film? Not to mention Joe Angio, who made the Mekons flicktoon. Also not to mention Jon and Sally from the Mekons) so I will just post some pictures of an afternoon’s worth of design time in a urban planning charrette that I was invited to participate in – third time in a row.

This is a redevelopment of a site connecting the urban grid and the residential neighborhoods of a mixed residential neighborhood next to an industrial and commercial corridor, working on revitalization of the manufacturing sites to support job creation and knitting the whole shebang back into the residential areas through a reuse of a rail ROW into a bike/pedestrian Green Artery, and reusing some industrial buildings into a Brewery/Bikery Incubator:

Of course, I included the construction of tilt-up artist loft live/work townhouses that I have been working on developing for an appropriate site – in my SPARE TIME HA HA.


Gosh yes.  Title Lonk.