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Jeebus.  Did the Packers have to allow the other teams to get within spitting distance the last two weeks?  mikey said that the fact Rodgers didn’t rack up forty points on the 49ers is reason for concern; but the Giants needed a magical last minute drive to beat SF this week,so maybe mikey is just bitter that they aren’t QUITE as bad as last year.  I am just happy that the Pack broke that damn streak..

This week, the Rams had a chance.  Yeah, if they played it as lucky as the Fucking Seahawks did in the championship game last year.  Yeah, no.  Granted, the Packers were the fortunate recipients of several muffed field goals and a couple of EXTREMELY timely interceptions.  But hey, St. Louis also scavenged the first TWO GODDAM interceptions of Aaron Rodgers in like 3 years at Lambeau.  So the luck was pretty even handed.

I have an IRL friend who gets really irate whenever the Packers don’t win by 40 points.  He has an opinion on Dom Capers that I agree with; as paleo says, any team playing a Dom Capers defense ALWAYS has a chance to win.  But seriously; Scary Joe is ready to burn all his Packer stuff because in the last two weeks, the never led by ENOUGH.  Both weeks, the other team never had a lead.  Only had an extremely unlikely chance.  Today, the Pack led by two scores for well over half the game.  Admittedly, Rodgers had an off day, but FFS, isn’t he allowed?  And others on the team stepped way the hell up.

I feel like Joe gets so angry about the fact that the Packers aren’t magically able to destroy everyone that it makes him unable to actually enjoy watching a REALLY talented team that find a way to win almost all of the time.  And this maybe threatens his health…

Yeah, in pre-season everyone thought the Packers were unstoppable.  Then Jordy Nelson and the others got hurt. Football players get hurt.  That changes the equation; that’s why they play the games, right?

Look, I lived through the Lynn Dickey era.  For most of my early life, I was used to the Packers being woeful.  Bart Starr was a great player, but a lousy coach.  (Like William Shatner is an entertaining actor but a lousy singer, Microsoft is a lousy software company but a great marketer, or Frank Lloyd Wright was a great architect but a horrible human being.)  As a Wisconsinite, however devotion to the Packers was not only genetic but possibly required by the magnetic fields under the rolling terminal moraine hills.

The years with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have been magical.  Also, it’s very easy to be proud when you are secure in the knowledge that the team will never leave, and is publicly owned.  The operating company is looking to develop the areas around Lambeau in a way that supports the nearby residential neighborhoods, but also helps to inspire development and improvements of the community.  Rather than building an insular hi-tech spaceship in a suburban location where people drive in, park, and then leave in their cars after the game. As an urbanist,  I loathe that blindly shortsighted attitude and see the potential for these huge assemblies of people to become pinwheel spinning activity into the urban area around it; but most of these rich assholes just want to build these oversized behemoths in suburban areas next to oversized parking garages with direct freeway access so people can leave as soon as possible.  Sorry, where did this soapbox come from?

As a semi-related aside, while I think the new owners of the Bucks should just pool their fucking couch change to pay for the new arena (current estimate:  $450 million.  Zombie estimate after all is said and done:  $700 million.  Most of which will be paid through regressive sales taxes.  None of which will be paid by the billionaire owners, OH NO.)

Phew.  OK, I got off on a tangent.  Not sure I had a direction, like that time I started heading out to Walgreen’s and wound up in Minneapolis drinking bourbon in a zombie bar.

So.  The Packers.  They’re 5-0.  There are only 3 other teams with that record (Motherfucking New England is 4-0 due to bye, and doesn’t count MY BLOG MY RULES GODDAMMIT).  Some of the wins were ugly; but my friend Scary Joe says “we barely won that game”.  In a game where SL never led, and the final score was a 14 point defeat.  Yesterday, the Badgers screwed up a field goal at the end of the game, but rallied to stop Nebraska, then get back into range and MAKE the damn field goal to win by one damn point.  THAT game was barely a win.  This one was a dominant win.

The last two games by the Packers involved a (small) bit of struggle, and that’s why you have a team; when one person is a bit less than stellar, others are available to step up and make the whole thing work.  Winning is winning.  Putting another 20 points up doesn’t get you closer to the Super Bowl; if anything, it just pisses of the Sports Talkers if they feel like you’re “running up the score”.

Although Joe and I agree on much, particularly Dom Capers and Joe Buck, I can hardly talk to him about the Packers anymore.  He is so intransigent and angry, no matter how they play. So, that’s how I wind up here, right?  Blogging, wtf.

It was a gorgeous day today.  I took Lucifer for a good long walk, she pooped twice and I worked up a mild sweat and worked my heart rate; went into the office for a short time then made a lovely dinner and did a bit more work; now the weather is getting mildly cool and the wind is building; it is, after all, Fall.  I love this time of year…

Now, i am going to go and get a nice glass of Russell’s Reserve 10 year old bourbon.  Thank you, dear Snag, for giving me guidance and starting me on my Bourbon Journey.

No matter what else might have happened, if you are sitting in a bar that has a blood spattered chainsaw in a glass case, drinking bourbon with people you met on the Internet while “Zombeavers” plays overhead amid fog-machine smoke and laser lights, you know the trip has been successful.

Last time I made this trip, I went to First Avenue to see Soul Asylum and the Figgs.  I also got remarkably hammered.  This time out, on the opposite side of a Significant Health Event, I didn’t get QUITE as hammered.  But I still saw Dave Pirner….

When I saw the ad for a tribute show to play the songs of Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers album featuring a stellar roster of musicians, I zipped off an email to MPLS Imaginary Digital Frenz paleotectonics and Snag to set it up.  They both bit,  Like bigmouth bass.  Our assorted spouses decided to let us sausage our way through it;  Unfortunately, Adult life fucked with Snag and he had to miss it.

I got a late start, and MPLS traffic is awful, so I got to Snag’s later than I had hoped.  Everyone was gone.  I set up camp, got a drink, and Snag’s Lovely Bride and not-so-lovely dog soon showed up; one of them slobbered me.  Eventually paleo and his Sweetie showed up to squire (heh) us to the show.

Holy shit.  The show.  THE SHOW.  Chris Stamey and his band opened up, and they did a fine set.  But really, it was time for the real thing.  Of course, paleo and I put ourselves outside of a few drinks by then; we also talked with Brian Wooldridge for a while.  Oh, did I mention?  Chris Stamey tapped the Wooldridge Brothers to participate, and Dave Pirner did likewise for the Schoepp Brothers.  Milwaukee was well represented on a stage that was wall-to-wall talent.

And the songs.  The songs were the best from one of our geniuses.  Lovely and raucous and compelling and weird in all the best ways.  They filled in the stage with a horn section, and a string section and they even had a bassoon.  YES THEY FIRED UP THE BASSOONS!!  I was in heaven.  I bought another round.


The stage was complex and shifting, singers changing and musicians swapping instruments.  Dave Pirner sang the first song; Chris Stamey and Mike Mills spent plenty of time just doing what they do.  No egos.  This was about Alex Chilton’s songs…

This was better than either paleo or I thought it would be.  I introduced him to the Milwaukee musicians, who I know of course, and we had a lovely time.  I bought Brian Wooldridge the largest Red Stripe I’ve ever seen.  I bought another round.

They also played many Big Star songs not on the Third album.  To my great delight, they played “I Am The Cosmos” one of my favorite songs, although it wasn’t technically a Big Star song, it was written by Chris Bell, a Big Star alumnus.  To my ecstatic delight, it was sung by Scott Wooldridge and the solo was by Brian Wooldridge and by fucking shit they better be playing this in their sets from now on.

I bought another round.

After they stopped playing music, paleo and I hung out and talked to the musicians I knew and talked to each other and we were wound ALL the way up and paleo was pretty much as hammered as I was last time.  We called his Sweetie and she came and retrieved us and was really really patient and their dog Jaxon shared the backseat with me.  When we got back to Castle Snag, he poured me a bourbon or two and we talked for a while and he regretted not being able to be there and it was pretty much the best day I’ve ever had that started with a five hour drive.

Oh, we did many other things.  I got slobbered on by TWO SEPARATE black dogs.  We went to a couple of wonderful art galleries.


We walked around the U of M campus and felt like dirty old men. Snag taught me about bourbon (it’s delicious).  We had several great meals.  We visited the MinneHaHa Falls. We talked at length with someone who knows almost everything there is to know about police body cams.  We disagreed about the architecture of the new Vikings stadium.  We rode the light rail (FUCK OFF SCOTT WALKER). We went to a dive bar and argued about Freddie Mercury.  We talked about the Clyfford Still museum…We visited the Dragon Lady and saw her tattoo; she gave me her dementia and who knew it was communicable?  We said VERY bad things about Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and pretty much all the Republicans. We ate crispy pig ears.


I drank much of Snag’s bourbon.  The Lovely Bride gave me advice on my health. I bought new underwear.   We laughed and laughed and laughed.  Paleo got nearly as hammered as I was on the previous First Ave visit. We walked a remarkable amount.   Lucy slobbered on me some more. We laughed and laughed.   We pissed off one of Snag’s kids and made him stop watching “How I Met Your Mother”.  I wore several zombie-themed shirts.  We solved most of the world’s problems….

We spent much time talking about the connections that brought us together.  It was all Saying yes, Blue Girl, Circle Jerk, 3 Bulls, Republic of Dogs, Sadly No, Chrome Beach, BBBB, Riddled, Von, Fish, Chuckles, Kathleen, Substance… and some others, I am sure I am too drunk to mention.  And there are the current Bad People, who still blog against all odds:  paleo, OBS, mikey…. and we laughed and laughed.

I have said this before, but this internet thing has allowed us to meet and befriend people in semi-random ways that would never have been possible before.  We talked like long time friends, because of course we are.  But some of us are also compelled by music, and this was worth every minute of the drive.  So four days with great friends and superlative music in one of the great urban areas?   We might laugh and laugh… Sign me the fuck up.

Big ups, thanks and props to the paleo/Sweetie axis as well as the Snag/Lovely Bride consortium for being so fucking goddam nice to me while I sponged rides and crashes.  Unlike the last time, I am happy to say I was not so fucking skint and I was able to buy rounds and dinners and just generally not be such a weasel.  But really, they were awesome hosts and my gratitude goes out. Thank You, Friends….

Also Snag plied me with bourbon, which stops the tears.

And that damn orange moose was still there; in fact, it seems to have spawned.



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Placeholder post.  Not even laming out by posting a video (not as if Von ever comes by this decrepit shack anymore).  Posting a lousy picture.

Decided to put up the framed Mekons artwork in my office.  Clients will either ignore it or ask who the hell the Mekons are; anyone who actually knows gets a 10% “Honky Tonkin'” discount ….


Title of post is a nod to Friend Of Zombie BLCKDGRD, who even twitted a link to a raydio show featuring the Mekons…

So here is the video BDR always posts.

An actual video, that cost them like 4 dollars in printer ink…

Pardon merci, je suis le grande zombie; I’m just not human tonight

OK, if you’re new to these parts, I would suggest you go read this.

The next question, of course, is did the latest Mekons show live up to, or exceed, the rambunctious character of that one?  Oh my yes, it did indeed.

And right here, I am going to avoid drawing out the suspense:  I did, indeed, have a few beers.  The first, in fact, since The Event.

When I was in the hospital, and after they had managed to make sure I could breathe again, I found myself thinking of the future.  The near term future, to be sure; after I had managed to get some sleep, I thought that attending Summerfest was probably off the radar.  But there was a gig on the 14th…

she had been misplaced by the government 
our old friends are under attack 
they crossed over the border 
(but) i have been to heaven and back 

In fact, the Mekons show was kind of uppermost in my mind.  When I was cleared for most activities, I saw a few days of Summerfest (and a few days of work) as the perfect trial run/shakedown period for my new cyborg heart and shiny new lifestyle.  But even more, when things seemed to be kind of bleak, it was a goal, something to reach for and a reason to make the efforts necessary with all the changes to be made.

The Mekons are spread out over three continents and several countries-Chicago, New York, LA, England, London, Siberia…So a tour is something that doesn’t happen lightly.  Or frequently; if you read that earlier post like I told you, the last time they hit these parts was 2011.  Also the last time they released new music.  But I wasn’t particularly surprised when the announcement included the juicy tidbit that they would culminate the tour with a live recording of new material, recorded in a club with 75 fans participating.  “Why should a record take longer to record than to listen to?” asks Jon Langford.  Even more curious, that one of the stops was Mineral Point, a small historic former mining town on the west edge of Wisconsin.  

Since I was not going to be able to pull off the logistics of making the New York recording show (christened “MekonCeption”) we got the tickets for the MP show.  15 bucks each, hilarious…

I had booked a room prior to the Event, figuring I would be misbehaving and not in any shape for the 2.4 hour drive back.  We met some friends, and I disappointed my cardiologist by having a cheeseburger.  Damn, it was good, too…

i’ve been to heaven and back
right in front of my eyes
things have a habit of happening to me
it’s no suprise



At this point, I could talk about the show and the songs they played and the setlist and so on, but no one ever gives a shit about that stuff, so let’s take a different approach.


In the recent movie Revenge Of The Mekons, Joe Angio delves into the question of why the Mekons keep on doing it, in the face of industry indifference (even hostility) and a small and unchanging fan base (which very nearly decreased by one! and they can’t afford to lose any…) no matter how fervent.  I don’t think he answered it.

But the recent show, and this tour, I think provides a glimpse into the whys.  With the barriers to recording and touring, it would be easy for the band to just go on extended or permanent hiatus, and focus on their other activities (all of them have many creative outlets).  The band has often said that part of their motivation is that they are friends, and really like getting together and playing music, seeing their fans.

But further, they want to make their time together special, to make whatever they do interesting to themselves – and that becomes interesting to their fans (who also tend toward the stubborn and iconoclastic). It’s why they have played punk, folk, alternative rock, electro, noise, alt-country; done books, graphic art, a multi media art installation, poetry readings, and the world’s best cross-dressing lesbian pirate musical.

It’s also why they played a small, restored burlesque theater in the middle of Fuck-All, Wisconsin.  And it’s why they will later play in a small club in New York for 75 people to record a new album of new material and the audience will participate as a “feral choir”.

The show featured two sets of material, and it covered everything back to 1984.  They played two sets, and the band was having a splendid time; including two filthy traditional songs sung/chanted by Lu Edmonds.  Sally led the obliging crowd in the yoga-like choreography for Now We Have The Bomb and Deputy Mekon Janet Bean (of Freakwater and Eleventh Dream Day) left the merch table to join in on a couple of songs.



some of the people they stayed behind
now they’re all in prison or dead
i’m looking up at the mountain
i have been to heaven and back 



They played everything I could have wanted.  Short of playing everything, that is.  Memphis, Egypt, oh yes.  Orpheus, o MY yes.  Even a song for the Bastard, which I can’t recall them ever playing before:

At the end of that video, you see how much fun they have on stage, and they were having as much fun or more last Tuesday.

ooo animal radar 
like a thread around the world 
loving and laughing my head’s going ’round 
i am a curious boy…

In one post about music, I talked about having tears in my eyes and that if I ever stopped being able to feel that, go ahead and bury me because I will be dead.  Well, that may not be so funny anymore, but in the end, I think a deeper connection revealed itself this week.

The Mekons keep making music because they are friends and colleagues and they can still find ways to connect and ways to create together.  It’s still exciting and vital for them, so the lack of traditional success never really enters into their calculations. They love to howl and sing, and although they continue to change and find entertaining new ways of doing so.

They keep on, because they still find a reason to do so.  Giving up is not an option…

Three weeks ago, it was enough to look forward to a Mekons show, and that was a good enough reason to tell my treasonous heart that giving up is not an option.  In a discussion with a friend, he mentioned that his cardiac event scared him; but I don’t recall being scared, even when I was wondering if I would breathe again.  I recall being resigned, then relieved.  But I knew that if there was a way, I would be in Mineral Point, watching some great friends have a wonderful time, and having a wonderful time with them.


And now, a few days later; giving up is still not an option.  Not as long as there is music and friends and family; not as long as the Mekons are still around.

some people write little verses
others go on looking for cracks
uh handcuffed to history
i have been to heaven and back

I am STILL not dead yet…

12:30 Sunday Morning, and I was laying down to read and then go to sleep.  But when I lay down, my breathing got shallow.

1 AM, I was sitting up to get my breath back, but then some chest tightness started.

After trying a couple of different ways to get things under control, it became obvious something was wrong.

I woke up Wife Sublime, and said “I think I need to go to the hospital.  I can’t catch my breath, and have chest pain”…

I hate to say I was lucky that two friends had had heart attacks in recent weeks, because having that weighing on my mind made me pull the trigger quicker than I might have otherwise. For DAMN sure, I am fucking lucky that we live five minutes from a world-class hospital…

I walked into the ER.  I was still having trouble, but it wasn’t strenuous.  And when they did an EKG, they thought it didn’t show classic heart attack; what the ER doctor thought was that I had a blood pressure spike (my BP was something 2,000,000/500,000). that was straining the heart, which was causing my lungs to operate like a Soda Stream machine and fill up with liquid.  But at this point I didn’t care, because even with an oxygen mask or a biPAP machine on, I couldn’t even breathe anymore.  Later, the cardiologist said the ER doc wrote an unusual paragraph in his report, saying he could see me losing my ability to breathe.

Eventually, they got it under control, the biPAP was helping me to breath and get oxygen, and the BP was down.  So they moved me up to the ICU, where they kept working on the vitals, and I just luxuriated in breathing.

Until they did an echocardiogram, to see how the heart looked.  When the cardiologist looked at it, he hit the big red button calling available team members to get the hell in and scrub up; remember this is about 9AM on Father’s Day…. They didn’t even worry if I had anything in my stomach.  The RN on the team told me brusquely “you’re having a heart attack.  If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be here”.  twenty minutes later, I was receiving a stent for my LAD, which was blocked 100%

The procedure was remarkable.  I was fully conscious, and they kept TALKING to me.  They went in through my right wrist, and plumbed a wire up to my heart.  They actually installed two stent pieces, because the blockage was long enough that one wouldn’t cover.  After it was over, they even had me stand up to transfer to the mobile bed.

Later, I found out that my heart had been either ‘stunned’ or damaged so function was at about 25% (normal is about 50%).  There was no way of telling whether that would improve or not, because no one knew how the heart was in shutdown.  This is a problem, because that level makes arrhythmia a distinct possibility; The discussion was that I would be using a defibrillator vest until they could see if  the heart recovered in 90 days or so, and if it didn’t, a permanent defibrillator would need to be installed.

Meanwhile, lab work indicated that I now have a diagnosis of diabetes.

The cardiologist then came in and read me the riot act, saying if I didn’t change my lifestyle and immediately, it was likely I would wind up back here, or maybe not; maybe just going directly to the coffin, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

The thing I still have trouble wrapping my mind around is that all of this happened in about 20 hours.

They spent the next day getting my vitals under control.  Insulin, blood thinners, BP meds, oxygen, constant monitoring.  Nurses and doctors constantly asked, over and over, if I knew my name, what day it was, and where I was (amusingly, all of this was printed on the status board in front of my bed). Then they would ask me to squeeze their hands, and then would grab my feet and ankles.  It was like the world’s weirdest specialty fetish movie.

I had stabilized, and they started talking about moving me to a general room, or even discharging me.  But the cardiologist decided that he wanted to go back in and deal with a second occlusion which was at 90%, but in a much less hazardous location.  So on Tuesday afternoon, I was rolled back down for an encore.  It went almost exactly the same.  It is remarkable how low-impact this procedure is; they told me it is often done as an outpatient procedure.  One more night in the ICU!

On Tuesday, I was first told that I would be going home as soon as the doctors signed the discharge.  However the cardiologist decided that he wanted to have another echocardiogram done, to see if the heart had recovered at all. I think he wanted to know if he needed to worry about me.  Riot act aside, he was concerned.  AND…heart operation back up to 35-40%!!!! Not only does that make it more likely that I might get most or all of my normal operation back, but that I wouldn’t need the defibrillator.  I can’t tell you how excited I was about that; the doctors were too.  I think they raced each other back to the room to tell me

Came home tonight with an armful of meds, a whole bunch of diet outlines, appointments for cardiac rehab, and no activity restrictions.  Which means I will be going into the office tomorrow, then to Summerfest tomorrow afternoon!  I intend to become famous as the guy who survived a heart attack nicknamed “the widowmaker” because he needed to attend Summerfest.

Modern medicine is goddam amazing.

Barenaked Ladies dudes, you should know better than to ask for that kind of hassle.

Yes, so we had cold, and fog, and monsoons, and flooding.  And bicycle hazards.

AND you big amusing musical assholes took it all in stride, making it a comedy riff (Brian Ritchie:  Colin Hay: he’s from Scotland, he don’t give a shit about the cold.  Barenaked Ladies,  they’re from Canada, they don’t give a shit about the cold.  Y’all are MILWAUKEE, we KNOW you don’t give  shit about the cold!”

It was great, and it made me change my mind about the Femmes (I guess they need more damn money) and it is also pretty much the pre-season kickoff for the SummerfestBlog, so go there. Because this damn blog is going music anyway:


Hey there.  How y’all doing?  I know mikey has recently ‘been released to find new opportunities’  but it sounds like his profile is much higher and more desirable than in the past, especially when he is wearing pants.

Been so damn busy, me.  Hey, you know what?  remember that crazy shit where I added four stories to a building?


Got a Mayor’s Design Award for that shit, and the Dean of the Architectural School likened to to European design and also said that this view makes it look like the project is a triumphal phoenix-like eruption from the original building.  Well, gosh.  I was just trying to make it look cool…

And you guys remember back to when I talked about cutting heads off of drawings to create new hedgehogs?  Come on, that was magical wordplay combined with a callback to a very obscure mikey comment.  Here’s the hedgehog in question:

hedgehog 1

And after much trial and tribulation, we are now at this point.

DD 4.1 [East elevation] copy

Yeah, design involves a lot of compromise (which is apparently lost on the Mentors Remaining).  We moved in many different directions to make it acceptable to all the parties, and now we are ….more or less OK.  I got a check from them.

of course, no one ever comes to the Empire looking for Happy Time Happy Talk.

SPOILER ALERT: things get dark from here on out.

Did I ever talk about this project, directly across the street from that crazy award winning project?  We had worked on the site and managed a building code variance to allow a curious combination of construction types and a pretty aggressive  code version to allow a very tall wood construction.  It kind of looked like this:

2214 7 story design

Yeah, well, it ain’t gonna happen that way.  you see, while I am really really great at design and overall work and urban design, I have a chicken vs. egg problem.  While making the PRIOR hedgehog work out, I had to get design aspects ironed out including many many many MANY unit layout changes, I had to forward them to the associate architect who was agitating so he could get his work done and get some checks as well, and the clients are just basically pushing like hell to get it all done WHILE they are demanding more changes and revisions, so that taller building kind of went on a back burner.  Well, the client (same one as the head-swapped hedgehog) was only willing to be back-burnered so long, and I was notified that he would be finding a different architect to deliver that baby.

The dilemma whose horns are rammed up my ass has to do with the Great Bush Economic Unpleasantness.  Before that I had a few folks on staff, and was able to work around the demands of bigger projects.  But the Shit came down, and for a while I was barely able to maintain myself, let along take responsibility for others.  so I let everyone move on… And now, while I am re-building cash flow and a bit of cushion, I am strangely gun-shy about bringing on staff willy-nilly.  and so; how to build capacity before I have the staff, while bringing on staff prior to having projects seems kind of stupid.   Been burned and well burned at that; scared to grab the damn stove again…

On top of that, at the Mayor’s Design Awards reception, a friend and client notified me that one of my long time clients and someone I consider a friend had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  This is the guy for whom I have designed many of the MLK Drive renaissance buildings, which you may recall from this:


And not long after that, I saw the sad news that Welford had succumbed.  Here he is in front of our first project together:


Gonna miss him a lot.  He was a good man, a good friend and a great client and he had a huge impact on the city that both of us loved.  Zombie props, Welford, and you live on in the work we did.  Kind of zombie-like, now that I put it that way…

Well, on a less depressing side of things, I had a GREAT time at the Murder By Death show last week, and may have been a bit over-served.  And a lovely girl kept playing with my hair while I was having such obvious enjoyment of the show.  How weird…

And tonight, I saw World Party in a stripped down three piece show, and it was a splendid show, yes it was.  It was supplied with tables and chairs, because the WP fans are older, yes we are.  And I managed to avoid that dastardly over-serving issue.  Also talked for a while about music and shows and common acquaintances with Brian Wooldridge, one of my favorite local musicians.

Mr. Wallinger, (if you did not know, had an accident several years ago and dain bramage made him lose his goddam voice and it is so good that he managed to work back.  Dammit, we don’t have enough artists, universe, that we can let you just remove one like that) does not look like that anymore (but which of us do?).  Now he looks like this (but fortunately he still sings and plays and writes like he did).

However, his son was working the merch table and he does pretty much look like Karl in those younger days.  And I think between Brian Wooldridge and I, we managed to buy Karl a new guitar strap.  Someone else will have to buy him a proper left-handed guitar rather than just an upside-down righty.

I am always curious about lefties who play right handed guitars, and whether they re-string so chording is just reversed rather than upside down; and looking at it, I see he keeps the right hand stringing.  What a weird thing to do, but then I shoot pool left handed, so who am I to judge?

Such is life.  There’s Bad, and Good, and Bad, and a little more Bad just to spice things up….