Clock Strikes Twelve and Moondrops Burst

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am already a bit upset that unlike iWeb, I can’t just upload songs.  I have many many songs that are not available on YouTuber. Sigh.




Anyway, this is an oldie.
Time for a drink, I think.

  1. mikey says:


    Shit like this is why there IS a Sailor Jerry’s.

    Although it cannot be argued that the Captain Morgan commercial is an ass kicker of the first order…

  2. MikeAz says:

    Yeah! Original version! (and Buck never once looked at his strings!)

  3. MikeAz says:

    Ok, he peeked a few times . . . (man, wish I had lasers shooting out of my arms)

  4. vacuumslayer says:

    Having a newborn around leaves me very iittle time to dick around with wine and beer. After the night I had of no-sleep, i decided to quit fucking around and bought some vodka. (I am not breastfeeding–obsv!–lest I horrify anyone here.)

  5. vacuumslayer says:

    Also, this blog is sooooooooooo wonky. Can you fix it–PLEASE? Us no-life-having people need a place of refuge..and possibly refuse.

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