The Fourth Night Of My Drinking

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, fine whatever.  VS can’t get to my blog from wherever she is, thunder hates the commenting system.

Jennifer just hates me in general, and the dog growls at me.
Blogger sucks, iWeb is going down like Callista Gingrich, and Fuck You WordPress.

So basically, blogging is going like the rest of  my life and career.

All I got to do is try and finish  building this fucking deck, so I can sit out on it and drink the pain away for the rest of the summer.


Happy fucking Father’s day.


to me.

  1. vs says:

    Hey, we may have issues with your blog, but we gots no issues with you. Wish I could listen to the song but it’s 2 am here and I have a sleeping baby on me.

  2. Jennifer says:

    What do you mean, I hate you?? I gave you a damn iris!! 😛

  3. Jennifer says:

    Also… let me add… that by changing your blog locale every 3 days and not telling everyone, does allow the Zombizzle to say, “NO ONE LUVS MEEEE!!! If they did, they’d find me!!!”

    Don’t make me smack you upside the head with a sweaty piece of WI cheese…

  4. That is a very nice comment form.

  5. fish says:

    Ooooh sorry, this is insult. Argument is down the hall.

  6. vacuumslayer says:

    update: Not only am I able to access this blog now (with a little trick or two), I actually have it behaving correctly in my Blogroll. Yay! Zomberines!111!

  7. Another Kiwi says:

    Needs Moar fubsy kitties.
    Not hate zombeez. Hate the smell not the smeller

  8. mikey says:

    Well, ok. The drop shadow is cool and all, but there’s so little contrast between text and background it’s really hard to read.

    So some headhunter found my freakin resume and wants to call me at three, so on the very first day that it’s eighty and I’m unemployed I’m sitting here in the living room sober, wearing trousers and NOT watching PTI. Ah well, I’ll tell the bugger some rah rah mikey stories of dragons slain and damsels rescued and he’ll go off to his stoopid headhunter lair and leave me be so I can take some sailor jerry’s down to the poolside. Jeez, doesn’t seem like that much to ask, y’know?

    Lessee, what else is annoying me today. Those lazy Turkish bastards still haven’t killed anybody, Bob fucking Gates thinks we oughta keep a bunch o’troops in Iraq ’til the sun goes nova, regardless of what those stupid Iraqis think about it. The idiots in congress think they oughta defund operations in Libya where we still have a turnips chance in hell of doing something good, rather than Afghanistan where we serve as animatronic pop-up targets for Taliban shooters with an Aka and an E Ticket (if you’re not old enough to remember what an “E Ticket” was, ask your dad, I can’t help ya…

  9. If I could alter the drop shadow, I would, mikey. I weep for the pain I put you all through.

    If I had stayed with iWeb, I would, in fact, be able to adjust the drop shadow. But we all know how THAT turned out, don’t we? So here we are. This is what I’ve got, and given the shit I took for changing this last time, fuck me if I am going to start fucking around with it now….

    Good luck with the hedhunters (not related to zombies) and sorry about the pants. FWIW, I will pour a little Sailor Jerry’s out for ya RIGHT NOW…..right into this glass, I mean. I may be an asshole and a zombie, but why the fuck would I waste good cheap booze?

    Also, these couple of episodes seem to have really given me a fucking potty mouth.

  10. Jennifer says:

    You post a video… yeah, so it was in the comments, doesn’t matter… Von no-likee.

    Where is Von?? Has she been able to find the 4th circle of Zombie’s blogging hell??

  11. I probly broke Von’s other leg with all this fucking prima donna, Fuck You WordPress, Stupid INternet DNS crap drama bullshit.

  12. herr doktor bimler says:

    What did your true love give you for all the other nights of your drinking?

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