Art For Art’s Sake

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am not a very original kind of guy, and since last night was devoted to Drive-By Truckers, tonight happened to be The Big Man’s memorial on my iPod.

I have probably mentioned it before, but we caught Springsteen and the E Street band on the Magic tour, and it was, of course, awesome.  I let him pass me by in years prior because I was either way too metal or way too punk; it took a few more years before I realized that it wasn’t about major label support or pigeonholes, but about people who worked so hard they bled into their medium.

Fuck it all, Jungleland is not only a fitting tribute, but fuck me, if I ever manage to create the kind of art that Clemons does on this song, I will probably just wrap it up and go looking for the next field.

It was dark, too dark to see, you held me in the light you gave
You lay your hand on me
Then walked into the darkness of your smoky grave
Somewhere up the stairs into the fire
Somewhere up the stairs into the fire
I need your kiss, but love and duty called you someplace higher
Somewhere up the stairs into the fire

May your strength give us strength
May your faith give us faith
May your hope give us hope
May your love give us love

  1. Another Kiwi says:

    Respect for Mr. Clemons. Springsteen is fine, I never understood the backlash against him. That is the advantage of living on the edge of the world. We miss a lot of the hype.

  2. Snag says:

    It’s more than just hype you get to miss there. Allow me to introduce you to my Congresswoman.

  3. oh good, Snag’s here. Break out the bourbon!

  4. mikey says:

    Yes. Hell yeah.

    2 Things.

    First, for many many years, if I hit that point where I needed to believe there was a point to my existence, if I needed a reason to believe the years weren’t just passing like the click of the squirrel’s cage axle, if I needed to believe that I was something, however small and insignificant, I was fucking well SOMETHING that mattered somewhere, that’s when I played “Thunder Road” real loud. More than once.

    “I’m no hero, that’s understood
    The only redemption I can offer is beneath this dirty hood
    With a chance to make it. Somehow.”

    Second. Go find the youtube clip where Springsteen joins Gaslight Anthem on stage. Now I don’t know if they knew that was going to happen or not, but the pure joy and worship in their eyes playing alongside THE New Jersey rock deity is just plain uplifting and fun to watch…

  5. here’s one for mikey:

    I think you can see by the interviews on the clip that it wasn’t entirely a surprise, just that Springsteen happened to be in the area.

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