Big Bottom

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

The first step in Wisconsin’s recall elections happened yesterday.

My district is solidly Democratic, so we didn’t have a primary.

Yes, that’s right, a primary.  Republicans, who have been aware for a couple of decades now that they stand little chance of winning elections if a lot of Americans vote; or if the Republicans actually run on the policies they intend to enact, used Wisconsin’s Open Primary rules to enter Fake Democrats in each of the races.

Oh, and also, the Real Amurrkin Party was robocalling up a storm, telling voters not to vote because a mail ballot was on the way.  Voter suppression; it’s a Rightwing Tradition!  If there is voter fraud occurring to any significant extent, it is happening from the Right.

Ed Schultz was misguidedly triumphal about this last night.  Yes, the real Democrats beat the Fake ones by massive amoutns; even allowing for the open voting, and Republican voters going to the polls to vote Shenanigans party.

But this whole whack-ass kerfuffle was never about challenging the Dem candidates (although I am certain if one had managed to sneak in, they would have been happy with it.  Oddly enough, since the Fakesters were running as Democrats, if they won, they still would contribute to swinging the State Senate over to the Blue, even if they would never vote with the Caucus)

But the real ramification of the primaries was to delay the actual recall elections, allowing the Republicans to raise more money from the Kochsuckers, as well as arranging for more dirty tricks like the robocalls.  Perhaps they will combine the new Concealed Carry law with their suppression efforts?  It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate!

In addition, the extra month allows the Republican controlled legislature to ram through more Asshole Laws, including Voter ID and a Redistricting plan that just so happens to benefit Republicans, and move the lines so several Democratic legislators  are no longer in  their districts.  Hey!  What a crazy happenstance!

Oh, also and furthermore, each primary cost the taxpayers an extra $70,000.  that’s 400K pissed away by the supposedly Fiscally Prudent Republican Party.  Thanks, Goat-Fuckers!

Fuckers.  Fucking lying autocratic rich-boy-knob-gobbling suck up American-Hating fucks.

Hay!  Look at that!  A bonus, unscheduled Fuck You Friday!

Fuck You Friday


EDIT:  Of course, One M. Bouffant was all over this yesterday, even if he never left his bunker.

  1. vacuumslayer says:

    Sociopaths, the lot of them. Is THERE a group of more petty, hateful, childish fuckfaces on FSM’s green earth? SERIOUSLY!!!!

  2. vacuumslayer says:

    omg, fuck your mother, WordPress.

    Anyway, imagine I wrote “there” in the above comment instead of “the.”

  3. Also, note the Democrats refused to play tit for tat on the Republican primaries, they didn’t enter Fake Republicans.

    Well, not only is it unethical, it’s stupid.

    There are adults in this process, and they aren’t in the majority.

  4. fish says:

    This is not the content I was hoping for when I googled “big bottom.”

  5. I know, fish. Trying to drive up hit counts, here.

  6. OK, 1/2 the content is swear words, but what-the-fuck-ever…

  7. B^4 says:

    I just hope that this shitty gambit pisses off even more people, so even the redistricting won’t be able to help the mofos.

  8. mikey says:

    When the Republicans are (forced to be) honest about their governing philosophy and legislative agenda, they lose. Always. Because the things they genuinely want to do are unpopular due to the fact that they cause real harm to communities and a large percentage of the population.

    They tend to be successful when they can conceal their actual goals behind some kind of smokescreen. Social issues. Claiming to want to cut the deficit in support of job creation. That sort of thing. But when they have enough success, say they find themselves in control of a statehouse and the state legislature. Well, now the smoke generators serve no purpose, and it’s time to peel off the latex mask of “reasonable populist” to reveal the fascist authoritarian concealed underneath. And the people stand, mouths agape, transfixed by the odor of brimstone as the evil goes kinetic.

    But then, the people shake their heads and reach out to one another, as if struggling awake from a fever dream, and they realize what they have loosed upon their land, and they pick up their (at least figurative) pitchforks and torches and they move, as one, to slay the monster they allowed into their community. It is, in the end, the final check against their power – they ultimately have to tell the truth…

  9. vacuumslayer says:

    I’m pretty sore this entry isn’t about Spinal Tap. 😦

  10. vacuumslayer says:

    Awww, yer da best, zrm.

  11. vs is forgiven her unjustified assertion as she does not know me in real life.

  12. M. Bouffant says:

    Wait a minute. Do I have to put this back on the bog-roll & reader?

  13. I’m pretty sore this entry isn’t about Spinal Tap.

    Their appeal is becoming more selective.

  14. The title was, however, inspired by Hayseed Dixie doing a cover of the Spinal Tap song….

  15. Kathleen says:

    that is shockingly terrible, esp the redistricting.

  16. Mendacious D says:

    I always wondered why Democrats didn’t introduce anti-robocalling legislation as a means of actually preventing voter disenfranchisement. Think of the children! The non-voting children!

  17. You’d think that at some point being crazy fucking bastards would be a negative.

  18. Willy says:

    You’d think that at some point being crazy fucking bastards would be a negative.

    Lots of folks identify with crazy fucking bastards nowadays. Especially in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio…

  19. mikey says:

    I’ve never found it to be a tremendous drawback.

    Maybe it’s just how you wear it.

    Like a furry suit, or a gas mask…

  20. Jennifer says:

    is whack-ass kerfuffle the same as a wapatoolie?

  21. not even close, Jennifer.


  22. Mendacious D says:

    A kirfuffle, on the other hand…

  23. MenD is banned. After 2 comments, that’s quite impressive. Even Jennifer didn’t get that with her incessant anti-Rush bias.

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