Grow Your Soul Away

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have a number of disagreements with Senator Herb Kohl; although a Democrat, he is definitely a more corporate leaning one.   I have met him and done work for him, and have a funny story about tile geometry; but suffice to say that it did not leave me impressed with his intellect.  He dresses like he doesn’t even buy clothes at his eponymous stores.

So it is good to see him come down on the side of the consumer for once.  Perhaps being a lame-duck Senator, he is voting his conscience more often.

The Mekon Approves

Because, fuck AT&T.  And fuck T-Mobile too, just because they are a telecom.


I still would prefer Russ Feingold.  So fuck you, Ron Johnson, you porn named sticky-mouthed skatwaffle.

  1. vacuumslayer says:

    Is he really that Kohl person?

    Does he have kohled eyes? I love that look on guys–don’t even have to be emo to pull it off!

  2. fish says:

    Guess the AT&T payoff wasn’t big enough.

  3. actually, fish, I will say Kohl has a scrap or two of integrity. As an independently wealthy gay man, he isn’t quite so beholden, and now that he’s retiring, the need for campaign funds is no longer operative.

    More likely, AT&T fucked up his iPhone recently.

  4. Is he really that Kohl person?

    Indeed he is. Kohl family, actually.

    And now that he’s retiring, perhaps he will open that closet door and let his freak flag fly, so perhaps you will see those kohled eyes on him yet.

  5. Kohled eyes and a pair of the ever-popular speedo’s perhaps?

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