Welcome To My Nightmare

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

OKAY.  Events are moving so fast, that if I wait to reduce the rage level, everything will be over before I write a blog post.

As I reported earlier, Wisconsin’s Douche-canoe dominated Legislature passed a Voter ID law this year.  LET’S JUST NEVER MIND that incidences of voter fraud (other than dicey Diebold machines, or sketchy behavior from a Walkersha County Clerk; because hey, by definition, Vote Fraud only benefits Democrats) number in the single digits in any single election in recent years, and never have been shown to have changed the outcome of ANY election, not even for dog catcher.  NEVER.  That is FUCKING  ZERO.  The Voter ID laws are demonstrably discriminatory towards, the young, the poor, blacks, and elderly; all quite decidedly Democratic constituencies.   Classic Voter Disenfranchisement.

But, last week, to continue kicking the corpse of Democracy, Imperial Walker unilaterally ordered a number of DMV stations closed, to ‘save money’.  Yes, another fake budgetary rationalization.  But the real jizz-guzzling fucktardery?  With the Voter ID law, those without driver’s licenses are supposed to be able to get a free – I mean “free”- ID at…. wait for it…. DMV stations!!!

O yes it gets worse, my droogies.  The DMV stations being closed?  ALL IN DEMOCRATIC DISTRICTS!!.  And at the same time… stations in heavily Republican districts are having their hours EXPANDED.

In what fucking universe is this not illegal?  Besides the Fascist State of Walkersconsin, Incorporated (a subsidiary of Kock INdustries)?

What you think we’re done?  THESE FUCKERS ARE WORKING OVERTIME TO ILLEGALLY MAINTAIN THEIR ANTI-WISCONSIN REGIME.  Because those DMV stations?  Apparently have no guidelines for how to process ID customeers, allowing clerks to impose arbitrary and meaningless standards; and there is apparently no effort being made to inform customers that the Vote-capable ID is free. The customer has to be aware, and specifically ask for it, otherwise will be charged 38 bucks.  How is that not a de facto Poll Tax?  Here, watch this video.

No, you just sit right there and eat your fucking peas.  We’re not done yet.  Feel free to make yourself a drink though.  Make it a strong one.  Get a bigger glass.

One of the Rep Recall twits is Alberta Darling.  Now Darling’s district, although pretty heavily Republican, also includes a fair number of North Shore liberals – professors and architects and such- so she had originally run as a Moderate Republican, Pro choice(!).  But of course, as the crazy Whiny Ass Tea Bag virus has spread through the GOP like the virus in 28 Days Later, she has veered sharply and radically right.  And now she is in a dead heat with the Democratic challenger.  Scared yet, Turdwaffle?  I  hope you are negotiating hard as fuck with the Kocks for your rewards after we kick your cross-eyed ass to the curb next year.

Darling being in trouble is apparently scaring the hell out of the right.

Americans for Prosperity (for Prosperous Americans Only)  has mailed fake mail-in ballots in to Democrats, telling them to return them by Aug 11.  When the election is Aug 9, and mail in ballots need to be postmarked about a week before that.  At least one True Wisconsinite has filed a complaint with the State about the ballot he received.

[EDIT}  From a link at Dusty’s joint:  An AFP spokesman claims it is “just a typo”.  A typo?  Of two digits in lieu of one digit?  When the digits are at OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE KEYBOARD?  On mail ballots JUST BEING SENT TO DEMOCRATS?  Pull the other one, you smelly-dicked funlapper, it’s got bells on.  Jeez, they’ve decided they don’t  even have to LIE effectively anymore.

O yes there is still more.  In the heat (hah.  See what I do there?) of the final days, desperate rightwing partisan choadlump felons set fire to a Democratic office in La Crosse.  On these last two items, I am not even going to wonder about the legality.

The bright spot? apparently the irate Badgers have got the twisted corporate stooge knob-gobblers scared as all fuck.  They are resorting to base intimidation, lying, unholy amounts of dirty corporate money, and felonies to try and forestall their demise.

The bad?  Democracy will not survive.

  1. Actually, mikey, if the fuck-all comes down, we got a fuckton of freshwater up here, and we won’t be flooded out by rising tides. so perhaps you might be better served by traveling east, and hoping that the phrase ZRM gets you past the borders.

  2. Shit hits the fan, you go hunting. You ambush a couple fat white fuck

    oh yes, whit hits the fan, i will go hunting these fuckers.

  3. First, notice that the zombees are headed from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Not sure I agree with that.

    Second, let me summarize: we’re fucked. And I’ve been drinking, so I’m officially alowed on the zombee blog.

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