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Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

So.  Have any of you heard about the election in Wisconsin?

Today is the day.  By all accounts, the turnout is amazing strong, although Great Orange Satan reports a wide variance; from Supreme court levels (35%) to Presidential levels (71%).  It’s early, though, and the polls close at 8.  Strong turnout is a Democratic plus in general, though; which is why Turdwaffle and Kock Co are always such pricks about the non-existent Voter Fraud Problem.

Walker disappeared after the State  Fair, when he was booed to the point of inaudibility; none of the Recallers wanted him to appear, so you can tell how popular he is.  For the most part, they seem content to allow rich fuck anti-American Corporate douche-canoes  to pump tens of millions into scurrilous ads in desperate attempts to hold on to their cushy, pensioned, full-health-care Government jobs.  We rarely watch local TV, so I haven’t had to endure this TV buy onslaught, and since we abandoned our land line (in addition to not being in a Recall district) we haven’t had to listen to the robo-calls.

Best not to fuck with a badger

posted just because it's so fucking inspiring

But I ain’t here to talk about the recall. I’m here to talk about the draft.  Wait a minute.  I mean Russ Feingold.  Let me start over.  Wait, I need to refresh my drink.

In the previous thread (and if you didn’t read the commentapalooza from some of the regulars, get thee hence; it was very very good) A commenter who is unsure about the proper order of her initials asked about last year’s election in which Feingold lost to Ron Johnson, proprietor of a knock-off cheap plastic sex toy manufacturing company.  Wait.  Some kind of plastic company, anyway.  Certainly he is polluting Lake Michigan and hoping for tax breaks from Turdwaffle for doing so.  Hold on;  I need to top off this drink.

Keep in mind the following; I am not a political analyst, but just an aggravated liberal Dairyland Zombie that reads too much political news for his blood pressure.

Dusty had a pertinent point in that Democratic disillusion had a depressive effect on turnout in general, but as a political professor said in that TPM article linked above, “There is a pretty substantial core of regular voters in Wisconsin.” But this  JS article anticipated a pretty strong off-year turnout of 50%, which is about how it ended up; stronger than the 2006 results and near the all-time high of 52.4%.  So it wasn’t the turnout, by itself, that tipped the scales toward the jerk.

You must remember that Wisconsin is one of the swingiest of swingy states.  We have two or three very dense, very liberal enclaves, and a whole shitload of open spaces, sparsely populated by inbred, backwards yokels, racist and dimwitted and heavily armed.  For a long time, we had Democratic Senators and Tommy Thompson as Governor, a bog-standard issue Trickle Down Republican if ever there was one (also a drunk and philanderer; his wife, a teacher, lived outside of Madison for much of his tenure.  So there is nothing like Democratic dominance in the state, regardless of the blue collar and progressive history.

Now, let’s remember that Feingold became senator as kind of a fluke.  He was a left-wing, long shot candidate in a primary with two other strong, mainstream long-term politicians, who turned off the electorate by their vicious negative campaigning.  They sickened Wisconsin voters so much that Feingold walked away in a landslide, and went on to beat noted drunk and cross-dresser Bob Kasten.

The rightwing has been gunning for Feingold ever since.  And finally, with the erosion of McCain/ Feingold, outside finance could throw enough money in the race to throw it to the asshole. Including 9 million of Johnson’s “own” money.  Funny thing about that money; shortly after winning the election, his plastic company reimbursed him 10 million in supposedly deferred compensation, seemingly breaking campaign finance laws.  Stupid fuck; even with the finance laws rigged wildly in his favor, he still can’t comply.

And, of course, Feingold is Jewish.  Don’t assume the garden-variety Wisconsin racist asshole fuckweasel shithead is extinct.

Won’t be a huge factor in this election though; all the candidates are white, and none of them represent the brown people in Milwaukee (a significant factor, I believe, in Barrett’s loss to Turdwaffle last fall.

And remember;  Hope begins in the dark.

Links for you to Share and Enjoy:

Ed Show (broadcasting from Madison)

TPM election scoreboard

  1. mikey says:

    Dems up 2-0 in the top of the ninth.

    Giants up 3-0 in the top of the seventh.

    Had an incredible stuffed pork chop with a yummy twist on mac n cheese and steamed veggies with a sauce made from TJ’s hollandaise sauce, fresh lemon juice and a little bit of reduced balsamic. Forgot the bread – still in the oven. Bet it’s black.



  2. Nice dinner Mikey. Welcome and I hope you have a drink in your hand.

  3. mikey says:

    Frankly, I’d feel better if what is essentially a referendum on workers rights vs. government as a corporate subsidiary wasn’t so goddam close. What the hell is the argument for THEIR side? We’ll kill you LATER??

  4. ed and John Nichols just used the word “Shenanigans”. I expect a royalty check.


    Dammit Dusty, I am reposting that post I mentioned.

  5. Cool Zombie..I will just link to it and quote it like tonight’s post. You write great when you are worked up dude.

    Mikey..the money they dumped in these elections is outright incredible. millions o’ bucks. And relentless robocalls and tv ads.

  6. I love it Kapanke loses. Shilling admits voting for him in the past. Hopper is the one who’s wife said he lived outside the district right?. But no one busted him on that w/walker in office.

  7. The crooked district is so far behind in vote way it’s on the up n’ up.

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