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Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since it seems that yet again, a close election in Wisconsin is coming down to the exact same fucking district, and the exact same fucking county clerk, on Dusty’s recommendation I am re-posting a rant from April.

Rage Against The Machine


So.  The twisted scumbucket from Walkersha in that picture is either guilty of felonious fraud, ethical lapses large enough to drive a mothballed Space Shuttle through sideways, mind-bendingly appalling incompetence, or all three.

She claims that an entire voting district was inadvertently omitted from their tally reports on Tuesday.  Somehow, an entire district showed up as ZERO when she reported it, and she did not find this worth looking at a bit closer before reporting results.

AND, when the votes for this putative district are tallied, it just so happens to put Prosser ahead by JUST ENOUGH to exceed the 0.5% threshold for automatic, State-funded recount.  Convenient, that.  Almost as if she waited until the reported results were firm before the final numbers could be determined.


And this.

She keeps the results on her own, personal PC.  Without backup.  Without security.  Fuck what a fucking idiot.

Let’s be clear here:  I do not know for certain that smirky McFuckingClerk up there knowingly committed election fraud, how could I?  But given the way the Republicans in this state and country are behaving, I certainly do THINK that is the case, oh my fucking yes. Given that this election is vital for their anti-Wisconsin, pro-corporate agenda to make any headway.

Fuck the Republican Party in Wisconsin.  They can’t even fucking do FRAUD believably.

I fully expect Turdwaffle Walker to Imperially suspend any recount attempts, either by defunding the election commission or firing them.  Florida 2000 is a template, not an aberration.

OF COURSE she was near tears during the presser.  She knows that she is going to be the sacrificial lamb to retain Fuckhead Prosser’s job and preserve Imperial Walker’s reign.  She shouldn’t worry; she will be re-hired by a Koch Industries shill in some lucrative make work position, but she also knows she will have to be publicly shamed first.  But things will turn out fine for this shitweasel of a County Clerk. I hear the $81,000 drunken college dropout’s position is available.

Fuck YOU, Kathy Nikolaus.  Fuck you and you NEED to be fired on Monday.  Get your fucking dirty hands out of my fucking state, and don’t touch the fucking doorknob on the way out.  Here, let me get you started by kicking you in the ass.

Driftglass and BlueGal mentioned something in their podcast this week, which is further reinforced in this Great Orange Satan post.  Her story partially hinges on the claim that she “forgot” to save the data in MS Access.  Of course, Access does not require you to save.

Substance McGravitas’ annoying evenhandedness notwithstanding, GUILTY, GUILTY GUILTY!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Citizen Action of  Wisconsin is calling for Federal investigation.  On the day that the Federal Government shuts down.  Ooops.

At least Kloppenberg is starting with a demand for Open Records, which will be the first part of challenging this extremely suspicious and disturbing turn of events.  If the votes differential remains greater than 0.5%, Kloppenberg will need to pay for a recount; if so, I will post a link to donate towards this fund.  A recount will be the only way to drag any shenanigans out into the light.

  1. If she throws another one to a Scott Walker goon, she needs to be run out of the fucking state.

    I am frankly astonished that she has been allowed with ANY distance of ANY election after that last crap-fest.

  2. There has to be an investigation. The fact that the district is so far behind in counting votes NOW, with all other districts done is suspicious as hell.

  3. Substance McGravitas made that graphic? Fucking awesome graphic. Filching it!

  4. No way that district swings 10 points in less than an way!

  5. Perhaps we should treat Walkersha County like a criminal enterprise, and break it up.

  6. “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  7. I am writing my post..and this post of yours is glorious dude..the graphic so fitting. Did Substance make it? I want to give proper attribution to him and his blog.

  8. you have to use his tinypic reference. It’s in the html there.

    He’s OK with linking to it.

  9. WTF is a tinypic reference? I want to give proper attribution. I hope to hell the D’s demand an investigation. Gawd knows the FEC won’t look into it.

  10. I am actually a bit surprised that I was able to simply copy the html from Blooger and post it here, and all the links and pictures came out just fine.

  11. I also hope Whale Chowder stops by and leaves the same comment he did at the original post.

  12. I got it..but I don’t know if it will show in my feature I might use another as the main image and put Substance’s gif in the body of the post.

    I can’t believe Dist 8 is still only at 84% of the vote counted.

  13. wait…POLITICO is dinging her?

    When the hell did the narrative go wonky?

  14. […] at 100% counted? Well, there is a long-assed history of crappola in that district and no one tells the story better than Zombie: Since it seems that yet again, a close election in Wisconsin is coming down to […]

  15. They just called it for Darling. Fuckers..

  16. Whale Chowder says:

    Oh shit, what did I say? I was probably drunk and can’t be arsed finding it in your wreckage of abandoned blogs strewn around the intertubes.

    Can I go meta? <reprise excellent post, whatever it was> Now everybody laugh.

  17. vacuumslayer says:

    Yeeeeeeeeah, no, I’m sure this dumb fucking twunt is totally trustworthy.

  18. Jennifer says:

    When I went to sleep, I heard that they were still waiting for Waukesha votes… it was then that I knew it was over. Elections are almost extinct. Pretty soon they won’t even use the facade of one to “win”,.. they’ll just tell us they’re in charge.

  19. …your wreckage of abandoned blogs strewn around the intertubes.

    Zombie blogs.

  20. shhh! thundra!! part of the Zombocalypse pre-game.

  21. Whale Chowder: “That was delightfully uncivil, ZRM.”

  22. Pretty soon they won’t even use the facade of one to “win”,.. they’ll just tell us they’re in charge.

    for all the demonization of Cuba they’ve done, they sure do want to be able to just announce that they’ve won 99% of the vote.

    Still….well, I hope to get a new post-mortem post up today. May even lose my designation of Undersecretary for Rays of Motherfucking Sunshine over it. But what the hell, perhaps it is just the fact that I’ve restocked the office rum.

  23. blue girl says:

    Sorry I bailed (sp? Zerm, please advise) last night. I didn’t feel good and when I saw what I thought was going to happen and then figured it probably would, it was time for bed.

    Some are spinning 2 of 6 ain’t bad. ZRM, what say you?

  24. lol at you changing my name. 🙂

    I just got reprimanded by your blog!! It said, “You are commenting too quickly. Slow down.”

    Make me!

  25. Whale Chowder says:

    ZRM, what say you?

    Usually, it’s something along the lines of “RRRRRRRRGH, BRAAAINS!” but perhaps this time he’ll be better.

  26. fuck, i remember when Whale Chowder used to say nice things.

  27. Spelunking a Dusty comment from a couple of threads back:

    I think if the R’s offer up a sane candidate, he will give Obama a run for his money.

    Whew! It’s quite fortunate, then that the Republicans don’t seem to have one of those!

  28. Romney is the closest, and he wears magic underwear.

  29. Yeah, but the market is crashing, zrm.

    Hopey McChangeless believes too much of the Reagan myth himself to do the right thing.

    That’s why we still have Treasury Secretary Geithner: bribe the banks, collect the campaign cash, win!

    Except it doesn’t work when you’re left holding the bag after 3 decades of Reaganism finally comes home to roost.

    P.S. I updated my post, the War Criminal Post printed a particulary nauseating bit of hypocrisy by torture fan Marc Thiessen.

  30. Sane was the operative word there Zombie, glad you caught it.

    Rick Perry’s entry into the fray might take some of the wind out of Batshit Bachmann’s sails this week and hopefully will cause her to stroke the fuck out. I only say that because that douchebag is getting far too much press and although she is comedy gold…Perry is a closet gay, all of TX knows this, and I hope he gets outed nationally.

  31. We get to do this all over again next week, so stock up on the rum and I will load the frig w/chardonnay.

  32. Whale Chowder: “That was delightfully uncivil, ZRM.” Is that the comment you wanted from the original post? If so..I do like it. 😆

  33. I am proving to be lousy at the predicticating, Dusty, but considering one of the Democratic recalls already occurred, in which the Democrat won by 15 points or something ludicrous, I am not worried about the two coming up next week.

  34. Perry is a closet gay, all of TX knows this

    How can you look at the way he wears his shirt collars and not realize this.

    I have lousy gaydar, and photos of him always scream “fabulous!” to me.

  35. He also has the Blago trait of being psycho about his ‘hair’. Knowing someone that worked for him for ten years in the AG office, she tells me it’s not a state secret that Ricky likes guys and his trophy wife actually busted him in the Gov’s mansion no less.

  36. stolen from Great Orange Stan:

    we did something pretty amazing: We kicked two Republicans out of office in the middle of their terms. Not only that, but Dan Kapanke came within 3 points of getting elected to Congress last year. Now he’s unemployed. He and Randy Hopper both have to pack their bags. Period. End of story. No second chances. And there’s nothing wrong at all if that’s bringing a smile to your face.

  37. […] speaks zombie rotten mcdona… on Move Like ThisDusty, hells most vo… on Move Like Thiszombie rotten mcdona… on Move […]

  38. Kathleen says:

    cheers ZRM sorry I missed out on the fun; I’ve been sick. (/sad). but I’ve been catching up on the comments. 2/6 isn’t a “WIN” but it’s a win. I like the attitude.

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