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Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

title, of course, taken from thunderpants’ recent post, crossposted at Whiskeyfire, and giving me links that I appreciate.

(yes, I know drivin n Cryin is ostensibly from Atlanta; but they got their start and released their first album in Milwaukee, I saw them in a punk club downtown once with Brian Ritchie opening, and one of my good friends went to high school with Kevn Kinney.)

The summary:

Wisconsin made history. 60% of Wisconsin state legislator recalls EVER happened yesterday.  Nationwide, by this time next week, Wisconsin will be responsible for 31% of state legislator recalls nationwide since 1908, in this year alone.  Wisconsin is used to pretty clean governance, and have not taken kindly to the bullshit coming from the Kock-puppets in the Republican Party, and anonymous carpetbagging corporate arms like ALEC.

Alberta Darling nearly lost, in a gerrymandered district; I continue to believe that Kathy Nikolaus is either incompetent, a Republican cheat and liar, or both; frankly, I am appalled that she continued to hold the position after the shenanigans in spring.  However, Darling’s rubber-stamping of Walker’s reprehensible budget has made her damaged goods, and the newly gerrymandered district will be necessary for her to retain her seat during the next election cycle.  And Sandy Pasch is going to be an up-and-coming star in State Democratic politics, if not national.

Nate SilverMr. Walker carried the six districts on Tuesday’s recall ballot by an average of 13 percentage points in 2010 — better than his statewide margin of 6 percentage points. If Democrats were to split the vote across these districts about evenly, that would be a reasonably troubling sign for Mr. Walker, however many of the seats Democrats actually win.

Democrats effectively split 5 of the 6 districts in contention.  Across all six districts, Democrats did split the vote; if you count the democratic incumbent results, I suspect the overall votes will be trending blue.

Also from Nate Silver, via Daily Kos via Twitter: “Dems would be silly not to proceed with a recall of Walker based on tonight.  The results project to a toss-up if you extrapolate out statewide.”  Democrats have nothing to lose.  That is how the Republicans win when everybody hates their policies; Never give up, never surrender.


We took the fight into red territory, and took two seats. What was a safe 19-14 GOP advantage is now a narrow 17-16. If we had those numbers going into 2011, the anti-labor bill would never have passed—one GOPer voted with the Democrats (and hey, Sen. Dale Schultz, the water is mighty fine on our side of the aisle!).

The execrable Randy Hopper is gone. He can cry in his 20-something-year-old mistress’s arms tonight. And Kapanke too. It sucks being unemployed in Wisconsin these days. Maybe they can get a non-union job at McDonald’s.

Kos goes on to say that at this rate of success in challenging Republican incumbents in 2012, the House would result in a huge Democratic majority.

Last night, when Darling took back the lead in her race, Ed Schulz looked crestfallen, comically so.  It was like his dog died.  Dude, even I hadn’t gotten so personally invested in the recalls, and I live directly adjacent to Darling’s district.

State Senator Dale Schulz, the last remaining Moderate Republican in the wild, will now be under intense pressure from both sides; the Dems will look for him to continue voting as he sees the best interests of his constituents, and the Republicans will try to force him to mindless conformity to whatever vicious fucktardery the Kock Brothers and ALEC insist that they push.  Good luck to him, his life just got fucking difficult.

So yeah, I wanted to see Darling lose, even if it was just until the gerrymandered redistricting takes effect in the next election.  Yeah, I wanted to see the Lege get busy retracting some of the heinous power grabs Walker has been pushing.

No, there wasn’t regime change in Madison, no historic realignment and fairy-tale ending.  Unicorns continue to not exist, and life continues to refuse to give us everything we want.

But Wisconsin has two Democrats in the State’s house, the PEOPLE’s house, that it didn’t yesterday.  Two Republicans Walker drones are on the street.  Wisconsin proves that there are fighting liberals out here who don’t give up, and that when you do fight, you can win a couple of battles.  But the war goes on.

…wait…I think I feel…. (umm, is this what it feels like?  Curious)…. Optimistic?  Is that the word?  Well, in any case, not defeated.  Not depressed.  Not despondent.

so anyway, thanks to all who stopped by the past few posts to talk and discuss and give me an impressive traffic spike.  MOOBOB, if you have to strip me of my title of Undersecretary for Rays Of Motherfucking Sunshine, I understand.  Tomorrow I will be back to whining about my miserable existence.  Or talking about the Mekons.  Both, if I get creative.

EDIT ALREADY.  Neon Vincent, over at Dusty’s joint, makes the following excellent comment.  I repost, since all three of my search terms so far today involve Kathy Nikolaus and removing her:

I just sent an email to the Chair of the Waukesha County Democratic Party urging him to find someone, anyone, to run against her in 2012. I told them that if I lived in his county, I’d run against her myself. Unfortunately, I don’t even live in Wisconsin. Instead, I gave him a link to a list of all of the municipal clerks in his county and told him to recruit from there. At least one has to be a Democrat.

If you want to send him an email, his name is Victor Weers and his email is

As I said elsewhere, I’d run against her myself, on a platform of competency, but fuck if I want to live in Waukesha County.

  1. Ohio, on the other hand, is used to Republican electoral theft (see 2004), and the fundies and greedheads and bigots like it.

    Maybe SB-5 will be overturned, we shall see. But that’s all we got going. And unemployment, of course.

  2. AND THIS IS COMPLETELY DUE TO THE AGENDA SCOTT WALKER IS ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ON THE STATE. Force is an awfully mild word Zombilicious. I prefer the phrase “shove down the throat of” the state.

    Thunder is correct..Ohio is used to the election fuckery as it’s been going on for decades there. No one gets their panties in a wad over vote suppression in that state.

    Gotta go read TBogg’s take..he is a fellow San Diegan.

  3. Neon Vincent is a good guy and I love that he still gets fired up enough to write letters and/or call and bitch them out. 😉

  4. I don’t suppose a Democrat has a chance against her, but at least she should be forced to explain herself in public.

    Ms. Nikolaus seems to have trouble doing that.

  5. Meanwhile the Dow dumped another 500 pts today. This doesn’t hurt the rich as much as it does the retirement funds of everyday Americans.

  6. Here is today’s John Nichol’s writeup for The Nation:

    Five months to the day after the Republican majority in the Wisconsin State Senate voted to approve Governor Scott Walker’s plan to strip most collective bargaining rights from public employees, two of the governor’s most prominent allies in the chamber have been removed from office. What a nice anniversary present the voters of WI gave that fucknut..don’t cha think? 😉

  7. Whale Chowder says:

    State Senator Dale Schulz, the last remaining Moderate Republican in the wild

    You forget President Obama.

  8. Isn’t he in captivity, WC?

  9. He’s certainly been tamed by the Republicans.

  10. Brando says:

    Never surrender, indeed

    The recall effort was certainly a refreshing change from the Democratic electoral tactic of trying to act like Republicans.

  11. IKR, Brando? Also a very refreshing change from the Democratic Fainting Goat act.

    While it certainly doesn’t make you want to live in Wisconsin, maybe it helps you to respect us Cheeseheads a bit more? Maybe envy us, just a little?

    dropping the Corey Hart on the Empire was kind of hostile though….

  12. Also, Democratic Fainting Goat is a lousy band name, but I am saving it for a future blog post title, surely I am….

  13. Whale Chowder says:

    Isn’t he in captivity, WC?

    I dunno. Is it captivity when you leap into the shackles (yikes! imagery!) and hobble into the zoo cage?

  14. Brando says:

    While it certainly doesn’t make you want to live in Wisconsin, maybe it helps you to respect us Cheeseheads a bit more? Maybe envy us, just a little?

    Now I know why you live in Wisconsin, but it is something I can never do.

  15. Neon Vincent says:

    Thanks for reposting my comment and linking to my blog. That’s a signal that needs boosting!

  16. blue girl says:

    LOL @ “Also a very refreshing change from the Democratic Fainting Goat act.”

  17. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    As I said elsewhere, I’d run against her myself, on a platform of competency, but fuck if I want to live in Waukesha County.

    Obi-Wan Kenosha, you’re our only hope!

  18. blue girl says:

    thunder, that link and the Wesley Clark interview in the comment thread was seriously depressing. And I totally agree with the comment: New World Order / Globalists

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