Rags to Riches

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized


Apparently, times are tough.

I bet an answer costs extra.





August Pollak has an excellent cartoon on the Recalls, with a “quote” from Alberta Dumpling.

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    For $150, he’ll blow you as you ask it.

  2. yeah, we’ve already determined what he is, now we’re just haggling over the price.

  3. I wonder if Russ Feingold has any plans, politically?

  4. Here’s a comment:

    +6 prommie 114p · 38 minutes ago

    Its the Texas way; if you don’t like it, kill it. If you don’t understand it, kill it. If you disagree with it, kill it. If federal regulations prohibit oil drillers from pumping arsenic into the rivers, kill ALL regulations. Kill em all, let God sort them out. Carry a gun, just in case, because you never know when you might need to kill something. Kill things just to show all the rest of the things in the world that you just might kill them, too. Kill, kill, kill, just like Christ commanded.

  5. he’s been playing it pretty close to the vest, thundra. But I think his Progressives United org is a canny way to keep his profile high while waiting for the next opening. The recalls make that opening a bit sooner than expected, I think. Although Wife Sublime made a good point in Ed Schulz’s coverage from Madison last Tuesday “where the fuck is Feingold?”

    there has been talk of him running for Governor in the recall, or to fill Kohl’s seat (not a veiled reference, you pervs. Nobody’s Closeted Senator but Ours). Feingold, himself, has made no comments either way.

    I think he’d be a shoo-in for Senate, considering how opinions on Republicans have shifted in the State, but from a personal interest, I definitely would prefer our strongest candidate for Governor, to fix the damage Turdwaffle is causing.

  6. A related comment:

    “looser building codes.”

    in one of the most challenging construction environments on the planet.

    filled with libertarians who have Gone Galt.

    Acutally, I love this plan.

  7. vacuumslayer says:

    For $150, he’ll blow you as you ask it.

    Are you a Koch? I THINK NOT.

  8. Zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    I have a Kock….

  9. Zombilicious, that was a fucking awesome carton by Pollack! I did stay up and watch and it felt good for AP to call both elections, even before the count was anywhere near done. Warmed the cockles of my lil black heart don’t cha know! 😉

  10. Oh, and the new policy of making money off the masses asking a question should signal everyone what bags of sheep shit these fuckwads truly are. Carpetbagging shitheads.

  11. so out of 9 recalls, Dems flipped 2. Repubs flipped none. Vote tallies are decidedly bluish, even with teh challenged seats being 2 to 1 Red.

    Kraphammer calls it a Republican win, because they held their majority by the skin of their teeth.

    Democratic Fainting Goats call it a loss, of course.

    Me? I’ll take it; and then start loosening up for kicking Turdwaffle in his fucking teeth next winter. I hope we uncross his fucking eyes.

  12. Dale Schultz is the one w/power now Zombilicious. He didn’t cow to Turdwaffle on that big vote and he knows the power he welds now. That could bode welll for the D’s..or the R’s if they sweeten bills with extras for his district.

    Only time will tell.

  13. Dale Schultz is the one w/power now Zombilicious.

    Yep; that’s exactly what I said here:


  14. mikey says:

    OK, Mr. Zombizzle, if that’s your real name, I’ve come to take you to task.

    Something magical is happening in Milwaukee right now. That laughingstock team that was so bad they couldn’t make the case that they should stay in the American League is all of a sudden, right now, pretty much the best baseball team in the world.

    And yeah, it could all melt down tomorrow, there are teams from Philly to SF to St Louis that can make the case they’re more real, but while you’re posing as some dood who’s too cool to care, you’re missing something fun. You need to dig out your Brewers gear and holler along.

    Trust me on this – you never know where it might go. Things that seem beyond possible CAN happen, and even if they don’t this is something you need to honor…

  15. the bandwagon is leaving the gate?

  16. Brando says:

    I think the Cubs would be willing to trade Carlos Zambrano to the Brewers for two wheels of cheese and a case of Beast Lite.

  17. Zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    Oh fuck it I am doing a Musical Poop Shoot tomorrow, see ifni don’t.

    And if a Zardoz breaks out, well there you go.

  18. Zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    Mikey, the Brewers lost their sweep tonight. How does that affect your Cinderella Story?

    And I don’t have any Brewers gear. It’s been quite some time….

  19. Zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    Vs, that’s a good choice for Dudeskull. He will fit right in when the World goes to Hell.

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