Kiss Me On The Bus

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just announced:


  1. I miss the clever wordplay, and the puns I had to look up on Wikipedia, I miss Herr Doktor and The Bradhammer and the hopeless sense that we never had a chance, but we would by gawd sink under the waves with a sense of the idiocy and dishonesty that characterized our moment. Remember, it was George Bush’s world, and we were most certainly NOT welcome in it, and as we watched the systematic collapse of everything we believed in, and everything we thought would stand against the petty hatred and tribal violence, we had something to cling to, and in some of those dark moments when we realized how much we had to lose, mostly, it should be mentioned, by losing again and again, we found the promise of America to be a just so story, and our “liberty” to be nothing more than the opportunity to shop unfettered by limitations on our credit. And in the midst of all that epochal change, the evolution of America from a set of values to a pragmatic autocracy, there was Sadly, No! night after night, offering no real promise, but at least letting me understand that when it all went bad, we’d all go together.

    And POOP jokes.

  2. Whale Chowder says:

    And teh BUTTOCKS.

  3. herr doktor bimler says:

    That really struck a chord with me
    If he mentions chords, he’s probably too skilled to be in the Mekons.

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