Heads Up, Hearts Down

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

New things:

Half-deck, upper stairs, with Lucy, the Orange, Leaky-ass dog:

Half-deck, lower steps.  Waiting to have the ends trimmed, and the nosing installed:

And finally, we have new fuzzbuckets.  Here is White Kitty exploring:

the gray stripey kitty is much more shy, and is keeping well away from Lucifer.

Anyone got ideas for names?

  1. vacuumslayer says:

    So, you actually build stuff yourself? You’re not just a fancy, elitist drawer of things?

  2. mikey says:

    I started thinking about this (never a good idea – try to stay numb and stupid, this is America after all) and it occured to me that in my life I’ve only named ONE pet. I got a puppy back in the mid seventies I named “Rooney”, after the never-seen character “Old Man Rooney” from the popular Burns and Schreiber routines of the time. Every other animal, no matter how much I loved it, was actually named by somebody else.

    So I don’t know if I’m good at naming pets. Cats should be easy – they should have spooky, metaphysical names because they move silently, and are only partially of this universe. But I always want to name pets after people I like, real or fictional, from Gunga Din to Cat Shannon to Jonathan Hemlock.

    You might be resistant, but for her elegance and grace, I’d go with “Alice” for the white one.

    Yeah. THAT Alice.

    See what I’m saying?

  3. It was a low-light photo, thundra, she is much whiter than appears.

    VS: a short list of work I’ve done on this creaking piece of crap (house built in 1904):

    refinished all floors at first floor
    built the first deck
    tore out the first deck
    tore out the laundry
    rebuilt the laundry after the basement wall was repaired
    built a new second floor porch
    installed a patio door in kitchen
    we painted EVERYTHING.
    replaced all ceiling fans
    replaced all galvanized and lead water piping
    replaced interior doors with glazed doors
    completely rebuilt upper floor bathroom
    completely rebuilt powder room
    repaired failed hearth at fireplace
    new light fixtures, including “sputnik”
    building new deck
    block wall planter at sidewalk
    block wall at rear door
    replaced several windows
    rebuilt three windows.

    all told, I prefer drawing them. But until Obama creates the MAGICAL PONY RECOVERY WITH FLOWERS AND RAINBOWS AND HAPPY PUPPIES which I am sure will be along any day now, I cannot afford to pay tradespeople to do the work.

  4. Lucy does all the work, vs.

    Lucy chewed up some of the siding, which I haven’t quite replaced yet, as it is near the new deck and I will build a new transition from siding to deck when the half-deck is less half.

  5. Also, Lucy destroyed the Stove Hood, which is why I have been working on patching the kitchen ceiling.

    Lucy is more of a demolition dog.

  6. herr doktor bimler says:

    I got a puppy back in the mid seventies I named “Rooney”

    So that’s the first part of your porn name…

  7. Whale Chowder says:

    Doesn’t matter what you name it, it won’t come anyway.

  8. Whale Chowder says:

    By the way, I enjoyed OOOH! by The Mekons (according to the album). Good shit, man, very political too.

    And I’m not even sucking up to you because, after all, what’s an unemployed zombie got to offer me?

  9. fish says:

    Snow Bite.

  10. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    And I’m not even sucking up to you because, after all, what’s an unemployed zombie got to offer me?


    Snow Bite.

    Bravo! I’d thought of “Yeti Kitty”, but “Snow Bite” is better.

  11. mikey says:


    C’mon, let’s get it done.

    We’ve got peyote to pick here…

  12. mikey says:

    Can’t help but notice the gas can by the back door.

    Is this some kind of implied coercion? If the deck doesn’t come out the way you want it to you’re going to light it on fire?

    Also, you should re-visit your slanders of Lucy’s ass functionality. After all, in a few years, you may find that you are known throughout the Shire as “That Leaky-Ass Architect” and let’s face it, that’s just another hurdle between you an the contract…

  13. fish says:

    Lucy is waiting for her microwave popcorn.

  14. lighting it on fire is always an option, mikey. You should know that.

  15. Snag says:

    How about “Cat?” You kind of have that Audrey Hepburn thing going on.

  16. mikey says:

    Did you ever read Thomas Perry’s novel “Metzger’s Dog”?

    If so, you know what I’m going to suggest for a name…

  17. Jennifer says:

    I think you should name the kitteh, Dander…

  18. Whale Chowder says:


    Then when it POOPS in your closet you can yell, “Bastet you bastard!”

  19. Kathleen says:

    the deck looks great!!

  20. Anyone got ideas for names?

    Fredricka-Cassaundra Puquyiwenubmit the Black widow
    Trina-Loise Len
    Alfonso-Alfonzo Richey the Apologetic Albacore
    Xinsown Preevehayjcroylefom the Mysterious Scabbardmaker
    Wilmer Ottomanize
    Kludcrout Yevroufufbu
    Sushthunderstorms Gegcesevouxzut the Ethnologist
    Sachgoo Inflammatory the Small Fainting goat
    Willena Tail-Curvature the Bland Deputy
    Wail Arachne the abysmal Clown triggerfish
    Delivered Otilia the Dizzy Embalmer
    Renames Uncontrollably the Harmonious Monitor lizard
    Dewayne Ludivina the Swamp lurker
    Certifications the Rich Documentalist
    Clarita susann the Lightning quasielemental
    Quantifiedhool Importantly the Strange War witch
    Whole the Erroneous Student
    Author Gratuitousness the Rocky Astral stalker
    Projectors Stefani the Razorfiend
    Gisyiwyoos Lar the négociant
    Mayor Debaters-Combed
    Boyrustlers Florencio the Final Internist
    Strike the Thing in the portal
    Valde Enid
    Caklswoop Hatfield the Distrustful villager
    Deanna Spent-Tie the Famous Sword wraith
    Wade-Richelle sublayer-Axon the Hoppin’ Largenose fish
    Slouchwih Bucre
    Strangersroys Alleged the Real estate developer
    Heetraguel Rivers the Game designer
    Serious the Passable Killer tree
    Faustina Kaysho the Striped dolphin
    Plutannals Faywub the Stick insect
    Standpointkaysho Ascendancy the Hidden Consul
    Ceseemmy Kabemoocitsha the Presenter
    Waneta-Rosina Blockhouse-Loyalty the Opaleye
    Quemabcu fu Sam the Computer programmer
    Angelic Bitmap the Chef
    Katina Mercy
    Jenette Dixtuth the Flabby whalefish
    Professor Gevcu
    Prouw Flack
    Favaurora Antionette the Excessive Eulachon
    Jifamxayre Shelba
    Roo the Generous Church usher
    Mevzoy Emelia
    Pibecordelia Char-Varnishes
    Surgically the Chinese ferret badger
    Het the Disappointed Giant wels
    Keceeth Nichole the Alternative Composer
    Heeblarklem Wubplejplejdocr the Luxurious Herder
    Yolande Tai the Mushy Diamantaire
    Moujason Elijah the Bodybuilder
    Cataloged Malik the Dragon guardian
    Xikchangeability Baroqueness the Red Technologist
    Baron Elizabethanizelayv Zona the Common carp
    Bali-Mounter the Needler
    Anderson-Gwyn Greenery-Secrets the Tuner
    Kazuko-Latisha Charlotte
    Nofeshitjeep Kirby the Gray orc
    Major General Lenny
    Activated Sacrificial
    Enviousnessgeg Atomize the Yummy Engineer
    Jericawib Sarai
    Criticize Ministries the Split Accountant
    Kashmirfu Matched-Politest
    Woshefoxo Yiw the Amorphous Special agent
    Reynaldo Monty the Sad Chemist
    Farmington Ploocquoyquwanfu the Biomedical scientist
    Clevelandkile Near-Sob
    Makledocrquayroshipl Rosio the Puffer
    Zelmahouv Ayanna the Homemade Jailer
    Malisacool Castes-Sprayer the Warmonger
    Lauricewow Singers-Instinctual
    Amiequoy Nate the Lenok
    Peebgassed Yong the Tasty Swimmer
    Johann Tequila the Fleet Navigator
    Aunt Conjuncturevoyf Trudy the Whirling steel monk
    Virgen Reversals
    Yoplcry Anaphora the Upholsterer
    Zookeeper Roysshala Anglophilia-Asceticism the Genealogist
    Yibryon Wrest-Spanked the Clenched Plaice
    Jogplou Crosses the Graphic artist
    Woyocro Joann the Draper
    Annuallyces Embryo-Exactions
    Mitch-Virgina Thoodjuwo
    Sanda Sober the Conspicuous Isopod
    karie-Hoyt Malissa the Shadow panther
    Interpolating Evie
    Wib the Northern pearleye
    Seams Dikle
    Carline-Jolynn Assiduously-Unionizes the Super Hotelier
    Calculated Nonmaskable the Delicious Rock wyrm
    Plutrochell Conjunct-Salts
    Cloumdeclarers Deteriorate-Terminals the Illuminator

  21. mikey says:

    Ahh, been reading Heinlein, have we?

    Needlers, vibrablades and kilts. The perfect aberrational view of the future…

  22. Holy shit. Mr. McG went nutz on his list o’ names didn’t he?

    WTF are you naming..the grey cat or yer new deck?

    Oh, and this line isn’t true of all felines, therefore I call bullshit on it: because they move silently, and are only partially of this universe. I got a few felines that are so effin clumsy, they make the blind, old, diabetic dog look like a gymnast. Fuzzy falls out of the window daily if not hourly and Little Bit..who btw is a huge,fat,mean bitch, can roll off a table when she sleeps in the middle of it. Plus you can hear Pigeon coming for twenty minutes. He got his name cuz his back feet are towed in as all get out and he walks or runs like the proverbial bull in a china shoppe.

  23. Zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    Substance uses electronic enhancement.

  24. Whale Chowder says:

    Substance is a juicer? Damn, I’m so disappointed.

  25. mikey says:

    No, no. He HAS a juicer.

    Not to mention a crock pot.

    His kitchen is electrically enhanced…

  26. Substance has been banned in all 50 states.

  27. Whale Chowder says:

    Not to mention a crock pot.

    AKA Janus Node.

  28. mikey says:

    What’s up over here?


    You should put up one of those clock graphics that says “Back at: and it shows like four pee emm or something…

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