Surprise Parties Are Pretty Fun

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

After I gradumacated from Architect-School, we rented a lovely flat near campus, our landlords lived upstairs, and we got our first two kitties from the farm.  And in late summer, we decided to have a party for our anniversary, which promptly became a tradition.  And now you are aware of it.

After a few years, we bought a house and that first year, the party became a housewarming as well.  So, now, every year at the end of summer we continue to have this party.  This year, we have two new kittehs, a new basement wall, a half-deck and NO KITCHEN CEILING HOLE.  See:

We also had a good friend from AZ come into town Friday night.

And we had a party.  A table full of food, a fresh fresh fresh keg of Sprecher Oktoberfest, just pulled last Wednesday, and I discovered early last week my stereo receiver barfed its last OMFG WHAT WILL WE DO FOR MUSIC?

Well, one solution would be to go out and buy a new receiver.  Which we did, and do you realize how few stereo receivers are for sale these days?  Everything is A/V surround systems, and because of the peculiarities of our house, there is no need for a surround system in this role.  However, we were lucky we weren’t looking for a turntable (for you kids like VS, turntables are what you use to play those big black CDs.  Ask your grandparents).

But we also availed ourselves of a meatspace solution.  I have talked before about Tony Memmel, local singer-songwriter; we had him and his wife come by to play a few songs.  Here they are doing “America 2 Go”, which he wrote for a friend who was running across the country to raise money for MS.  Sorry about the volume level (and the guests who keep walking in front of me) but it is worth it to turn up the volume and hear his introduction.

The hilarious thing about this is that while Tony and Lesleigh played, I joked that Zorg would probably miss all the songs and when he did, I would mock him mercilessly.  Guess who walked in the door not two minutes after they finished? It was truly hilarious, and I did, indeed, mock him mercilessly.  I even refused to ask Tony to play one more song for Zorg.

VS, of course, is not expected to watch the video, because his music “does nothing for her”.

Without a doubt, the big hit of the party was Tony and Lesleigh playing.  They said they had a good time, and they sold a fair number of CDs, and our family and friends kept telling me how awesome it was.

It rained off and on, keeping us from making full use of the half-deck.  Although when the young children were at full screech, people came out anyway.  eventually, it seemed to be not-raining enough that I brought out the speakers, of course that was when it started raining again. I accepted the blame.

Many friends showed up, some did not.  We solved many of the world’s problems, I insulted some people, the college students walking home from the bar wanted to join us and drink our beer and of course we could not allow that.  Deb and Pete and I drank some Hornitos.

Things get blurry after that.  When the beer was gone, I opened some sangria, then started in on the Sailor Jerry’s.  we sat out on the deck, the rain finally stopped, and we listened to music.  Early in the morning,  I managed to haul the Bose 901s in from the deck (only moist, not wet) and then apparently couldn’t manage the stairs, because I woke up on the couch.

Yesterday was kind of a vegging day.  Watched Bowling for Columbine and the 50 Documentaries thing hosted by Morgan Spurlock.  Made some Arroz con Pollo for dinner, and Wife Sublime idly threatened to go out and get some beer.

Also, Jennifer, I kept the iPad handy and checked the status of the Zardoz throughout.  Yes, I have read EVERY LAST COMMENT, many of them twice since they seemed new to me after I woke up came to.

What day is it, again?

  1. vacuumslayer says:

    VS, of course, is not expected to watch the video, because his music “does nothing for her”.

    YOU MENTIONED ME!!! Which make this entry worth reading!

  2. That was a pretty good Zardoz you folks perpetrated, especially considering it was zombie-less and Von-free.

  3. You should see it when Kathleen has a FRESH bottle of cranberry vodka.

    Also, mikey brought some vital points of view.

    Fish was a non-factor.

    Thudner delayed his road trip to keep it rolling.

    You know what it needs, now? It needs one final comment from Von. She has a life though.

  4. mikey says:

    Once, probably back in the early nineties, we were having a surprise party for some friends who had just rather abruptly returned from Fiji. My tribe, particularly one of my sisters (the one who carries the title “Cruise Director”) really REALLY likes parties that start with making the venue look as bereft and deserted as possible, and having everyone jump out and surprise* the confused guest(s) of honor.

    So anyway, we had done that yet again, to her (and our) great satisfaction, and the party was ongoing, when my grand American victimhood gene kicked in and it occurred to me that I was almost certainly the ONLY person in the room who had never been the guest of honor at one of these surprise shindigs. That seemed unfair, if not utterly discriminatory, so I demanded of the assembled multitudes an explanation.

    “HEY! Why have none of you guys ever thrown one of these deals for ME?”

    There was silence in the room. Even the song ended. Then everybody burst out laughing, pounding me on the back and offering salutes as if I’d just told the funniest joke EVAR!


    * Other, more accurate descriptors may be “terrify”, “startle”, “panic” or “cause death by heart attack”

  5. Jennifer says:

    I crank out approx 3 sentences and mikey manages to slip in PARAGRAPHS!

  6. next year’s party will be for mikey. Officially.

  7. Wait. Jennifer.

    You mean I have been inviting you FOR YEARS and you still haven’t made it?


  8. My bad, Jennifer. I’ll make it gone. Sorry.

  9. M. Bouffant says:

    No sheet. The “stereo” I bought because the speakers on the telebision are about the size of a postage stamp turned out to have a disc player in it. I guess “home theatre” implies that, but what do I know?

  10. mikey says:

    You’re frightening me. My Fisher Studio Standard amp is 20 years old and still amping – I do NOT want to replace it. I suspect I’d at least consider getting a GOOD pair of cans and going headphones all the time. But I would greatly prefer the damn thing just keep working…


    I see you covered up the ceiling hole with some paper for the party.

    Well done.

  12. Whale Chowder says:

    for you kids like VS, turntables are what you use to play those big black CDs.

    Fucking Hipsters love vinyl.

    Ask your grandparents


  13. vacuumslayer says:

    Ok, I actually read the entry this time and am thrilled to find that I’m not mentioned once, but twice! woo-HOO.

    Well it sounds like a damn good time to me. And I love the phrase “full screech ” ha!

    I know what records are, silly! I played Thriller on one! Nyah!

    So anyway congrats on what sounds like a really pleasant time. [/redundant]

  14. fish says:

    Dr. Mrs fish made me retire my AR28’s and my Boston Acoustic amp a couple of years ago (something about being hideous). It was very sad. Now we run all our music through Apple tv and a pair of nice powered speakers. Works pretty good actually (not that I will ever admit that).

  15. I had a Pioneer and large Advent speakers from collage up to sometime in that late 90s.

    That could turn the entire courtyard into a party (although the person who lived in the dorm room above me frequently looked sleep-deprived, which sometimes made me feel guilty).

  16. mine was a Harmon Kardon receiver. we stressed it pretty good over the years.

    I confess to be partial to Bose speakers.

  17. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Back when I shared a house with three friends (beach house without an ocean), we’d have a couple of huge parties each year (I’d put up a flyer on my cubicle wall at work), and we’d get live entertainment- mariachis or an oompah-band. They’d play for an hour, and blow the minds of unsuspecting guests.

    The real reason we had these parties is that the only way to keep the house clean was to get it good and trashed every so often, to force us to embark on a major cleanliness initiative.

  18. Brando says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun, ZRM, and I’m sorry we couldn’t make it.

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