On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Scott Walker.


It’s not a real Fuck You Friday; more intensive on links and less on profanity.  But you should have gotten your fill of profanity from the Pope song, amirite?

Now, apparently, the focus of an FBI investigation for things done while he was Milwaukee County executive.

Look, those of us who lived in the City have known that he was an extremist, anti-democratic, anti-public welfare kind of guy.  He killed the public park system, one of the best in the country, and did his best to cripple the public transit system, and did because it played well in the suburbs. Fuck the darkies, you know?

Over the past couple of days, I have watched rumblings of BAD THINGS, and decided not to pursue them over here; sounded like scuttlebutt at best, and didn’t feel like getting anybody worked up.

But this week, the FBI raided the home of a former walker aide in Madison.  She worked closely with him in Milwaukee, and when he moved to Madison, went along; but she almost immediately went on indefinite leave, and the Powers that Be will not let us LOUSY CITIZENS know whether she is receiving pay for her leave or not.  Cuz, you know, Republican Politicians are perfectly justified in paying their minions for no work at all, while destroying the support of public employees like teachers who actually, you know, work.  Turdwaffle is lawyering up and refusing to talk about it. Mainly because he’s an egregious squeezebag who figures normal fucking people have no right to know what he is doing as an elected official, but also because he is a straight up oligarchical taintlicking asswipe.  He professes to have no knowledge of anything.  Sergeant Schultz Walker.

OK.  yeah.  Is anybody surprised that Turdwaffle’s administration is, and his previous administration has been, rife with penny-ante cronyism, feather-bedding and corruption?  Fuck, not to me; I saw it during his misbegotten tenure as County Exec.

That cross-eyed motherfucker has been bent since day one.  He makes Nixon look like a trustworthy car salesman.  The bats cannot descend on him soon enough, and while I do not expect it (because the reach of Kock money is far and can buy forgiveness for everything but finding a dead girl or a live boy in his bed) I  am watching these developments with interest.



Wife Sublime just received this email from our Represenative Jon Richards:

Dear Neighbor,

This week, I signed onto a letter to the governor of New York urging him to reject a proposal by Governor Walker to relax that state’s ballast rules which protect the Great Lakes from aquatic invasive species.

Right now, New York has very strict regulations on discharging of ballast water, which ships carry to maintain stability on the open ocean.  These rules directly impact Wisconsin because any overseas ship traveling to the Port of Milwaukee must pass through New York waters on its way through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

I strongly oppose Scott Walker’s attempt to weaken New York’s ballast rules.  Ballast water contains invasive fish, plants, insects and other organisms that are not native to the Great Lakes and Wisconsin’s inland water.  These invasive species destroy local ecosystems and pose a serious threat to Wisconsin waterways that support a $7 billion recreational and fishing industry.

The Great Lakes are one of our greatest natural resources.  Milwaukee is fortunate to have some of the most beautiful and accessible shoreline to this vast body of fresh water.  Ballast water discharge rules must be strengthened—not weakened—to protect this natural treasure for generations to come.

What.  The. Fuck.

There isn’t even a pretense that this is for economic growth or jobs or anything like that.  If anything, as Richards points out, it will COST the state money and business.  This is straight up environmental vandalism for vandalism’s sake.  There  is NOT A FUCKING THING to be gained by this, other than pissing off liberals and hippies and tree-huggers.  And zombies.


Fucks sake, I hate this fucking Turdwaffle more with every passing day.  I am sure he is happy about that and I hope it backfires on him in a big way.


LeftNut WingJob also posted on this story, although without the entertaining profanity.  The Empire is Value-Added!  Also, she was later to it than I was.  Probably out buying weed.

  1. vacuumslayer says:

    Oh my. Pass the popcorn.

    • Annie says:

      Rep. Robin Vos’s “popcorn”, no less. As co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee that pushed all this fascist crap through the legislature, and, as A.L.E.C. poster-boy, Robin Vos’s home and place of business should be searched. He’s probably taking care of popcorn business on taxpayer time (he sure hasn’t worked much this month!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seems kind of personal. Here’s the deal. They are all fuckwads. They have a political and economic agenda and will do anything, thats right, I said ANYTHING to implement it. Sometimes at no benefit to themselves, just to worship at the altar of the wealthy and powerful.

    Your buddy turdwaffle is no different from any other right wing thug. When they win, they advance the agenda, and when they lose, they start working on rigging the game for the next time.

    The system is broken, and nobody knows how to prevent them from winning..

  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I dunno, I think Walker will be cooked in the recall election, the guy is just toxic, and he’ll have to account to voters from all districts, not just gerrymandered minions.

    • Unfortunately, the most recent polls show declining support for recall of the Gov. Still pretty high, at just under 50% if I remember the DK poll correctly, but not the 60+% that was in the earlier parts of the year.

      • Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

        Could the ballast discharge thing motivate sportsmen to jump on the recall bandwagon?

        • Dunno, BBBB. I think the sportsmen are already on board, considering the de-fanging of the DNR he is pushing through. Besides, a good number of the people who enjoy Wisconsin’s lakes are from out-of-state, particularly Illinois.

          I really like how Turdwaffle is taking his destruction on the road, because it doesn’t sell very well at home any more. How likely is Gov Cuomo to sign on to this abomination, anyway?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I know the system is broken, but I still hope there are enough good people left to nail his ass.

  5. I miss the non- linear comments.

    The comment system in the Bad Religion post is as broken as our political system.

  6. vacuumslayer says:

    Yes, and why is our political system broken? Too much dog rape.

  7. vacuumslayer says:

    Bad news for you: I’m now going to mention dog rape in every thread.

    I think–for dog rapes and giggles–I may do a periodic zardoz on this baby today.

  8. Heck, here’s that Springsteen/ Dropkick Murphys video.

    Just. Fucking. Awesome.

  9. I’m not a big springsteen fan.

    We’ve all got issues.

  10. Brando says:

    He is the Bizarro LaFollette.

  11. Well I did not know this was going on, what with hanging out in the woods with the birdies.

    Have some musik!


  12. He makes Nixon look like a trustworthy car salesman. No shit..great observation Zombilicious!

    Ahem..I wasn’t out buying weed, I was in mourning and didn’t get online and read the 300 news emails I get a day, until the afternoon.

    Fine writeup..and more info than mine…although I expect moar from you, seeing as how you live in WI..thanks for the linky love and more info on this fuckwad of all fuckwads..I shall direct folks to this post as you are more informed than I on this douchenozzle.

    • Just yanking your chain, Dusty. I know you had a rough week.

      There isn’t much more information out on this stuff yet. The Journal Sentinel doesn’t have the investigative reporters it used to, and beyond that, they have been Walker-fluffers from teh word go.

  13. […] M’dear bud, Zombie lives in WI and has much more info on this douchnozzle so read his post here. Seems ole Scotty has lawyered up…oh goody, as that can only mean he is pissing down both […]

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