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Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Not one single fuck will be given today.

  1. And here I was, expecting the announcement of a new blog.


    Why, you ask?


  3. “Look At All The Fucks I Give” starring a thirty year old Julie Andrews would’ve fucking KILLED in PPV sales.

  4. Jennifer says:


    (this is in response to the post)

  5. I gotta go to a meeting. Nobody give a fuck while I’m gone, ‘kay?

  6. Laura says:

    I’m betting that those two pussies both gave a lot of fucks over the years.
    Especially that Julie Andrews. Don’t let her British accent fool you.

    I heard that you were swearing today so, I thought I mosey over and give you knuckles since, we’re both on the same page. 🙂


    • I’m betting that those two pussies both gave a lot of fucks over the years.

      that was awesomely Filthbotty, Laura.

      I heard that you were swearing today so, I thought I mosey over and give you knuckles since, we’re both on the same page

      umm, based on your comments at BBBB’s, we’re not on EXACTLY the same page. XD

  7. Von says:

    “Look at all the fucks I give”
    And I will be saying that forever and ever and ever.
    And I’ll totally spin around with my arms out as I do it.
    Thanks, Z, for this gift.

  8. mikey says:

    I started to say “Right on, Z. I’m gonna join right in and not give one thin, tiny fuck today either!”

    And I tried. Oh, how I tried. I knitted my brow and puckered my sphincter and I didn’t give a fuck. I think. It turned out that I couldn’t tell. I don’t know if I give a fuck any more, or not. And when, and about what, and why. It all feels the same. Beautiful fall days? Meh. Agonizing hours spent dealing with the state bureaucracy? Meh. All the same. Warm evenings outside, long sleepless nights pacing? No difference, not that I can find. I think the best I can do at this point is not give a fuck that I give a fuck. Y’know?

    • mikey, there’s giving a fuck, and giving a fuck.

      Client asked for drawings tomorrow? I don’t give a fuck.

      Clients late on payments again? I don’t give a fuck.

      It’s cold and rainy? I don’t give a fuck.

      Chris Christie running for president or not? I don’t give a fuck.

      A new Mekons album? LET’S START COUNTING THE FUCKS I GIVE.

      The office rum is low? O YOU BETTER BELIEVE I GIVE A FUCK.

      it’s kind of a matter of being selective about where you give the fucks. And when, although that might be more situational.

      Which serves as a pretty good life principle, now that I think of it.

      And apparently Julie Andrews should have followed it also.

  9. Not that I give a fuck, but Amanda Marcotte has a pretty good post about music and monoculture that I find myself agreeing with…

  10. Today I went to a meeting with a long-time client (who has not done much with me lately; he felt the last project was too big for me, and nowadays nothing is happening) with a pile of design sketches, and I gave not one fuck how he responded, because I liked the ideas.

    And he gave a fuck.

    Or, as that poster said, I made him fucking care. He gave me some nice compliments, on a design problem that he said a half dozen other designers had taken stabs at with unimpressive results.

    And I came out of that fucking meeting, with the work on that design to continue; but also, two more little jobs to work on. In the absence of big jobs, little jobs can be welcome.

    The jobs come, they go. I might make money, might not. Something might get built someday, by accident seemingly.

    But I’ve got some rum and a new Mekons album, so I give not one fuck.

    La la la la….

  11. Jennifer says:

    Did you leave another comment other than the smiley, Jennifer? I don’t see anything in moderation.

    Yes, I did. And I would have replied to your reply up where the reply actually was, but there was no reply button. This newfangled thang is confuzzling to those of us used to the willy nilly, Wild West of commenting.

    It was not a large comment, and was easily covered by the new comment, but my screen did show that the comment was there, even though the comment was so obviously not there… or something like that.

    No biggie…

  12. Kathleen says:

    posting more than 5 words qualifies as giving a fuck so I’m not gonna do it

  13. The new Code Books are here! The new Code Books are here!

    …I wouldn’t give a fuck, except I paid $400 for them.


    The Mekons just left the stage at hardly Strictly Bluegrass AND SHE DID NOT GO.

  15. vacuumslayer says:

    I had to give up not giving a fuck around 13 months ago. And I was bad at it before then.

  16. mikey says:

    I actually spent part of the afternoon down south rather than in SF. So for Mekons proximity, I was actually the much greater apostate than Kathleen.

    Think of me as Dan Dare…

  17. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Got a call from work- they needed coverage, so I’m back.

    I gave a fuck.

  18. MikeAz says:

    “Not one single fuck will be given today.”

    That’s a real shame. I could have used one today. Oh Hell, this year.

  19. M. Bouffant says:

    Fortieth! Yet still not giving a fuck, flying or otherwise..

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