No Light, No Light

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Listening to new music acquisitions today, and this came up and made me stop what I was doing.

Quite remarkable. Reminiscent of Birthday Massacre.



EDIT:  Timely video for fish, Dusty, and thudner.  (note; I suspect this song is being sung sarcastically)


  1. I think I’ll replay that again.

  2. it’s really good, isn’t it thudner?

  3. Laura says:

    It’s awesome.
    I was skeptical at first… but as it got going, I liked it more and more.

  4. Right, Laura?

    I didn’t pay much attention when it first came up until about a third of the way through, then said ‘whoah’ and looked to see who the artist was, then I played it again.

    Then I made a post.

    Von hates me now, because I barely – BARELY!- broke a sweat.

  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Yeah, Florence is pretty awesome.

  6. O yeah, BBBB, I’ve liked the previous album too, but this literally stopped me in my tracks when it came on the headphones.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Yes, Florence is awesome… following her own drummer.

  8. M. Bouffant says:

    No good music has come from the British Isles since the Stones broke up after Sticky Fingers.

  9. I got one for ya:

    He sang it for Obama who obviously had no clue. Wrote a piece on it.

  10. Oh darlin, love love LOVE the first song. LMFAO on the political one. 😉

  11. That may be Garfunkel and Oates’ best. They’re great, huh?

  12. No good music has come from the British Isles since… Sticky Fingers.

    That album doesn’t count either.

  13. No good music has come from the British Isles since the Stones broke up after Sticky Fingers.

    Your lawn is nice FOR ME TO POOP ON!

  14. POOP, now you’re talking Bouffant’s language….

  15. Believe it or don’t, I think I started the POOP! tradition back at the home base long ago.


  16. Excellent.

    I also think I started the “Believe it or Don’t” although I think I stole it from Mad Magazine or something like that.

  17. Another Kiwi says:

    Garfunkel and Oates best Before Paul Garfunkle married Yoko. Then they went to shit.

  18. And then Oates married Courtney Love and shit got really weird.

  19. Whale Chowder says:

    Lazy blogger is lazy.

    What’s the word on the recall?

    Like the first tune very much. Thks.

  20. WC:

    50,000 signatures in the first two days. Protesters outside his house (on an anti-Walker neighbor’s lawn). Walker whines. Walker wants veto power over recall procedure (not that there would be a conflict of interest there, no sir). Kock money. Lots of Kock money. SCADS of Kock money (Will Turdwaffle exceed the 75% out-of-state donations of ChokeHold Prosser? Stay Tuned!) Latest poll shows support for recall at 58%, but as pointed out at Great Orange Satan, that is an outlier right now. Walker proposed Anti-sex education to create jobs (as he is a fucking moron and does not understand how jobs, or education, or sex, work). Wisconsin loses almost 10,000 more private jobs in one month. (Those are “real” jobs, not like teachers or fire fighters). Moron Walker supporters brag about soliciting signatures for recall, then destroying them (a felony) – on FACEBOOK. DDOS attacks on recall-supporting websites.

    I suspect the Reichwing internal polling is telling them a frightening tale. Governors with a wide base of support don’t resort to felonious, repellent anti-democratic behavior. Of course, Wisconsin has never had a Governor that BEGAN with anti-democratic behavior before, either, and I count ass-bag Tommy Thompson (stick it to ’em!) in that.

    MOAR here.

  21. Smut Clyde says:

    See, Walker is so concerned about the Wisconsin state payroll that as a good example to all other state employees, he has arranged to be paid by someone else.

  22. herr doktor bimler says:

    That Smut Clyde guy is such a buffoon that WordPress puts his comments into moderation.

  23. Yeah, he’s a jerk. Not like YOU, hdb.

    I think, however, that is the first time he’s ever tried to comment here. Unfortunately, WordPress just moderates the first time someone comments here, so now the tone is going to right to hell. Not classy like before.

    …hey, didja notice he uses the same little monster as you, hdb?

  24. Another Kiwi says:

    I was devastated when Garfunkle and Oates put out the “Disco Daze” album. I think that was Courtney’s idea.

  25. vacuumslayer says:

    Hey…how many siggies are needed? Is it 450,000?

  26. 540,000. But given the inevitable challenges to signatures, I think they would like to get 750,000.

    Recall Scott Walker on Facebook is reporting 105,000 as of last night.

  27. vacuumslayer says:

    How long do y’all have to get them?

  28. 60 days, so it would normally be until January 15th, but the Repub-assholes filed some fake recall petitions early in November, so it will be more like January 5.

  29. In other news, I am using a nifty new USB turntable that I got for my birfday to record old vinyl, so I am going to have all kinds of new annoying music to yammer about. In a fit of brutal honesty, I am even going to record the embarrassing stuff. It will probably annoy me so much I will start misspelling wurds. Or maybe that is just the booze.

    • In other news, I am using a nifty new USB turntable that I got for my birfday to record old vinyl, so I am going to have all kinds of new annoying music to yammer about. Dude that is awesome! Do you have all sorts of ancient music not available on cds? Give me some hints I am dying to know!

  30. Another Kiwi says:

    I heard some on the radio last week talking about their USB record player. The interviewer asked “How long does it take to record and album?”. The person said that it was as long as the record took to play. It struck me that we are living in weird times if we want to put our music onto CD’s but are worried about the time it takes. If it is not instant then we might not have enough time because of our frightfully busy other lives, mainly earning enough money to stop us starving.
    This is the gilded age my friends

  31. AK: I think it is part of the transition to individual song-based consumption.

    When I had college room mates, after a weekend, there would invariably be a pile of vinyl near the stereo to be refiled. Kind of documenting the weekend….

    I confess I am kind of having a hoot tonight, digging through the stacks of classic wax. Well, actually, I just unpacked the platter, then grabbed a bunch of discs out of the closet to try the thing out…. but after several of these fine Holiday Spice ales, I am re-discovering what a neck-snapping diversity of music I used to listen to; not like now, when I am so limited in my musical resources.

    I started with several singles from local bands; Wooldridge Brothers, Mighty Deer Lick, Swamp Thing (interestingly two of the guys from Swamp Thing moved to New York and started the Knitting Factory) John Kruth…. and then some Flock of Seagulls, some Figgs rarities, Kinks, Beastie Boys, Kansas (Look it was just the first batch of stuff that came to hand. I’ll rip my original vinyl copy of Consequences tomorrow)….

    But yeah, it’s taking forever, and why not? It’s music, and some is good, and some is great, and some not so much; but music is one of the best things humans do, and listening to it (especially while drinking) is better than not.

    Fuck, I haven’t listened to music as ALBUMS in a fuck of a long time.

    Also, “How long does it take” question-boy is moron.

  32. Stories from the Recall, from a couple of blocks from my house.

    I am so going out tomorrow to buy supplies to make that sign for my upper porch.

  33. herr doktor bimler says:

    Have I mentioned how awesomely good the Bats were in their concert last night?

  34. DO TELL. Did you have dinner with the band?

    I suspect You’re either too hungover to post a synopsis, as I HAVE DONE, or you are still damaged by a bird having its way with your melon….

  35. I am, however, hoping to get Smut Clyde’s feelings on the concert.

  36. Smut Clyde says:

    I am, however, hoping to get Smut Clyde’s feelings on the concert.

    Music reviews require too much self-revelation and emotional honesty.

  37. Never seems to be a problem for the Pitchfork people.

  38. Another Kiwi says:

    Due to a combination of factors I only just got around to watching “No Light’ pretty bloody good eh?

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