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Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hmpf.  I wish I could make the title into a lonk, but FYWP won’t let me.  Anyways, the title is lonked. It can be expected that I will consistently annoy with linkage to obscure annoying noise.

So.  In between creating hostile environments around the interwebs, I was doing this today:

A more detailed view (this is probably a biggish file).

These are some of the elements of that:

The first step in making that ugly building from a prior post into a usable structure:

Yes, I am shameless.  Pshaw.  But I worked long and long the last couple of days and am exhausted, and have some Holiday Spice Lager (alcohol content 11% YUM) and will either watch American Horror Story or Bubba Ho-Tep and go to bed.  Geeb can handle posting the Genesis videos.

  1. Yonk.

    (At last, the President did what I and others have been calling on him to do for yonks.)

    P.S. You have orbs floating down your blog!


    Fortunately, the blog is adequately lubed.

  3. two posts in one day? What am I, thudner, or BBBB?

    I am WEARY, truly I am….

  4. I have to post before midnight to keep the streak alive (a post a day since Nov 29).

    It’s already written, too.

  5. You deserve it.

    Have a drink first.

  6. herr doktor bimler says:

    The orbs are following m

  7. fish says:

    Sure, I guess there is some money to be made in coloring books, but I am not sure the content is as exciting as Dora the Explora would be.

  8. blue girl says:

    Cool drawings/work, ZRM. (Did you know I call you That Architect Guy when I’m referring to you offline?)

    Also, LONKS remind me of this. Wonder why?

  9. Laura says:

    Wow! If you did ALL that in the last couple of days, no wonder you are exhausted!
    Go have your drink and may I suggest a bubble bath as well?
    My newest addiction!
    Oh! I see the orbs floating down your page too!
    Hey! It’s snowing in here! I’d better go before I have to shovel my way out.


  10. I will consider this blog successful if it NEVER excites a fish….

  11. I am unreservedly in love with the snow falling on the blog page. It is always a delightful surprise.

    Talk to me again after I’ve had to shovel several times.

  12. Laura says:

    I wonder what an excited fish looks like.
    I mean.. do they have a .. you know?

  13. blue girl says:

    Be careful, Laura. When fish gets excited, he likes to fight. In the 70s.

    p.s. The softly falling snow is no more? Did fish kill it?

  14. Jennifer says:

    p.s. The softly falling snow is no more? Did fish kill it?

    Probably. It reminded him of being in the frosty freezer.

  15. this is Wisconsin. the snow is still falling.

  16. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    two posts in one day? What am I, thudner, or BBBB?

    You’ll need twenty-two more, bub!

    I rate for Bubba Ho-Tep… what other movie goes from horror-comedy to elegaic portrayal of the plight of the aged?

  17. plus, Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis!

    “Man, President Johnson’s dead.”
    “Shit, that ain’t gonna stop him.”

    “They dyed me this color! That’s how clever they are!”

  18. bbkf says:

    well, color me disappointed…i was really hoping that what you were working on was the dreaded door schedule…but i guess this was pretty neat also, g dang it…


  20. bbkf says:

    oh, the joy that must be ringing through your heart!!!
    do zombies have hearts?

  21. do zombies have hearts?

    Yes. I have several in the cooler in my basement.

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