P.O.V. (Persistence Of Vision)

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Title Lonk.


As I was tra-la-la-ing through my vast and loathesome archives, a couple of things stood starkly out from the festering mass.

1.  I started the annoying conceit of titling posts after songs or albums or lyrics QUITE SOON after starting my first blog.  It was annoying by the fourth time, and since nobody ever notices, I grimly stick to the habit.

2.  I was REALLY ANGRY about politics. And VERY VERY SNARKY about it.  There was a mild conservative, brother of a good friend, named Nick who used to come around to pick nits and troll my posts.  I always kind of suspected Nick was only a conservative to be a contrarian in his family, which skewed decidedly liberal.  But Nick was also a Librarian, which makes him one of the unionized moochers who are overpaid and sucking on the public tit, so his arguments become kind of complicated at best.  Nick’s comments made mikey’s look succinct.

But anyway, after years of that, I guess I kind of burnt out.  I can barely muster outrage at Scott Walker, and he’s a turd-faced cross eyed authoritarian Kocksucking moron drop-out who was elected on false pretenses and by demonizing minorities.

Hmm.  I guess there may still be some outrage in the well.  Perhaps I will resurrect Fuck You Friday, since Von has borrowed it for Thursdays.  It’s the time that is more of the difficulty, those posts become kind of involved.  It’s like real work.  Fuck that, it’s Friday.  Wait, that doesn’t quite work.  Oh well, ONWARD!

3.  I did Random Music lists.  A LOT.  Sometimes, it was the only thing I posted.  It was usually the only thing Zelmo commented on, although that was almost always to pimp the XM radio like he was getting blowjobs from it.  Funny enough, we did some driving recently and I found that XM radio was…disappointing.  Certainly not worth ten bucks a month, especially when eMusic is so cheap, and you get a lot more.  And when we got out of the urban areas, oddly, the ‘satellite’ pickup got sketchy.

So today, I am taking my blog inspiration from Billy Pilgrim and Temporary Costello, fucking wanker assholes, and pulling from the Insufferable Music Snob shelves to do a long-overdue Friday Random Musical Spew and Fol-de-rol!

As has been mentioned, I have been romping through some old vinyl and digitizing old stuff.  Not GOOD stuff, per se, but old stuff.  Although my musical tastes have matured somewhat, there are still some goodies in the pile of big black CDs (Todd!, BG) not the least of which is a bunch of records from  long-gone local bands.  But in any case, it is rapidly burgeoning my music library, which now stands just under 4000 albums, 43,000 tracks, a tetch over 200 giggles of hard drive space.  the iPod capacity has NOT kept up, and if Steve Jobs hadn’t died, I would have to go search him out to force him to turn over the high-capacity iPod prototype that I KNOW he kept on his person at all times. It doesn’t seem that ANY of the cloud music solutions are large enough. Whatever shall I do?

Anyway, support Local music.  Support Live music clubs.  Von does it; why don’t you?

Off we go (and I promise to not take any mulligans, no matter how painful it gets):

1.  Shadow Of A Doubt, Sonic Youth live in Texas 1986.  I love the Sonics, have since a friend gave me a comp tape that started with the studio version of this song. Sonic Youth can be an acquired taste.

I saw them open for Neil Young and Crazy Horse once.  it was kind of a loud night, and the yuppies who wanted Young to play “Cinnamon Girl” were displeased.  But fuck them, you know?  I was laughing, poor privileged buttheads COULDN’T TALK during the opening band!  Probably for their benefit, actually, because if they had disrupted my enjoyment, I might have had to kill one of them, and anger issues aside, NONE OF US WANTED THAT.

2.  Love Gone Wrong – Glass Eye.  An oddball alternative band from Austin, late eighties.  I saw some twisted video on 120 Minutes (remember when MTV played music?  Me neither!).

3.  Deep Karma Canyon – Bob Mould.  As everyone knows, Bob Mould was one of the main singers and songwriters in MPLS punk band Husker Du. I don’t want to shock B^4, but I never saw Husker Du.  I have seen Bob both in solo mode and with a band.  As we watched him squall through his songs old and new, I couldn’t help but think “is there a more thankless job than keyboard player in Bob Mould’s band?”

4.  But Honestly – Foo Fighters. I am glad that Dave Grohl has been successful post-Nirvana, but all told I think we all would be better off with Cobain back.  At least after several albums, Grohl’s voice has settled into acceptable.   Keeping Pat Smear working is also a good thing.

5.  Dirty Dog – ZZTop.  I saw ZZTop on the Deguello tour, before they became MTV darlings.  Recently I saw them open for Tom Petty, and headline a smaller show in a theater.  They are still doing the same thing they ever did.  Nothing wrong with that! Meanwhile, MTV has come and gone as a cultural force, while ZZTop remains one of the good things about Texas.

6.  Two Timin’ Woman – Johnny Cash.  The Man In Black can make even a crappy song sound great.  And boy, for all the legendary status, there was a lot of crap that was put under his name in the 70s, efforts by an idea-less Music Industry to squeeze the last drops from an artist they relegated to has-been status.

Of course, Rick Rubin and American Records showed the record labels that Johnny was still vital.   Warner and Sony and the other bigs have long forgotten how to make music.

7. Train – Mission of Burma.  Mission of Burma is one of those old post-punk bands I never really think of, and then am blown away by when they show up on the Shuffle. Their live performances were legendarily loud, which led to singer Roger Miller’s hearing damage and disbanding the group.  But they have reformed recently and have released some new stuff.  Their use of tape-feedback loop technology broke new ground, and as with many post-punk bands, their impact on later bands is far outsized to there original success, the Ramones Syndrome.

8.  The Wagon – Dinosaur Jr.  Mascis’ adulation of Neil Young and Crazy Horse is fully in effect here, but the result is unbelievable.  Guitar freakouts and whiny vehicles over punk drumming.  It’s such a simple formula.  Green Mind is simply a stellar album, front to back.  Although it was the first album after Barlow left to form Sebadoh, it benefits from being a singular vision, focused like a lazer, and it lasts just long enough.

I saw J. Mascis on a solo outing at Shank Hall, and he alternated between electric and acoustic guitar.  I kind of wish he had done the full band though, so the guitar freakouts could have been more fully realized.

9.  Summertime – Bill Hicks.  Brilliant spoken word from one of the heirs of Lenny Bruce.

10.  Jocko Homo – Devo.  One of the Songs That Made Me Rotten (an old post on those old blogs). No link because the OldBlog is lost in the mists of Time, or the Mists of Cacopon Mountain, and since the Republicans are insane, we cannot use the Time Machine to go searching.

11. Coffee Drowned – Arms And Legs And Feet. Awesome.  This is a Mlwaukee post-punk band, fronted by an English major who called himself Mike Benign. Although his voice has always been kind of muddy middle range, his lyrics have always been  complex and literate.  The next band he fronted, Blue In The Face, took the same elements and added a three piece horn section.  One of my good friends did sound for them, and was able to keep everything clear and separate and crisp, not an easy thing in a crappy bar with a seven piece pop band. Here’s his current gig.  Go indulge yourself; I am CERTAIN y’all know someone that would appreciate this as a gift in this holiday season! Tell him you’re a friend of a friend of Scary Joe.  DO IT!!!

12. Pressure – The Kinks.  My friend Nick once complained that for all the different music I had and my constant Musical Poop Shoots, the Kinks never came up.  Well, when we had the chance to catch up with each other in meatspace when Ray Davies was at Summerfest, he bailed. So this one is for you, Nick.

13.  Faraway Man – Hunters and Collectors.  Aren’t they from New Zealand?  They’re excellent anyway.

14. The Dancer – PJ Harvey.  Polly Jean, kind of like Sonic Youth or Tom Waits, falls into what I refer to as ‘difficult music’.  As opposed to ‘easy listening’ you see.  I like difficult music, as may be inferred by my mild affection for the Mekons (“lyrics are opaque enough to be about either rough sex OR Thai beef salad”, as one wag has LOLed).

15.  Saved By Zero – The Fixx.  Yes, I like the Fixx.  I hope they’re not from New Zealand. WikiWakiWoo tells me that the record label insisted that they change their name from “The Fix” before signing, due to the drug reference.  Irony, watch the Record Label Weasels show concern about drug use.  Before or after they visited the washroom to coke up, I wonder?

OK, that’s enough, it’s Friday, I have a code meeting and then those elevations to get back to.  Although it may annoy N__B, here is one of the inspirations I am using on this one:

  1. I saw ZZTop on the Deguello tour, before they became MTV darlings.

    I saw them back in the 70 at the Cap Center in D.C. (O.K., Landover).

    Details are sketchy, but in two shows I saw Bad Company, Styx, the Outlaws, and ZZ Top.

    So the trick is figuring out the headline acts. I’m sure Bad Company was one. But could ZZ Top have opened for Styx? It is possible.

  2. “Back in the 70s”, he tie-dyed.

  3. But could ZZ Top have opened for Styx? It is possible.

    I would say likely, if that was the same night, and it was later in the 70s, say on the Grand Illusion or Pieces of Eight tour. ZZTop wasn’t really a headliner in the barns until the 80s.

    But could it have been ZZTop opening for the Outlaws? I think Styx/Badco seems a more likely pairing, at that time. Depending on when in the 70s, Styx would have been opening, I think. Up until The Grand Illusion, they were much bigger regionally in the Midwest, I would guess were still working their way up on the coasts.

  4. fish says:

    Love love love me some Mission of Burma.

  5. That is an alarmingly non-hostile comment from FriendFish.

  6. Jennifer says:

    For some reason, when you were channeling Temporary Costello, the image I had of you in my mind was of the character, Gersh, in TAG: The Assassination Game. Not sure if this says more about your comments or more about my mind.

  7. Jennifer, are you implying that I was TC?

    Cuz that’s kind of lonked.

  8. OT, but the Mint Truffle Kisses are nummy.

  9. Snag says:

    I think I saw Styx at one point, but it was that time of my life where an awful lot of those points were melting into each other.

  10. SNAG!!! You got away from Robin Williams?

  11. Von says:

    I love love love this post.
    I loved it even before I read “Von does it; why don’t you?”

    Just played Saved by Zero on the ole iPod.

    Great post.

  12. Has anyone besides me noticed that the snow follows your cursor?

  13. I noticed that the orbs do that the other night, zrm.

  14. They do it tonight too, thundra.

  15. dammit.

    I am trying to download a Cure live album (cuz Christmas music!) and eMusic’s new web site is all kerflumpt.

  16. Jennifer, have you ever noticed that AD markers smell AWESOME?!?!?!?

  17. Jennifer says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever snuffled them…


  19. Whale Chowder says:

    While I was reading your post about music (NO YOUTUBER LINKS? MONSTER!), I was steering the snowflakes, trying to run them exactly down the edge of the border or zing ’em into the corner between the dark gray and the “page.”

    It’s like a primitive pong game, with oneself.

    Did I mention I’m mildly OCD?

  20. It’s like a primitive pong game, with oneself.

    I have one of those.

  21. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Funny enough, we did some driving recently and I found that XM radio was…disappointing

    I imagine that much of it is programed by the same cobags who program terrestrial commercial radio. I tend to stick to college radio.

    I don’t want to shock B^4, but I never saw Husker Du.

    WHO ARE YOU? I DON’T KNOW YOU!!!! “Candy Apple Gray” is a great title for a great album. Did you ever see Sugar? I saw them play at Toad’s Place.

    Love love love me some Mission of Burma.

    I saw the reconstituted MoB play the Siren Festival on Coney Island. Damn, they kicked some serious ass, and they played all of the old classics that the crowd desired.

  22. herr doktor bimler says:

    my mild affection for the Mekons
    Does Cynthia Plastercaster sell copies? $MAS IDEA FOR ZRM!!

  23. WHO ARE YOU? I DON’T KNOW YOU!!!! “Candy Apple Gray” is a great title for a great album. Did you ever see Sugar? I saw them play at Toad’s Place.

    I don’t think I ever saw Sugar, although that starts to fade in the Mists of Cacopon Mountain that my memory has become.

    Not even sure that Sugar ever came through here.

    Sigh. Another facet of my persona, that of the IMS who sees live music incessantly for the past several decades, ripped to shreds.

    I guess my only recourse is to listen to my “Husker Bob” playlist and weep as I design elevations. Poison Years indeed, Bob.

  24. If you move the cursor really fast, you can fake the orbs out.

  25. Disturbingly, the Style Council album (which was not as lame as I remembered it) has a serious skip on the last song.

  26. I am going to miss most of the Packers game tomorrow because I will be trying to raise funds for our FIRST team at the State Regional First Lego League competitions.

    Stupid robots.

  27. Oh to have a football team to root for.

    I remember the 90s…

  28. Jennifer says:

    Enough about football… let’s talk baseball… and your Ryan Braun. Tsk, tsk.

    Has this blog been tested lately? Your comment tallies seemed to jump overnight! How does one do that without comment-enhancing drugs?? Hmmmm???

  29. This blog is on ALL KINDS of drugs. It’s best that way.

  30. fish says:

    This blog is on ALL KINDS of drugs. It’s best that way.

    I rate for the reader not the blog.

  31. Nice split-level ranch house, there.

  32. Nick says:

    Wow, I got a shout out after all this time. How nice. Seriously, I’m touched. For the record, I think TC was the best acronym, better than BP or ZRM. Though the zombie theme works in a rotting flesh sort of way.

    Not succinct, that’s me. I try to shove too much into each post.

    Was I being conservative to be the family token non-liberal? Maybe, but not really so much. 9/11 made me rethink some stuff and I still basically have a conservative world view in the sense that I don’t think trashing the status quo for the sake of trashing the status quo is necessarily a good thing. Change is necessary, but it should be as measured and thought out as possible. And not involve so much fucking corporate and privileged money and influence.

    I digress. I do that. All the time, I imagine ZRM would say. Note that I did not say I was a Republican. Even back in the early days post-9/11 the Republican party as a whole gave the willies a little. Hold over from a long childhood of living in a pretty far-left family, maybe.

    Now? Yikes. The Republican party has lost their minds, I think almost literally. They seem entirely delusional on… well, nearly everything. Which would be quite amusing if they didn’t have so much power and an almost compulsive need to use it. Abuse it, actually. The parallels between the current Republican party and the Ailes-media cabal are far too close to Orwell’s 1984 double speak mentality and world view for comfort.

    So, long story not really short, but shorter than usual for me, I’m back in the liberal fold. I still disagree with much of what the Democratic party stands for (including our President’s deplorable lack of conviction on standing up for individual and civil rights), but they are the only rational, reality-based party available at the moment.

    The Republicans are so drunk with power they don’t even realize they’ve not only fallen off the barstool but are also railing about how victimized they are to the peanuts on the grimy, vomit-covered floor. I guess it’s really, really hard to be old, white, rich and powerful. If only there weren’t so many young, non-white, poor and powerless people in the world, they could relax.

    At any rate, thanks again for remembering the “good old days” ZRM. Sadly, these days I work in Waukesha County, the very same county in which Turdwaffle filed a lawsuit against his own Government Accountability Board.

    But I digress. Again. Happy Holidays you rotten old, moldering lump of an architect.

  33. […] We had a visit from Nick (not the Saint) wherein he uncorked all the Nickosity from the old days.  I am astonished, frankly, that he found the new joint what with the confusing backtrail of […]

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