Dance on stilts with me

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whoah.  We had a visit from Nick (not the Saint) wherein he uncorked all the Nickosity from the old days.  I am astonished, frankly, that he found the new joint what with the confusing backtrail of abandoned blogs and alienated commenters I have left.  And I am pleased to hear that he is a Recovering Conservative!  At the same time sorry to hear about the Waukesha, dude.

So all of you whiners can stop…ummm,  whining… about the changing URLs and new blogs and different templates and commenting systems. Heck, he didn’t even gripe about the first comment moderation thing!  I am turning on the comments for this post though; I figured there was little point to having comments on my Onslaught of BOC.  what the fuck, it’s the weekend, you know?  nobody ever comments on the weekend anyway; it’s like y’all have lives or something.  I am incomprehensibly jealous.

Of course, I am too preoccupied to grab the Tuber links for these songs, so whoever complained about that last week can just shut it.  If only there was some kind of…engine, I guess you would say….where you could put in a term or name and kind of search the interwebs.  If some of you could invent such a thing, it might be useful.  However, naming it Bing would be just plain stupid.

So here we go, two weeks in a row with the Musical Random Poop Shoot, Insufferable Music Spew.  I am working toward a week when I have seen every one of the bands that comes up on random.  It’s harder than B^4 might think, considering that the HD is currently at 43,928 tracks, 210 giggles, or 118 DAYS of music.  I do fifteen, because ten, or even eleven, is NEVER ENOUGH. Also, it is the fashion around the Empire.

1.  Dust Bowl Dance, Mumford and Sons.  I have really been enjoying this band.  They have a way with a lyric and melody, and the raggedy semi-folk is kind of similar to some Okkervil River or Bright Eyes.  And this is one of the songs that goes into a guitar freakout towards the end, something I always like.

2.  The Busy Girl Buys Beauty, Billy Bragg.  I saw him play Turner Hall recently, and a mark of how old he and we are getting is that the entire floor was covered with tables and chairs, right up to the stage so there wasn’t even a place for the more able-bodied among us to stand.  Hmmph.  Got a signed poster anyway.  The Milkman of Human Kindness.

3.  Life Left Him There, The Minus Five Down With Wilco. Kind of a supergroup, with Pete Buck and Ken Stringfellow from the Posies, plus involvement from some of the Wilco folks.  Verrrrry interesting indeed.

4.  The Dream’s Lost on Me, Blondie.  From the later effort No Exit, which I quite liked.  It had a nice edge that had been missing since Eat To The Beat.  Saw them on the No Exit tour, also.

5. Green, Another Sunny Day.  One of the insufferably twee (in a GOOD way) bands from the Sarah Records releases.  I love this stuff quite a bit, but The Field Mice are still my favorites from Sarah’s roster.  It’s lo-fi and hooky, with strummy guitars.  Twee, like I said.  British.

6.  If Ned Kelly was King, Midnight Oil.  Diesel And Dust was an unlikely hit album in the States, but the band worked its ass off to deserve it.  Being the sort of pre-zombie who hung with punks and musicians, we had the first couple of US releases from Midnight Oil, but the album was still a shock, as well as how huge it got.  I saw them at an unlikely hall, the PAC (which was more suited to Ballet and Orchestra) and Peter Garrett could FILL that place.  In spite of a 2009 show, it seems they are regrettably not working together.

7.  Iris, Goo Goo Dolls.  A mopey big-hit from a motley band.  I loved loved loved SuperstarCarWash, which featured a song co-written with Westerberg.  Having seen them a few times, they are much more alive and vital in the performance setting than this song might indicate.  The bass player is an animal, too; and the amount of ink they display is alarming.

8.  The Happy Club, Bob Geldof.  Sir Bob is a weird guy who’s had a weird life.  An obnoxious punk and press whore, he started his career insulting Bono, the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen, then kicking off the whole rock-star benefit concert racket and being knighted.  Then being in a love triangle with his wife and Michael Hutchence, eventually being the only survivor and taking on the parenting repsonsiblities for all the children involved; his video production work made him millions while his band bottomed out.

I loved his band and his music though.  The Fine Art Of Surfacing is one of my favorite albums ever, and I had no compunction about not only buying it again on CD when it came out, but also getting the re-mastered version with new songs.

9.  South Bound Suarez, Led Zeppelin.  The last LZ album, still one of my favorites.

10. Wayfaring Stranger, Johnny Cash.  Two weeks, two songs from Cash.  who’s complaining?

11.  Take A Look In My Eyes, Mojo Nixon.  OF course I’ve seen him; once with Skid and once with a full band.  He’s fucking GREAT! This song consists of only the title, sung over and over.  Kind of perfunctory, actually.

One of my architect friends’ brother wound up being Skid’s room-mate out west.  Trooth is strange, sometimes.

12.  Foot Of The Mountain, Paul Weller.  even though I digitized the Style Council this week, I prefer Weller’s work with the Jam much more.  Thankfully, his latest work has departed the lounge-stylings for more straightforward mod-rock efforts, and it is a good move.  This is from a live effort, Catch-Flame! which is a good choice also.  This one features some nice guitar work by Mr. Weller I assume.

13. Bad Mistakes, Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers.  Saw these guys while I was wandering aimlessly around Summerfest one afternoon, and for an early time slot, they fucking rocked the fuck out the small crowd.  Awesome couple of albums, too and well worth searching out.  Pity about the stupid name though.  I guess members of the band consulted with Microsoft about naming their search engine.

14.  Peanuts, the Police.  From the live album, so this is from their early tours, when they still valued passionate abandon over virtuoso over-production. Bet you can’t guess which one I prefer, can you? Stewart Copeland is an amazing drummer, and if you can find videos of their backstage fights, it’s fucking hilarious.

15. Red Bank Queen, the Figgs.  Awesome, one of my favorite bands, and I believe BBBB has never seen them live.  Which is a shame, and I am aghast at how long it is taking him to rectify the situation.  tsk tsk tsk.

In particular, I love the vocal tic at the end of one of the refrains, where Mike Gent just drawls ‘Yup” to make the meter work out right.  Too cool, and punk as fuck.

15.5  Dance Lesson, The Figgs.

Cover of "Sucking in Stereo"

Cover of Sucking in Stereo

  iTunes KNOWS me, man, and since Figgs songs are so short and excellent, went ahead and played another because ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH.  This one, although originally on the superb Sucking In Stereo, is actually a live version from Continue To Enjoy The Figgs, recorded in someone’s basement or dining room or some such.  Figgs live is the way to enjoy them, and I have , in fact, seen them play an after-bar in someone’s basement, lit by bare light bulbs and using secondhand equipment.  Yes, Punk as Fuck.


oof.  Time for lunch, and I am hongry.  have to see how many dimes I can find on the floor.

  1. blue girl says:

    I’ve been deleting spam. You see more?

    Also, coinkydinkillly, I read your horrid, awful, insensitive comment in Res’ voice. lol

  2. Another Kiwi says:

    I’m relatively new here but I find it to be the right mix of sarcasm and welcoming. It’s possibly off-putting for others but I grew up in such a family. I’m not saying that this is a family but it is some sort of grouping. Also the avatars here are crap, just saying.

  3. But yours is miserable, AK, it is true.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I’m going through old posts and laughing my head off

    NO SOUND! Where’s the song? 😦

    I like my avatar here… besides, if i wanted to link to one and all, trying to work with a user name for Jennifer (of which there are 8,000,000,000,000… I’d have to be Jennifer8,000,000,000,237

  5. Jennifer says:

    I just checked my latest spam… I had a link for medicine for round worms. Happy Holidays!

  6. well, at least we can stop the undefeated chatter.

    Time to just lock up home field advantage.

  7. Smut Clyde says:

    Also the avatars here are crap, just saying.
    Mine is uncanny in the accuracy of its portrayal.

    I just checked my latest spam… I had a link for medicine for round worms.
    The spambots have clearly mistaken you for Riddled.

  8. laura says:

    You guys crack me up! 😛
    Very true about announcing taking breaks or quitting blogging-all of a sudden, you find inspiration!

    I think that my avatar is THE WORST!


  9. So now Beege has me going through her old posts too…

    “Can’t we just admit that we are all doomed and that we’re all just blogging to keep us busy till said doom obliterates each and every one of us?”

    Oh yeah, we were all having a ton of fun back then.

    But to answer her question, yes.

  10. I’d go through my old archives, but I just started blogging this last summer….

  11. Jennifer says:

    Going through my archives depressing me, no matter how much I like archive spelunking in others…

    In mine, I see more optimism, more comments, more focus… Now, it’s just tawdry 24/7… a poke and a smoke. I think the times I’ve actually tried to put up something that might require thought, or an opinion, it was killed by the 3rd comment. I blame fish.

    BUT! I have plenty of time to be serious, and I welcome the zanies! There are true zanies where I live, but no fun zanies.

  12. Skimmer says the Mayans say the end of the world is in 2 days.

    I bet the Packers wish they had played better, now that will be their final game.

  13. blue girl says:

    The Packers still have time. Cuz that’s actually a year and 3 days. lol

  14. blue girl says:

    I like everyone’s avatars over here. They’re cute and funny. My half face looks too gigantic.

  15. blue girl says:

    Jennifer, the music company took the sound off that video. They even threatened legal action via email!

  16. what YEAR is THIS, Beege?!?!?!?!?

    LOL. I guess with all the primary circus-freak shenanigans, and reading your archives from the last election….. it certainly FEELS like I am another year older….

  17. Jennifer says:

    Ahhhh, yes! Now I feel better.

    Can’t fight the powah!

  18. I also saw one of the first times the Rotten persona showed up. Not full on ZRM, not yet.

    It really does seem like I’ve been rotten for more than four years. And in other ways, it seems like hardly any time at all.

  19. Whale Chowder says:

    You’ve been rotten for-EVAH.

    But enough of your maudlin reminiscences. I just re-connected with a CD (yes, the actual physical object) that y’all might be interested in if you aren’t already aware of.

    That’s Francis Dunnery’s CD Tall Blonde Helicopter. This tune got some airplay at the time, you might recognize it. Love his lyrics, love his melodies. Good stuff. I need to see what he’s been up to lately.

  20. fish says:

    My avatar is horrible. Oh wait.

  21. fish says:

    I think Jennifer has a filthbot backup just ITCHIN’ to burst!

    Department of redundancies department.

  22. Von says:

    I saw over 100 comments over here and got all amped up for a zardoz, but I dunno that’s what’s really goin on here and why do i never get invited to anything important like a zardoz i am a contributing member of this community
    you make me type run on sentences when I get upset.


    Jennifer and Beege just had too much to drink.

    …however, nobody ever answered Laura’s question.

  24. i am a contributing member of this community

    …a contributing member of the community that has a non-blogging life on weekends. we are all incomprehensibly jealous, and compensate by hassling zombies.


  25. Jennifer says:

    Laura had a question?

    And who’s Laura??

  26. Jennifer’s looking to start trouble….

  27. Kathleen says:

    111!!!!!!! some one catch me up

  28. Jennifer says:

    Jennifer’s looking to start trouble….

    To start???


  29. blue girl says:

    Von! Didn’t you click my one link? You were all: BG thinks I’m a dude!! Points off!!!!

    You also had a thrown/throne comment.

  30. Stewart Copeland is an amazing drummer, and if you can find videos of their backstage fights, it’s fucking hilarious.

    Hmm, this is kind of obnoxious…

  31. I confess I would be kind of tempted to shout obscenities at Sting also….

  32. Ha ha ha. I read an interview in which he confessed to writing to music magazines under an assumed name saying how great the drummer for Curved Air was.

    Reminds me of this for jerkoff drumming.

  33. O.K. I got to get in the car and drive.

  34. Smut Clyde says:

    I liked Churved Air. Sonja Kristina has sporadic concerts in London.

  35. O.K. I got to get in the car and drive. Thunder, is that some kind of treat m’dear?

  36. Your newest post has two problems..first you can’t watch the video here it says embedding disabled. Second you don’t allow comments on the post…. wtf on both accounts dude?

  37. Oh, any typical post around here has WAYYYYY more problems than that, dusty….

  38. Nick says:

    My goodness, you people do ramble on. Especially about music. What up with the music? I mean, ZRM’s brains are rotten, so I get his ADHD approach to artists and songs, but the rest of you? Okay, if you want to try new music without buying it, go to and try it for a while. You can “create” your own stations. So, ZRM could do a Mekons station, and pandora would play Mekons songs plus songs by artists that are in the same “grouping”. If you love a song, thumbs up will get it played more often. If you hate a song, thumbs down will ensure it d/n get played again. You can do multiple stations, so if ZRM is in a Rush mood, tune into the Rush station, etc.

    Just be aware, The Beatles are apparently okay to play on ANY station.

    BG– Hey!

    Laura’s question: ZRM is an architect. And a zombie. ‘Nuff said.

    So, you all got really depressed in 2008 when a sane, responsible individual was elected president? It’s all about perspective, folks.

  39. Nick we are all aware of Pandora, so that renders the rest of your comment useless I believe. So thanks for nothing and have a good weekend!

  40. So, ZRM could do a Mekons station, and pandora would play Mekons songs plus songs by artists that are in the same “grouping”. If you love a song, thumbs up will get it played more often. If you hate a song, thumbs down will ensure it d/n get played again. You can do multiple stations, so if ZRM is in a Rush mood, tune into the Rush station, etc.

    Both Done, for some time….

    Word of warning; DO NOT search for 3Bulls Radio on Pandora. IT IS EVIL.

  41. Nick’s got some catching up to do, Dusty; and he lives in Waukesha, so be nice to him his life is hell already….

  42. Waukesha? Well, that explains it.

  43. Nick’s an alright sort, Dusty. He kind of buys into the whole demonization of the word ‘liberal’, although nowadays he mostly agrees with us.

    And he is kind of verbose.

    I imagine, if he comes around regularly, you and he will get into some HILARIOUS knock-down-drag-outs, because you have nearly antithetical arguing styles. I’ll turn this car around if I have to, though, you know I will! I’ve done it before!

    Happy HOLIDAYS, Nick!

  44. Wait a min…turning the car around is the last resort are supposed to threaten to pull over and smack us all first.

  45. blue girl says:

    Let me admit another embarrassing fact here: I’m not all that familiar with Pandora.

  46. I think I have a larger library than Pandora. ADHD musico, you know.

  47. So, you all got really depressed in 2008 when a sane, responsible individual was elected president? It’s all about perspective, folks.

    Naw, Nick, we got mad when he repeatedly insisted on pre-conceding his battles with rabid ideologues who have no interest in compromise, or indeed even governing. And he did it time after time, to the point that many of us are vocally opposing the strategy, and making some attempt to push him off his center-right fake reasonableness.

    The pundits insist that Americans want our legislators to get along, when that is far, far down the list; what most people want is to see some evidence that there is SOMEONE in our government fighting for us, rather than more tax breaks for rich assholes.

    And it sure does seem that Obama is on the tax breaks for rich assholes side of the fence. Not depressed about that; angry.

    A sane, responsible president that sells us out to the same forces that the crazy stupid president did, is not an advance that we are all that thrilled about. Yes,he’s better than McCain would have been; better than Bush. This shit sandwich has a couple of extra slices of bread, so the proportion of shit is lower, but it’s still shit.

  48. The Nickster says:

    Snarky bunch you got here, ZRM. ‘S ok, I have a higher snark tolerance than I used to– though I do still consider it taking the easy way out, and not especially persuasive. Snide one-liners are easy. Long, verbose, over the top imagery takes creativity and insight… or at least time and the ability to type well.

    So, urm… Dusty: Bite me. And your pseudonym is missing an apostrophe. Hah! Deal with that smack down!! Cha-ching! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

    ZRM, I get what you’re saying about Obama, but he did campaign on bi-partisanship, so he had to at least try to engage the Republicans. Honestly, while it might gall in the short run, I think his reasonableness, his unwillingness to play the role of the token black dude in the Secular Socialist, Liberal Left’s GRAND DESIGN FOR DESTROYING AMERICA, is part of what’s drive the right totally and truly apeshit crazy. Which will destroy them, in their current deranged incarnation, in the end.

    Which is a good thing. Two sane, though opposing, political parties is a good thing. One sane and one rabid, intolerant, absolutist party is not a good thing. Before you shoot the rabid dog, you have to be certain it is rabid. Or something like that.

    And remember, for all his “pre-conceding” he managed to get health care reform passed (albeit in a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster fashion), something that none of the previous Democratic presidents could do. Oh, and he got Bin Laden, which the cowboy in office before him failed at. And helped plant the seed for the Arab spring. And kept the country, and the world, from spiraling into a massive depression.

    On civil and human rights, I will admit great disappointment in Obama. Cheney is a war criminal and should be prosecuted as such. Torture should be anathema to everyone with an ounce of morality, and Obama failed pretty badly at cleaning up Bush’s mess on this front, which has greatly diminished our country. And executive power has not diminished under Obama. Indeed it has gotten stronger. Not a good thing.

    But overall, under the horrendous conditions he inherited, I think he’s done a pretty good job.

    The Nickosity is back, bay-bee!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  49. OK, Nick, I approved your comments, but after teh Holiday, because don’t we all get enough of Mommy and Daddy fighting during the Christmas visit?

    But seriously, I know exactly where Dusty (and a couple of other regulars, for that matter) are going to take exception to your long comment. Go at it, kidds; I just ask, nay, demand, that you avoid the ad hominem and off-topic attacks. Fight NICE, you assholes. 🙂

    And if you are going to snark, make sure you use the smileys so people don’t get too pissed.

    I mean the fact that Nick thought he was enlightening us on the Pandora may be kind of sad, but I saw it as humorous. Heck, he probably doesn’t even have a Spotify account, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. Necessarily. 🙂 [<—- notice the smiley there.]

  50. Winner winner, chicken dinner. My gawd, the idiot thinks like Charlie Sheen. How even more pathetic is that?

    Not worth the time Zombilicous..not worth the time. 😉

  51. Oh and for once Rogers sealed a victory for me! Take that all you testosterone-laden, fantasy-lovin nitwits, victory is mine! 😉

  52. Jeez, Dusty, are you TRYING to start another pissing match?

    Like I said, Nick’s a decent sort. He doesn’t like foul-mouthed liberals though and will give as good as he gets. He also never admits when he’s wrong, just like EVERYBODY ELSE AROUND HERE.

    And then he goes away for like three years.

    So argue if you guys want, but like I said, keep the Ad Hominem to yourself.

    • Ah but it’s ok for him to say Dusty: Bite me and to make fun of the lack of a friggin comma in my name..which btw is petty and if that’s all he has..its sad on it’s face.

      But..I do love the double standard ZRM! Now, back to the game..have a good evening dear man.

  53. Oh and for once Rogers sealed a victory for me!

    5 touchdown passes will do that.

  54. No, Dusty, it’s not OK, and I thought I said that too. If I was unclear (an accusation I have heard before): NICK, NOT COOL. Try it with a smiley next time.

    Not trying to have a double standard here.

    Now go put an apostrophe in your damn name.

    Ah, hell, I can still ban everybody and just go back to muttering to myself under an overpass.

  55. Now go put an apostrophe in your damn name. Um, no. 😉

    I have three Saints guys going tonight in two championship games. Brees, Sproles and Colston. One game is the outright championship, the other is the semi final round. Rogers is on the team in the semi-final round along with Colston and Sproles. I knew San Diego would rue the day they let Sproles leave..those assholes deserve everything they got this season.

  56. Nick says:

    No, I wasn’t trying to start any sort of pissing match on Christmas Eve. I was trying to be drily, perhaps even wryly humorous. Guess that didn’t go so well.

    Smiley’s eh? Okay, fine. I guess I figured the overall tone would indicate that I was being facetious. I have never SERIOUSLY said “Winner winner, chicken dinner.” And how is it connected to Charlie Sheen? That is not where I drew it from.

    As to “Bite Me,” well… again, that really isn’t my style and I figured the “So, urm…” would kind of illustrate that. But I suppose not so many people here know my style, so the ironic part of the “put down” probably failed miserably and I should have added smileys. It certainly wasn’t meant seriously, my bad if it was taken that way.

    As to the APOSTROPHE. It belongs in hells, because it is possessive. Dusty is Hell’s most vocal bitch. So it needs an apostrophe. Technically, hell’s should also be capitalized, but I’m willing to let that slide as a nod to creative license. 🙂 The comma is entirely appropriate and, indeed, quite lovely. =) 🙂 =P :->

    Is that enough smileys?

    I never admit I’m wrong? So untrue. I have done so on at least three occasions in my life. Wait, no four. Urmm… does that count? Yes? Then five. Unless I’m mistaken.

    I hope everyone had a good Festivus.

    Will this thread ever end?

  57. O, it most certainly will, Nick. i have the blog set to close comments after some set period of time, forget what it’s currently set at.

    Nicely said, however, and swell use of smileys. “Overall tone” is hard to discern over the intertubas, let me tell you that.

    Welcome to teh New Empire. Yeah, Everybody hates each other here.

    Smiley’s eh?

    And YOU’RE getting crotchety over apostrophes? Or is that the one that should be in Dusty’s name?

  58. Hey, Nick, btw, how’d you find the new joint?

  59. Nickarino says:

    Urk. I hate it when I’m being pedantic about grammar or punctuation and fuck up my own grammar or punctuation. Perchance the eh belongs to Smiley? No? Sigh.

    I do have a Spotify account Mr. Condescension. I’m just not that fond of it. Partially because it is tied to Facebook, which I’m not that fond of, and partially just because it seems like a lot of work. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

    How did I find the new joint… well, it was an arduous and mind-bending quest. Slogging through marshes and over troll-infested mountains. Payoffs were made, women were seduced. A few unfortunates had to die. Such things happen when one is pursuing the elusive Empire of the Senseless. Sacrifices have to be made. Preferably by others.

    It wasn’t that hard to find, honestly. I plugged “Empire of the Senseless” into Teh Google machine and it was the 4th or 5th entry. After a few listings for some album or other. Did you know some band stole your blog name for an album, ZRM?

  60. Jesus FUCK, Nick, pick a nym and stick with it! WordPress is set to moderate the first comment from someone, so Every time you change, I have to moderate your comment again.

    I do have a Spotify account Mr. Condescension.

    heh. That’s how you sounded on Pandora. But sir, around here I am the Undersecretary for Rays of Motherfucking Sunshine, if you please.

    I agree about Spotify. I have used it to listen to a couple of new albums, prior to deciding about buying, but the playlist, the artist mix and the clumsy integration into iTunes are all so poorly done. And now it seems the record labels are pulling back, and Spotify is having a bit of Napster-style trouble. I don’t think you’re doing it wrong, I think it just kind of blows. I will stick with my personal library of 44,341 tracks (and counting! Digitizing all my old vinyl!).

    Did you know some band stole your blog name for an album, ZRM?

    Hmpf. I stole it from the Mekons first. At least Kathy Acker collaborated with the Mekons, so the title for the book that comes up on Amazon makes some sense.

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