This Ain’t No Outer Space Ship…

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
Title Lonk.

(this post is shamelessly stoleded from Mock Paper Scissors; they posted the video, and I rambled on in a comment.  Put ’em both together, and I have an impromptu Fuck You Friday!   It’s not cross-posting, but more like a TRIBUTE.  Yeah, that’s it.  Thanks, Tengrain!)

No, I didn’t really intend to do a Special Christmas Episode of Fuck You Friday, but JESUS CHRIST FUCKING FSM, are the Kochsuckers flooding the market with this annoying commercial, trying to save the bacon of their wall-eyed poster boy.

(currently the video is running nearly 5 to 1, dislikes to likes).

I am especially aggravated by his wife doing all the speaking for him…understandable, considering how loathed he and his voice is, but then she starts blathering on about “the job we were elected to do”.

Listen, lady, I don’t want to criticize your choice of a spouse, but “you” were not elected for anything. Your husband was, and he immediately set about on an agenda that had nothing at all to do with what he said was his platform, and everything to do with the overprivileged assholes who have purchased him and use him. Yes, lady, you have married a whore; less than a whore, a political waldo, being operated by choads who barely deign to talk to you and consider the rest of us to be fodder for their factories and unwilling customers to be squeezed dry and discarded.

Oh, you folks don’t know how annoying this “can’t we all just get along” commercial is, and HOW MANY TIMES the filthy Koch money is getting this crap played on the Wisconsin TV. I think they see some very dire warnings; I hope so.

Listen, Mrs. Walker, I hope you like California, or wherever the hell those Kochsuckers live; Kansas; when your husband is tossed out, he will undoubtedly be issued a sinecure position in some Kochsucking industry; he served them well and even if tossed out, the damage has been done and repairing it, like repairing Bush’s damage, will be long and hard.

Oh, and the other commercial he’s running, with the guy talking about being a small businessman and the low taxes and destruction of unions helps him manage to stay afloat in these tough times? That guy is a billionaire outsourcer.

[EDIT] Added, primarily intended to amuse Laura, the hypnotic image I yoinked from Substance McGravitas some time ago (to be clear, the message of the image is pointed at Turdwaffle and his Owners, not at Laura):
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

OK, look, I did my Christmas Warmth and Schmoopy post a couple back.

[Also, WordPress tells me this is my 100th post; even if WordPress is ignant of all those old Blooger posts, Go me!]

  1. Tengrain says:

    Do you live there? Sweet Jeebus, I’m so sorry you have to put up with this under-performing asset of Koch Industries, and his wife (Tonette? Really? Will she become a Tone when she grows up?) dissembling as fast as they can.



  2. Thanks, TG, yeh, Wisconsin born and bred and living in Milwaukee, so we’ve lived through his malfeasance and misadministration while he was County Executive and drove the county broke before moving on to try and destroy the State.

    We TRIED to warn everybody, but the money drowned out our voices. Now I know what Molly Ivins felt like after GWB was elected.

  3. Ah, TG beat me to the first comment, damn that man!

    Perry’s Brokeback commercial had way more dislikes than likes as well..says to me that people are either getting smarter or figuring shit out finally.

  4. Now I know what Molly Ivins felt like after GWB was elected. Perfect analogy Zombilicious.

  5. Just mad because I am yoinking posts from his joint now…

  6. Laura says:

    My favourite part (no I didn’t spell favourite wrong spell check, it’s the “Canadian way” dammit!)… are the two miserable teenagers in the background. Obviously, they want to be ANYWHERE else but there-and indeed are probably just waiting for the whole thing to wrap up so that they can go out to some bush party and get fucked up with their buds.


  7. Brando says:

    It is bad when the Illinois governorship looks attractive by comparison.

  8. Here’s an article About the whole run of ads, it seems he’s spent 2 million already on fluffer ads.

  9. “bush party”, Laura?

    Not familiar with the term, but upon reflection I figure that no matter what the interpretation, I approve.

  10. Laura says:

    Yes, I suppose “bush party” could be taken a couple of ways.
    Just pick your favourite… 😛

  11. Oh, and Laura, I often forget that you might have not been around back when, on one of my abandoned blogs, I started teh Empire Tradition of Fuck You Friday. Foul mouthed vituperation aimed at whatever is sticking uppermost in my craw. Heavy on the cussing; the word cloud up there is from the first one. Oregon Beer Snob once said they were “delightfully uncivil”. I think there are one or two on this bloggo, if you look through the older stuff.

    Hmm. Maybe I am getting enough posts that I should be using tags. Nah, reeks of effort.

  12. Laura says:

    I do believe one of my first visits to this blog was on a F U Friday.
    Something about not giving a fuck. You gaveth not a fucketh or .. something along those lines. 😛


  13. Hee! I remember that. Good times, good times.

    Wasn’t a FYF, though; FYFs tend to arise from an excess of giving a fuck.

  14. Laura says:

    I guess you just care, way too much. 🙂
    So much so that, you really *don’t* care.

    Damn. That makes total sense to me.

  15. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I can’t believe that Walker and his corporate owners allow comments on their Youtube videos. I mean, he’s the most hated man in America, how dumb could he possibly be?

  16. well, he fell for that phone prank from teh Daily Beast guy, so….pretty damn dumb.

  17. I guess you just care, way too much. 🙂
    So much so that, you really *don’t* care.

    Sounds like a Rush lyric.

  18. Laura says:

    Sounds like a Rush lyric.

    I know. Totally poetic~eh? 🙂

  19. Rushamoraroma fills the woods…

  20. Smut Clyde says:

    Oregon Beer Snob once said they were “delightfully uncivil”

    Delightfully unpleasant, with your foxy adolescent sneers.

  21. Thought you did not rate for Midge Ure, Smut?

  22. Smut Clyde says:

    HA HA, I believe that ZRM will find that Ure did not join the band until two years after “Wide Boys” was released.

  23. M. Bouffant says:

    That’s NOT his mother?

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