The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
Title Lonk.

And more zombie content, drive-by posting stylee.

  1. I’m sure ZRM has that in his musical stash!

    coming up on 45,000 tracks. i might. Who knows anymore?

  2. but listen to this and tell me it is “thighed.”

    yeah, because audio quality on Youtuber is so clean

  3. fish says:

    Tough to confuse a k sound and a gh sound, even on the tube.

  4. Jennifer says:

    OK, after listening it sounded like flack or blash or blah… It also sounds like he said, “tookey” instead of ticket…

    So if Santorum had claimed to say “thigh people” you would have bought it?

    Thighs, as we all know, are known for being dark meat. I’ll say no more.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Rick Santorum does it.


  6. Nick says:

    Personally, when I see BLAH, BLAH in print, I think a bad Bella Legosi vampire. “I’ve come to suck your blood! Blah! Blah!” And actually, Santorum looks a bit vampiric, dontcha think? It would explain a lot.

    And a bad translyvvvvanian accent provvvvides lots of opportunities for more vvvvs as vell.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s “vlack”. fish is still wrong. 🙂

  8. Jennifer says:

    I think a bad Bella Legosi vampire

    Well. that solves it! “…this mellow vlad chick just put my spine out of place”!

  9. Nicely played, Jennifer.

    And Santorum was referring to Vampire-Americans! “Vlad people!”

  10. fish says:

    So if Santorum had claimed to say “thigh people” you would have bought it?

    Thigh as he might, no.

  11. ten more comments, Jennifer. Call Von.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I threw up the Vlad signal.

  13. Great Title Lonk! The Dinosaur BBQ is a great place and a Syracuse treasure

  14. Good time to shut down comments.


  15. Von says:

    what’s going on over here?

  16. Von says:

    I think I have a few more things to say.

  17. Von says:

    Z is for Zardoz

  18. Von says:

    Hello? Beeg? Z? Jennifer?

  19. Von says:


  20. Von says:

    Happy Dance.
    Happy Dance.
    Happy Dance.

  21. I was over at fish’s, talking demolition.

    Talking fish demolition blues. That’s the next song.

  22. Jennifer says:

    fish demolition? Is that better than a freezer?

  23. I doubt that they will change their name.

    Although they might do the song occasionally as “40 Shades of Blah”

  24. Jennifer says:

    Duh, I forgot that the lyrics I typed above for Friday were by Rebecca Blah!

  25. Jennifer says:

    Blah Velvet… corduroy is more exciting!

  26. Considering who and what started this all off, this is hilariously appropriate:

    Fear Of A Blah Planet

  27. Jennifer says:

    Michael Blahson, Jennifer?


    Now see, this is where FB has value… we could be having this conversation, with all of its tangents in one spot instead of all over the freaking place! Oh wait, thunder and fish don’t have FB. Fine.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I must now mop my kitchen floor. The back yard is muddy due to this freakish weather, and the poochies have tracked blah stuff all over it.

  29. And then FaceHell would remove all the posts, because it is insufficiently deferential to our Lords and Masters.

  30. Von says:

    Blah hole sun?

  31. Nick says:

    Paint it Blah

  32. Nick says:

    Blah Eyed Peas

  33. Kathleen says:


  34. Another Kiwi says:

    ZAR-doooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oats and littlelambseativyeee

  35. Von says:

    The Nuance Hammer?
    WTF is a Nuance Hammer?

  36. Happended at saying Yes, Von.

    You are now Von, the Nuance Hammer.

    It’s non-negotiable, I am afraid.

  37. fish says:

    mmmm, fish flakes

  38. mmmm, fish flakes

    According to the package I have here, a significant part of Fish Flakes are made from….fish.


  39. Von says:


  40. Jennifer says:

    mmmm, fish flakes

    According to the package I have here, a significant part of Fish Flakes are made from….fish.

    This sounds related to AK’s misshapen fish pieces…

    Yeah, like we want to hear about fish’s misshapen pieces…

  41. I’m sure fish can find you a link, Jennifer.

  42. Jennifer says:

    Heh. Fish links just makes me think of smokey links… which makes me think of what my brothers called them… smokey dinks. 🙂

    No… no need for fish links.

  43. Kathleen says:

    mmmmm smokey links

  44. Von says:

    Mmmm meat stick with cheese in the middle…..Snag? You around?

  45. Snag doesn’t come here anymore. I scared him away.

    Among others.

  46. One more drink, I think, and then off to bed; tomorrow is the FIRST Kickoff, and then things get nutty.

  47. *rattles pots and pans, slams door, yells at dog*

  48. Been up for two and a half hours, thdnr. Waiting for the FIRST kickoff simulcast to start. ROBOT HOLOCAUST.

  49. Kathleen says:

    I’m Blah and I’m Proud is hilarious

  50. fish says:

    mmmmm smokey links

    I rate for Ben’s half-smokes, with chili.

  51. Mandos says:

    Why does Andy Warhol remind me of Khan from The Wrath of same.

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