Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
Title Lonk

Ned, we got 6 inches of snow or so tonight, and it is getting cold…and the snow keeps falling.  I have shoveled, a bit, but by morning it will be deeper and the shoveled portions drifted in and the sidewalk packed down by the college students and the driveway plowed in…and the snow keeps falling.

It is your kind of weather.  I will just keep a shovel ready for you, shall I Ned?  I imagine you will want to be here as soon as you can, to enjoy the cold and the snow.

On the other paw, Wisconsinites deal with the snow and the cold by drinking heavily.  i am having a Cuba Zombre right now, as a matter of fact, and if the snow keeps up, I am likely to stay home and drink all day tomorrow.  And you know what they say about that; you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

But I ain’t here to whine about the fucking snow.  Well, I am, whining about the fucking snow I mean, but primarily I am here to do a drive-by post with just a video to annoy the fucking HELL out of the Nuance Hammer.

Look at this:

Usually mashups don’t do much for me, but this one fucking rocks.  I think Phil would have approved; who’s with me on that?  It’s on SoundCloud if you want the audio, and I certainly did.

One final item.  I finally managed to find a workaround for ripping an audiocassette; although it is from a crappy boombox, and I will keep looking for a higher quality solution.  BUT; what I wanted was this:

I recorded the audio on a VHS, then transferred it to the highest quality cassette I could lay my hands on, and the performance was really really good.  They were really at their best at the time, and I had forgotten that Peter Holsapple had played with them on this. (Famously, Mr. Holsapple once stopped by my crappy old blog to correct my error in attribution on one of the db’s songs).

Anyway, 20 years is not well served on magnetic media, although it still sounds pretty good.  No bleed throughs, at least.

SOME PEOPLE will certainly give me shit for that music, but fuck if I feel guilty.  Saw them at this joint  with Camper Van Beethoven opening up; in fact, the second picture is fucking close to where we were sitting for the show.

hey lookit, this.  I found the date and setlist.  The internozzles can be kind of fucking awesome.

support: Camper Van Beethoven
set: These Days / Sitting Still / Driver 8 / Hyena / Cuyahoga / The One I Love / Shaking Through / Feeling Gravitys Pull / Rotary Ten / The Flowers Of Guatemala / I Believe / Superman / Cushy Tush / Can’t Get There From Here / Seven Chinese Brothers / Pretty Persuasion / Improv (My Plane Won’t Start) – Auctioneer (Another Engine) / Little America
encore 1: Fall On Me / We Walk / Toys In The Attic
encore 2: Oddfellows Local 151 / Strange / I Can Only Give You Everything
encore 3: King Of Birds (1 verse) / Sloop John B / Begin The Begin / Just A Touch / After Hours


[UPDATE EDIT, related to Ned’s comment below and my response, and Ned, around here we refer to him as “Turdwaffle”]

Check this out:


nice job, Turdwaffle. Well done. You're fired.

That’s in front of a shuttered GM plant in Janesville.  Janesville is pretty red (Paul Ryan’s ground), but considering how blue-collar it is, I suspect he is losing ground there.  Should be, with nice little rub-their-noses-in-it moves like this one.


  1. I’d be there in a flash but I don’t (1) eat yellow snow or (2) frolic in snow polluted with govwalkers.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am happy to finally have some snow!! I, too, like the different seasons, Snow doesn’t make me turn to drinking until late February or March… but that’s only because I’m used to being frozen for MONTHS by then. Finally getting 6+ inches after a tally of only 1.9 (per O’Hare), I’ll take it!!! AND FROLIC!!!

  3. We got tons of rain, some sleet, and wished into the cornfield.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Locusts should arrive any minute now, thundra…

  5. Laura says:

    Those songs *are* good. 🙂

    I’m SO over the snow too. For me, it can come for Christmas and stay into the new year. I’m ready for it to go NOW though. We’ve been lucky and not had too much. Unfortunately, a lot is expected over this weekend.
    I’m right there with ya bub-shovelling. 2012 is the year I learn how to use the snowblower-I swear!


  6. Ned-

    1) It’s not ALL yellow.
    2) Fair cop. BUT; next week the petitions go in. 540,000 sigs are required to initiate the recall; most election people suggested that the bare number be exceeded by about 30% to survive the inevitable challenges; rumor on the street (and in the snow) is that 1.5 MILLION will be submitted. We Democrats, liberals, and all around nice people who LIKE unions and teachers and firefighters have declared the Gov Mansion a Superfund site, and cleanup is commencing….

    But in any case, I was going to give you credit for running a snowblower over the long sidewalk on the side of our house, but I guess that was one of our neighbors. Now I don’t feel guilty for drinking the extra Pintglass Rum and Coke I made for you (just in case) last night.

    It seems Jennifer Snowbilly will be coming up to help me shovel anyway.

  7. Snow doesn’t make me turn to drinking until late February or March…

    I like to get an early start.

  8. Laura, did you also click the Title Lonk linky? I made it all icy-blue so it’s kind of hard to see.

    But Nick Cave is sublimely creepy, in looks, voice, and songwriting; Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow is just as upbeat and happy-time as anything off his Murder Ballads CD…

  9. Pinko Punko says:

    How was Sloop John B?

  10. laura says:

    Laura, did you also click the Title Lonk linky? I made it all icy-blue so it’s kind of hard to see.

    No, I didn’t see it! I’ve watched it now though. 🙂
    LOVE the song and he’s creepy in a really good way. 😛 And I love the dancing too-my kinda song.


  11. Pinko, it was quite a while ago, but I remember it as gloriously shambolic. Toys in the Attic was a huge surprise to hear, too; but I remember “Superman” as a high point.

    Interestingly I see that they also did three encores when I saw them at Alpine Valley on the Green tour; most other shows they did two. They are Zombie-Friendly!

  12. Thanks for making me throw up a little in my mouth.
    I am not, however, on my way to see you with my Uzi because you know I have strong warm feelings for REM.
    SO you are saved. THis time.

  13. What, NH, you didn’t like the Pixies/Thin Lizzy mashup?

  14. Nooo I don’t like it.
    Are we still frienz?

  15. M. Bouffant says:

    One final item. I finally managed to find a workaround for ripping an audiocassette; although it is from a crappy boombox, and I will keep looking for a higher quality solution.

    I purchased a dual-well (Like I need to dub from one cassette to another!) SONY cassette deck that probably retailed for $150.00 new for $20.00 at the St. Vincent de Paul store. The Good Will or Salvation Army are good sources too.

    Creates digital files just fine w/ Audacity, except my lap top only has a mono input, so I really have to get a new hard drive in my desktop, which I think has stereo inputs, or buy a USB/RCA cable.

    Is your work-around any better?

    Also, I got a DVD-recorder, & could dub the REM thing to a CD or DVD, saving an analog generation.

  16. poor Von, which end do you not like, the Thin Lizzy or the Pixies?

    MB, my Sony dual deck went wonky; one deck eats the tape, and the other just plain won’t play at all. There is a Goodwill a couple of blocks away, I could probably see what they have.

    I have Audacity, and something called EZ Record or something like that, plus a nice audio-to-USB dongle (Griffin iMIc) that has several inputs; but I haven’t fucked around with Audacity enough to figure out the right settings, and I linked a boombox through my USB turntable to get the rip. It functioned. I figure I can process the files a bit with Audacity to make them sound better.

  17. thunder, did you see my update? I beat the Wonkette post up. They have more content, admittedly, but then I don’t get paid for this crap.

  18. I don’t think they get paid much, either.

    Sad story for sad times, he typed. Sadly.

  19. Brando says:

    Also wik fur zombie*

    *Not that I want to promote this sort of rampant theft, but it is out-of-print.

  20. Actually, Brando, I don’t think that was ever IN print. AFAIK, it was never commercially released. Hence my issues.

    Thanks for the lonky, though. All the torrents I could find were broken. I mean, if I were the sort of person that would go looking for torrents. Which I am not.

  21. Sad story for sad times, he typed. Sadly.

    Janesville is particularly sad, it was really powered by the GM plants there. Not as bad as Flint, but still pretty bleak.

  22. That is an excellent Janesville photo.

  23. BDR says:

    Well, since no one else will do it:

  24. BDR, I used a “Title Lonk” up at the top of the post. But I put it in icy blue, so nobody can see it. I am annoying that way.

    But thanks, now everybody can watch, and should.

  25. BDR says:

    As someone who hides shit all the time at my place, let me say: Doh!

    Grinderman’s broke up and new Bad Seeds halfway in can, expected Fall 2012, so good news

  26. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    So far, we had all our snow the day before Halloween. It’s cold out now- wind chills in the teens, but no precipitation whatsoever.

    I like R.E.M., I’ll always think of them as the ultimate example of a “college” band. Heh, I remember when the alternative charts were the college charts.

  27. Pinko Punko says:

    Toys in the Attic is great, and since they actually recorded that as a B-side, I presume they killed it.

  28. Whale Chowder says:

    We are currently experiencing SNOWPOCALYPSE here in the PNW. I have nearly an inch here at my house and can only hope we have laid in enough stocks to endure. Fortunately the visitors to my jam last night brought beer so I’m OK there.

  29. fish says:

    You need to have a talk with your boys. -10 is NOT okay…

  30. I told them that I don’t want to alienate Friend Fish by pasting the Patriots in the Super Bowl, so we all agreed that taking a fall in this game was the best…

  31. fish says:

    Dammit, they just pulled helmet catch voodoo on you. DO SOMTHING!!!

  32. M. Bouffant says:

    but I haven’t fucked around with Audacity enough to figure out the right settings

    I hate fucking around (My brain tells me all activity is a horrible imposition.) but I had Audacity going pretty quick.

  33. fish says:

    That totally sucks friend zombie.

  34. That game was so miserable, I am actually considering watching an Adam Sandler movie as a more pleasant entertainment choice.

  35. There is no joy in Cheeseville, the mighty Packers have struck out.

    (Or else, there was too much butter on their popcorn.)

  36. fish says:

    As much as I hate/fear the Giants, I did not see that coming in Lambeau. Even with 2007 history. The juju is more than I can take.

  37. Rachel says:

    Regarding your mash-up, it starts out great but never makes it to the G.D. bridge – there oughta be a law!

    I really like the photo with that guy on the billboard – political content aside!

  38. Rachel, living in Wisconsin with that guy on the billboard as our Gov (as a newcomer here, be aware that I usually refer to him as Turdwaffle) I can’t help but go political on it. He’s done so much damage; prior to being installed as Governor, he was Milwaukee County Executive and worked to destroy that in a conservative test-run, also.

  39. Tuesday today:
    Rain – freezing rain – snow = Von likely to fall on her ass.

  40. Sorry Von; No Time for Blogging, Dr. Jones!

    Everybody get all random and violent in this one.

  41. Kathleen says:

    I am currently live tweeting Cowboys and Aliens on twitter.

  42. Rachel says:

    Ace song (Crunge) !! What is that, 13 beats to the bar? I can’t count it now but did many years ago.

    I’m a lefty, just don’t follow American politics too closely, but am learning more from y’all!

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