Make your money with exploitation, Make it holy illumination

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Fuck You Friday

So. Looks like Fuck You Friday comes on a Sunday this week.

While I am busily working on buildings, robots, and a nervous breakdown, Catholic Whiny-ass Clergy and all-around fuckwads are setting themselves up as moral arbiters for the Dirty Sluts having the Sex.

And all the while, in the sleepy little cowtown, 8000 instances of abuse have gone unreported.


Over 60 years.  Over 100 offenders.

What egregiously repugnant asswipes.

Obviously, I am not quite speechless.  But I am sickened at the hypocrisy and the naked power-hungry greed that enables the Catholic power structure to attempt to control the private lives of non-believers while covering up for monsters who have damaged and destroyed children.

The Roman Catholic Church:  A criminal enterprise that puts La Cosa Nostra to shame.  In fact, the Mob has a more developed ethical grounding; thugs who have broken the kneecaps of gambling addicts are put off by this.

Seriously, even NAMBLA is saying “What the fuck, guys?”

You know, if they want to shove their arrogant, egotistical, warped and sex-obsessed stupid ugly hats into every political discussion in this country, and try to disrupt the political process to benefit their conservative friends, then they can pay taxes.  Local taxes in their communities too. ESPECIALLY in local communities; to help to rebuild the lives they have destroyed BY FUCKING CHILDREN.

Bankruptcy is too fucking good for them.  No tax exemption for child rapists and their enablers.

My wife was raised in the Catholic Church, and we were married there for familial obligations; basically it meant a great deal to her mother, and meant very little to my family.  And while we did that, these heinous criminals were busy diddling children down in Milwaukee.  If my wife hadn’t developed strong feelings against the Church in her youth (“Why should I give a fuck for an organization that considers me a second class person?”) I would be pushing her quite strenuously to leave the festering, corrupt Rapists’ Club.   I feel a strong urge to have our marriage nullified, so we can re-do it non-religiously.

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Fuck off and die, you overdressed moralist scolds who view your own parishioners as marks to be fleeced and victims to be abused. Fuck you, you bureaucratic monsters hiding behind a shield of piety. The fact that you all don’t die in horrible racking pain of a disease that makes your genitals rot and your brain leak out of your eyes is a strong argument against the existence of a merciful God. Chthulhu gags at your awful inhumanity.  If there is an afterlife, Justice and Amusing Irony will sentence you all to the Torquemada Ring of Hell.
  1. mikey says:

    Y’know, Z, I wish you’d just stake out a position and clearly state what you’re for and what you’re against. Just make it clear what you think, dammit…

  2. laura says:

    Seb and I are Catholic. Believe it or not, we didn’t get married in the church though. (they don’t *do* outdoor wedding , or they didn’t)..
    When we went to have our oldest baptized, the first thing the Priest told us was that we weren’t *really* married. He wanted us to have our marriage blessed. It’s been 20 years and we still haven’t gotten round to that.

    After Gabby was baptized, it came to light that the Priest (an old guy on his way out) who had done all 3 had been a chester the molester, back in the day.
    Oh joy!

    Our kids go to Catholic school, mainly because that’s where we started out and I like the education system that they have. Seb is still VERY Catholic and me? I show up for all of the so-called important events that if we don’t take part in, our kids will go to hell.
    But as a wise man once told me.. “Hell is where all the rock and roll is” anyways so.. I guess I’ll see you there! 🙂


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