This Is Why We Fight

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Humanity is a virus
Title Lonk

Bastard of the Big Bald Bad tribe has been working the blog on the Trayvon Martin murder (I came close to calling it an execution, but stopped because it does not seem planned or directed, heinous as it is in all other aspects).   And in recent days, one of Young Zombie’s friend’s mothers has also been writing on FaceHell about that, since her son is the same age (so is young Z now that I think of it) but unlike the ZomSpawn, her son is of somewhat duskier hue; she is aghast at the thought that a boy, walking through the rain with his hoodie up could be shot to death because a repugnant asshole with more weaponry than brains or humanity thinks that promising youngster looked like his imaginary nightmare thug.

But I ain’t here to talk about horrific shooting deaths (or I would be here all fucking year) I am here to talk about the draft.

Wait.  Lemme refresh my drink.

OK.  I am here to talk about racist fucking asshole stereotyping suburban chundermuffins.

You see, that young man, friend of Young Z’s that I mentioned up above?  He goes to the same high school as my son, Rufus King, one of the best public high schools in the country, you can look that fucker up.  International Baccalaureate, tremendously successful by any fucking measure, and oh yeah, an urban, minority-majority school and why the fuck should that matter?

It matters because suburban white flight motherfuckers breed that racism right the fuck into their own kids and make it matter.

My son has gone to minority-majority schools his entire life; in large part because we can’t afford high end privates schools, and that we loathe suburbs and like the city.  In the end, we decided to be proactive in his education and work within the system; although we have had to deal with the problems of the system, he has gotten an impressive education; he speaks Spanish fluently with no accent, and able to switch unconsciously from English to Spanish as the moment dictates; as a junior he is currently taking college level language courses.  He got an Award for work on the Future Cities competition; he is on one of the best FIRST Robotics teams, and recently won an award for an essay he wrote criticizing a commercial ad.    It’s a much better education than I got at an all-white suburban high school; and in the course, he has learned a fuck of a lot more about people and tolerance.

Y’see , recently his school was playing a basketball game against one of those white-flight suburban rich schools.  Before the game, racist taunts bounced around Twitter and Facebook.  During the the crowd chanted racist mottos.  Afterward, the racism continued. The word ‘thug’ predominated. Yes, ‘nappy’ was used freely.

And the King students responded with grace, humor and strength that makes you proud. They all posted updates, and profile pics, that with mild humor pointed out their achievements and how inaccurate those sickening stereotypes are.  That woman I mentioned up above, whose son is a long time friend of our son’s?  He changed his profile pic to this:

Yeah.  He’s accepted to Harvard.  With a straight 4.0 in the best public high school in the state, and perfect 36 on the ACT.

I wonder how many of those people making comments like that about this young man, and his friends, and my son’s friends, are going to Harvard.

It also makes you wonder what the fuck kind of human beings are being generated in Germantown.

And then I read comments at RedState, or supporting Rush Limbaugh, and I know the answer to that:

The kind of people who shoot people like Trayvon Martin.
  1. Another Kiwi says:

    Love that FB page.
    Is that some hope I see there?

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    1. Human beings are unevolved primates who have devised a grandiose self-image because we don’t like to think of ourselves as unevolved primates.
    2. All countries, being groups of human beings, are fucked.
    3. The US is more fucked than most. No-one knows why.

  3. M. Bouffant says:

    3. Why? We’re exceptional!!

    During the the crowd chanted racist mottos.

    (I hate The The too, but …)

    Seriously, why didn’t the refs immediately forfeit the game once the bullshit chanting started? Is there a state athletic federation to which this kind of crap could be mentioned?

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    Twenty-five years ago I was listening to The Sound on high rotate, “New Dark Age”. If anything they were optimistic.

  5. fish says:

    Every public school in the nation should be an IB school.

  6. fish says:

    It’s a shame such a good kid will be ruined by Harvard.

  7. fish says:

    Mah comments been eated.

  8. Look at all the fish we have!

    I have Bouffant in my Bimler! No, you got Bimler in the Bouffant! Both of you are pretty fucking cheery.

    It’s a shame such a good kid will be ruined by Harvard.

    Ahmee is stronger than that.

  9. fish says:

    Ahmee is stronger than that.

    Yeah, at least it isn’t HBS. I lost more than one friend to that monster factory.

  10. The ignorant fucks that threaten, hurt and sadly kill kids like your sons friend and Trayvon won’t be going to Harvard, or probably any major college..because they are ignorant fucks.

    Bigotry and racism are taught behaviors, so blame their parents for turning a decent kid into a piece of shit that hates on anyone that is ‘different’.

  11. Dusty pretty much summed it up.


  12. mikey says:

    God Dammit. The thing is, the slope is slippering.

    Gonna tell you some shit you might not want to hear. But it’s clearly true.

    It’s not times that are changing. It’s PEOPLE that’re changing. Lives, taking them and deciding to take them, that’s a calculation that’s changed.

    I can make it really simple for you. In my day, just a few decades ago, we didn’t WANT to shoot people. Oh sure, we carried at LEAST one gun at any given time. But I can tell you of many times when I went at it barehanded while I was carrying a magnum revolver. And my opponent was all packed up too.

    See, we recognized that we didn’t WANT to be killers, that being a killer meant you were broken or defective. When I first went to work for real criminals, I met their killer. He was scary, creepy and badly defective, and nobody wanted to hang around with him. He was everything we didn’t want to be.

    And then. When the time comes when you look over the front sight, and squeeze the trigger. When somebody dies because you willed it, when you made the choice and changed countless lives forever, when you watched the blood spill and the eyes roll up and the color drain and the end come. The thing that is so scary, the thing you are trying to prevent, you caused it, bro.

    Now live with it.

    Zimmerman is wrecked forever. It’s not like he always heard. It’s not heroic and brave and exciting. He shot down a young unarmed boy, and that life will always be on his soul, and his heart, and his hands. He’ll serve time, because the Feds will have to step in and make it right, but he’s already a waste. Trayvon’s just a worse, more pointless waste.

    Kids kill kids every day. They do it because they don’t know how NOT to, how to stop. They’re carrying guns, and everybody and everything is telling them that killing is ok, it’s what you do. You’ve got a gun, shoot the fucker…

    Life. It simply doesn’t have the value we used to place in it. And as much as we’d like to change it, we live in a heavily armed, heartless and cruel society that not only feels that life has no value, but has even been taught that TAKING life is heroic. I’d love to find an answer, but our nation and our society has gone completely insane. At this point the only rational decision is to strap on your own hardware…..

  13. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Great response! I don’t consider my relative lack of melanin to be an accomplishment, and have a low opinion of those who do.

  14. That game sounds like an awful place to be. I still don’t get how that happens and keeps happening.

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