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Posted: April 27, 2012 in Fridge Note, Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus

A good paragraph from that shrill asshole, Atrios:

A big class divide these days is between those who had family members who could help them and those who didn’t. Lots of people who didn’t get a lot of financial help from their families – they didn’t, for example, borrow $20K from them – are unaware that the fact that family help was potentially available, whether or not they used much of it, always provided a little insurance policy for them, a little backstop. And of course it’s the case that, generally, such families did help. A hundred bucks here, a car insurance payment there, an overnight loan covering the tuition, etc. Even if it doesn’t add up to much overall it’s the difference between treading water and drowning, between having to quit school and not.

And for some of us who managed to squeak through college, were not able to tap that same source of funds to enable launching independent ventures…..

It is long a trope that architect’s first independent commissions are for family and their family’s friends.  Stern, Wright, Tigerman, (and locally, firms like Vetter/Denk) have all prevailed upon their families’ names and contacts to make a mark, to launch themselves.  Off the top of my head, I can think of one who didn’t;  Gehry.  [ I am certain that some readers will chime in to correct me with additions, because making the zombie wrong is an amateur sport, innit?]

It is a big part of why I am anti-starchitect; I insisted upon actual ability and competence as a strategy.  Yeah, we can see where that has fucking gotten me.  Tucker Fucking Carlson outranks me on the Genetics lottery.

[OK, look, I am not denigrating the ability of those firms I mention, in particular Vetter-Denk; what I am saying is that those initial contacts and opportunities make a huge difference.  I have worked my ass off, and it hasn’t made me half of the distance that having a fortunate uncle would have.   Meritocracy my fucking hairy stinky zombie ass]

rounding back on the point of Atrios point, yeah, the whole not being able to afford it has happened for me much later than college, but the root causes he identifies are completely the same.

So, in order to appease thunder, I blame Obama.

So I am gonna end this fucker with a slideshow of work that apparently doesn’t count for shit:

All of it done by a bitter, whiny zombie and none of it for parents or their friends.


I will not blame my parents that I was not better-born.  That is not what I am bitter about.

  1. I am so fucking aggravated that being good at what you do is not sufficient, and hasn’t been for several decades.

  2. mikey says:

    Yeah. I coulda asked my folks for help – and they would have given it to me. But they spent their life on the raggedy edge, and if I took a thousand bucks from them they would have gladly given it, being parents, and they would have gone hungry as a result.

    The only time I asked for help was for bail, and my parents always understood that getting me out of the fucking tank was worth doing. Came a time when they were gone, and I asked my sister and BroInLaw to make my bail and they (conveniently) decided that there was value in my staying in jail. Selfish, greedy, justifying yuppie motherfuckers found a way to to avoid spending NOTHING in the long term to help me in the name of…ready for it?…Helping me. No. I don’t forget.

    These pricks don’t know how people live, and what a paycheck means, how it’s used and what a week without one looks like. If this doesn’t bring people out into the streets, it’s hard to understand what does…

  3. I know what you mean, mikey, I leveraged my ass to go through college, but my parents always were there for a couple hundred bucks when I needed it, and gave me a crappy-ass car….

    I am fucking totally offended by the Romneys trying to make their “hard times” living off of stock options with my scrappng around to avoid eviction; an effort that was not always successful.

    Mittbot, did you ever have no established address? Did you ever prevail upon your friends to give you a couch or an attic?

    You fucking privileged fuckwad. God, I am getting more irate, the more I talk about this.

  4. I asked my sister and BroInLaw to make my bail and they (conveniently) decided that there was value in my staying in jail.

    Also, they go to the top of the fucking list in the Zompocalypse.

    What assholes.

    I once drove from Milwaukee to Madison becuase my brotehr called me and said he was too drunk to go home; took him back to Milwaukee, then in the morning when he made amends, took him back to Madison. You never know when you might need payback, and a brother is a brother….

  5. I do apologize to the two-three regular readers here, as this post is not videos of Summerfest bands; but I responded viscerally to the Atrios post and saw no reason not to be whiny about that, too.

  6. mikey, I know things are tough for you, but if you are able, I would love to see you up here in the middle of the continent during that period between late June and early July…. G’ahead and consider that a challenge, invitation, or whatever…..

  7. mikey says:

    That would be fun. But here’s the challenge. I’ll either have a new job and some hope for the future, or will be homeless and lack the resources to do anything that’s fun. This just isn’t going to be the year – you shoulda caught my act in the nineties, I might not’a been one of the one percent, but those fuckers would damn sure talk to me, at least long enough to try to sell me one of their stupid investments…

  8. No, I know the configurations are crappy.

    Here’s what I am saying: degradatinon of my marriage notwithstanding, if someone like my friend mikey is able to stand up for the travels over the mountains, I am buying. dude. and you are sleeping on my couch or attic or what I have available.

    But if it doesn’t work out, that is life.

  9. mikey says:

    Totally makes me want to steal a motorcycle and just run.

    I’ma gonna roll back my initial analysis.

    Let’s see what comes to pass…

  10. herr doktor bimler says:

    making the zombie wrong is an amateur sport

    No opportunities for turning pro? NOW you tell me.

  11. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    So, in order to appease thunder, I blame Obama.

    I remain unappeased.

    And I’ll note for the record, that none of us has had a relative blown up by one of Obama’s drones.

    And that the banksters who blew up our economy (and broke the law) are doing fucking awesome.

    Now clap louder, hippies. The NSA is watching.

  12. Silent Mike says:

    {my fucking hairy stinky zombie ass}

    That’s an image now stuck in my head. Thanks!

    Note to mikey – the attic bed is a little hard but the host zombie will usually let you imbibe a few drinks and that softens it right up!

  13. Good luck southerners. I hope some good things happen, even if it’s just building a throne of skulls.

  14. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It is a big part of why I am anti-starchitect; I insisted upon actual ability and competence as a strategy.

    You mean, the buildings you design are water-tight?

  15. herr doktor bimler says:

    You mean, the buildings you design are water-tight?

    Pshaw. They’re just buildings, not submarines…

  16. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    But can they hold their liquor?

  17. fish says:

    work that apparently doesn’t count for shit

    It does for the people that live/work in those. Not to get all rewards in heaven on you, but you make a difference, make people’s lives better. That is more than a shit like Dimon will ever do for humanity.

  18. Kathleen says:

    I hear ya dude. amen and all that. fuck.

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