St. George and The Dragon

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Turdwaffle and problems


I’m OK with that.

But he needs to put this into his campaign.

..Hey, howcome it’s Dems like Barrett and Cory Booker who put their own asses on the line for their constituents? 


EDIT.  Kathleen Falk makes one of the classiest concession speeches ever.  Compare to Santorum’s late night whiny endorsement of Rmoney.

I admit that her mommy-gov comment was too much for me to vote for (this time) but the Dem field is united in their desire to blow up Turdwaffle.

Ms. Falk, I still respect you and I expect there will be an upcoming opprtunity for me to vote for you without reservation.  NOW LET’S GO.

  1. If, like me, you would like to kick Turdwaffle in the taint:

    I know everyone’s strapped as fuck, but really, does anyone think we will have more money after the Kochsuckers rip apart the New Deal? Turdwaffle is the first one that HAS to be kneecapped. Help Wisconsin; Help America; Help the 99%.

  2. And just for a swell reminder of what an egregious squeezebag he is, check this out

    He whines about outside union money, while taking lumpenbucks from outside 1% douche-canoes, including teh gambling lord that financed Newt Gingrich, Sheldon Adelson.

  3. June 5th.

    I hope any poor souls reading this decrepit blog can help me go into Summerfest in late June, Knowing that Turdwaffle is our ex-governor.

    Can you help us do that? we would give you beers. And cheese.

  4. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Don’t know that I can make it except in spirit.

  5. mikey says:

    I’m clapping as hard as I can…

  6. sigh. yeah, I wish I was not such bad luck for my Imaginary Digital Frenz and their employments….MAN it would be cool as fuck if we all had a little bit of money.

  7. Nick says:

    Falk handled the situation with much grace and great aplomb. I hope her time comes. I also hope the big turnout for Turdwaffle makes the Dem powerbrokers in this state realize that this election is not a slam dunk and they damn well better run a good campaign in the next 4 weeks if they want to win this thing. Why so many of my fellow Wisconsinites seem to hate unions and public sector employees is beyond me, and it makes me sad on many levels. But the only good answer to that undeserved hate and belittlement is to take their cross-eyed poster boy and punt him all the way to NY, where he can try to explain how he managed to fuck up so badly, so quickly to his owners.

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