I’m so tired

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Fridge Note

I’m exhausted and I don’t give a shit anymore.  Everyone go away.



UPDATE.  It has been yet again, a rough couple of weeks; burning the midnight oil trying to correct some drawings in order to obtain permits.  I had an associate helping me with production, and late last week discovered that where I had thought parts of the drawings were completed, had been left kind of undone and with errors; and then last week discovered that the engineer and surveyor  involved had ALSO made several mistakes on their work.  Totally my fault for missing them, I know; but now I’ve been trying to correct things and satisfy the plan examiners in time to meet the financing obligations, and working late. Also makes me look like a fucking moron to the clients and the plan examiners.

It reminds me of that time a couple of years ago when I subcontracted existing conditions drawings to another firm, and wound up having  to start from scratch with what they did.  As they said in Animal House, ‘I fucked up.  I trusted them.’

Today was the first time in a while I woke up feeling OK, and it was because I wasn’t getting anything done, so gave up and went to bed early last night.  It’s easy to forget how important sleep is.


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