My City Was Gone

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Humanity is a virus, Turdwaffle and problems

This motherfucker should be in chains and locked away from decent people.


Seems Turdwaffle kept up the crimes after he moved to the Gov Mansion.  Why not, he’s inoculated by Citizens United millions, right?  Fuck you very much, John Roberts.


Best quote: “… lawyers wanted the prosecution to clear Walker before the Recall election, but they were not able to do so as he is a TARGET”. Yeah, that’s my fucking emphasis.



  1. Nick says:

    Between Turdwaffle and Dolan (doubling down on the church somehow being the victim and himself being… well, a shithead (, it’s embarrassing to be from Wisconsin right now. I’ve never felt that before. Frustrated and annoyed, but not embarrassed. Hopefully, we’ll start putting things back on the right track tomorrow.

  2. Who are you and what the hell did you do with Nick?

    Really, it’s disconcerting.

  3. Nick says:

    Heh– that’s my plan. Though confusing and disconcerting a zombie probably isn’t that hard.

    Seriously, I’m still at heart a moderate to conservative, but the current Republican… group… is in no way, shape or form moderate or conservative. They are extreme and radical. And dangerous. The racial and religious bigotry that is woven into the very fabric of their current approach is appalling and so 1950s. And the vilification of the public sector by Walker and his ilk is just disgusting. Teachers, prison guards, public works employees and, yes, librarians, being told they are tax leaches and deadbeats and overpaid and greedy for being angry that they get a 6% pay cut with no warning and no recourse. Like somehow what we do is less important than some guy making bearings at Harley because our salaries are paid with tax dollars. Grrrr….

    And I think I always maintained that I was an independent and thoughtful when it comes to politics– the current Republican crop is deranged and unworthy of my support. Plus, I rather like Tom Barrett. I’ve met him twice and heard him speak and he’s a smart, decent guy who might actually be too nice for politics in the 21st century. The antithesis of Scott Walker, in other words.

  4. I agree about Barrett. Although he does occasionally show a surprising amount of steel; like when he stopped the domestic abuser near State Fair Park, or in his second debate with Turdwaffle.

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