Smallcreep’s Day

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Turdwaffle and problems
Title Lonk
Moar Title Lonk

I may just do updates on today’s elections.  Or I may get bored or drunk and give up.  It’s a crapshoot, really.

Scenes from a Democracy

I was voter number 108 in my Ward at 8:30 AM.  There wasn’t much of a line though.  In non-presidential races, I am sometimes barely over 100 at 6 PM.

The right wing radio liars are already shouting about fraud; perhaps they are more nervous than the right wing media has been portraying?

Even though a Heritage Foundation so-called expert can’t even cite a single case of voter fraud .  Maybe he should start using James O’keefe’s fraudulent voting stunts as examples?

Regardless of Walker’s success or not, there is still a shitload of work to do.  In some ways, I fear a Barrett upset would make liberals and union supporters sit back and figure the war is won, when it is just one more battle.

The Lite Gov is also being recalled, and I hope Mahlon Mitchell wins, even if Barrett doesn’t.  Because it sounds quite like Turdwaffle is going to be indicted, and if he has to step down, teh Lite Gov steps up.  While Kleefisch isn’t nearly the corporate toad that Turdie is, Mitchell would be miles better.

being Bad in service of Democracy is no vice.

Finally, there are four more recalls happening today, of State representatives.  I was quite disappointed that I didn’t get to vote for one, but my State rep is a good un.  However, the Lege is currently split 16-16 (one guy retired and the seat won’t be filled until November) and even one pickup will put some brakes on the Koch rule of Wisconsin.

View of Koch Subsidiary formerly known as Wisconsin.

3 of the four seats are much more favorable than last summer’s recalls, and Lori Compas’ grassroots challenge of Fitzgerald is an inspirational David vs. Goliath story, regardless of the results.

Also, Charles Pierce.

Whew.  Lo, I am weary.  FATIGueD. Lonks,  all those lonks.  I shall have some lunch, or perhaps a drink.

EDIT1:  Quite a turnout.  High turnout in Milwaukee is essential for an upset.

And a picture for thunder, cuz he’needy.

EDIT 2:  This is not an easy battle, and here’s why:

Someone VERY RICH, and VERY NOT-WISCONSIN , wants to keep Scott Walker in office.   Why is that, you wonder?  Because he is doing what is in THEIR Not-Wisconsin interests, not what is in the interest of Wisconsinites.  Everything Scott Walker says is a lie.

  1. They are also running out of ballots in Mil. County Ed just said.

  2. Fucking pricks. Sorry Thunder…they know your a leftie I swear thats why they hit ya.

  3. what did they do for those folks that wanted to register then?

    the Internozzles and BookFacers (and hopefully, Barrett’s team is paying attention) asked for people to go to the polling stations, keep people in line until new forms could be printed and delivered.

    If they are in line before 8 PM, they get to vote, even if they have to carve their registration info into a poll worker’s arm.

  4. No worries, Dusty. Just stream of consciousness venting.

    I’ll be posting flower pics shortly.



    Dusty, if they are running out in Milwaukee County, that means we have a FUCK of a lot more people voting here than predicted. If they are NOT running out in Walkersha county, it’s a good thing.

    Walker fucked Milwaukee County over really well during his tenure here. Then he insults us “don’t want Wisconsin to turn into Milwaukee” fucking dogwhistle. Maybe we can get a bit or payback here tonight….

  6. Oooh…thanks for the 411 Thunder, will stop by m’dear. ZRM, I hope its a landslide, but it won’t be….but a win is a win..right?

  7. ZRM, I hope its a landslide, but it won’t be….but a win is a win..right?

    It’s only a win if I get to put a boot on Turdwaffle’s head.

    ….de polls, dey closed.

  8. Maybe we can get a bit or payback here tonight…. A little? I want a whole-fucking-lot of payback dude. 😉

  9. Thunder…that is a gorgeous photo m’dear. LOVE IT!!!!!


  11. VOTE YOU MOTHERFUCKING CHEESE-EATING DRUNKS! Hey now, I represent that remark on occasion! I do love my extra sharp cheddar. 😉

  12. CNN has a premature exit poll: 50/50.

    Like I said, it ain’t gonna be called tonight.

    S’OK. count all the fucking votes. Turdwaffle’s indictment can wait till later this week.

  13. Unfortunately, not all of us motherfucking cheese eating drunks are eligible to vote.

  14. hmpf. Should have known the “motehrfucking” would bring DKW to the table. He’s got the world’s most disturbing Google alert, I suspect.

  15. mikey says:

    Oh crap. If we have to deal with the Milwaukee Recount I’m gonna wanna see a few riots n shit…

  16. Unfortunately, not all of us motherfucking cheese eating drunks are eligible to vote. I voted in Cali today…no on Prop G which wanted to do away w/our local pot stores. Fuckers. But we got enough signatures to get it on the ballot so that tells you something.

  17. You gotta do what you do well. And for me, that’s your mom.

  18. Get ready and get some comfortable trousers, mikey. The State automatically pays for a recount if the margin is less than half a percent of the votes, upon request of any concerned party.

    If we postulate 2.5 million voters, a difference of 125,000 means it’s recount Time, babee!

  19. Madison’s reporting same day registrations enough for >100% turnout.

  20. Milwaukee Recount I’m gonna wanna see a few riots n shit…

    Wisconsin only riots if you turn the beer off. And even then, it’s not so much a ‘riot’ as it is a ‘mild disagreement’.

  21. I heard the Milwaukee County turnout and registration, I think it’s that county, came out to 116%..I was

  22. Madison’s reporting same day registrations enough for >100% turnout.

    I’d ahem you, but I’ve been drinking. I’ll cut you slack, since I put that comment on the previous page.

  23. Dragon King, the commercials that ran to support the pot stores were 80 year old women and men that said they need the drug for their cancer or other illnesses..they were very moving I must say.

  24. BOTH OF YOU.

    I had a prior comment EXPLAINING THIS ALL. Sigh.

    OK, the 100% threshold is based on whatever prior election they decide to go with; In this case, the 2010 election. 100% of the voters in 2010 is baselined to 100% of registered voters this time. So new registrations are piled on top.

  25. Also too, really high voter turnout at your moms.

  26. Sorry ZRM, but I did not read all the comments on the other page. Please forgive me sir..its been a long day..the physical therapist came by for the ball n chain plus his wound nurse was here too and I ran errands and cleaned so my back is screaming at me and I did boost my pain pills with a little alcohol.

  27. relax, Dusty, I’m just being a shit.

    I said in an earlier comment “O yeah, I’m going to be a handful tonight”.

  28. I did boost my pain pills with a little alcohol.

    As an architect, I advise you to continue this treatment.

  29. Glad you approve 😉 Our ballot was so fucking long today, I couldn’t believe it. Pages and pages.

  30. I’m breaking with bourbon tradition and drinking beer tonite in solidarity. At least until teh beer runs out and it’s back to whiskey.

  31. I am very relaxed…except for my excitement about WI and your results of course.

  32. At least until teh beer runs out and it’s back to whiskey.

    In Wisconsin, Brandy is more commonly the brown goods.

  33. I started w/Irish Creme and went to chardonnay when that ran out… nice huh? 😉

  34. You need to learn how to crack down like a real blogger, zrm.


  35. Sailor Jerry says:

    Why have you forsaken me?

  36. ok, whats in a cuba zombre?

  37. Cheap rum, diet cola (preferably an off brand like RC, but if you can get some Black Bear, rock it), a twist of citrus, and a squeeze of brains….poured by eyeball, no fucking measuring, into a pint glass. Fuck the shaking, stir it with your finger, or somebody else’s if you have one laying around. Crushed ice optional, to make it a ZomSlushee.

  38. herr doktor bimler says:

    I did boost my pain pills with a little alcohol.
    As an architect, I advise you to continue this treatment.

    As a Herr Doktor I would like to support my esteemed colleague’s advice.

  39. Thanks Herr Dok..I am continuing that line of treatment. Thank gawd for spell check.

  40. Milwaukee Urinal-Sentinel is reporting that while Walker lost the distaff vote by three points in 2010, he’s losing it by 12% this year. Go women!

  41. ZRM…I don’t trust the BnC’s fingers..dont know where they been.

  42. Most of the fingers I have around here have fallen off somebody (or, been bitten off, let’s be honest), so I just run em through the dishwasher.

  43. Go women! Yep, I can’t believe the GOP thinks we are all stupid and ignore their bullshit laws against our rights..both labor and contraception type laws.

  44. Fuck me..NBC is calling it for Walker already..FUCK!!!!! ruined the hell outta my night. 😦

  45. Dewey defeats Truman, Dusty.

  46. Still the other guys too..the senators. But I hope you are right ZRM. I would love to see NBC wrong..the fuckwads.

  47. less than 20% reported, and the Dem strongholds, teh urban areas, have a lot to count yet.

    Exit polls still have it right around 50/50. The smaller redneck areas are easier to count. One! OK, 1 vote.

  48. it was a long shot all the way, Dusty. Hell, the media conglomerates predicted we wouldn’t even get enough votes for a recall.

  49. there’s no fucking way Walker winds up with 60% of the vote.

  50. The dipshits on the right are all gonna blog the hell outta this if he wins. That fact alone drives me nuts. OMG, they got so many signatures on the petitions it WAS amazing and so cool.

  51. What I don’t get is the polls show Obama will take why would Walker win then? Makes no sense to me.

  52. What I don’t get is the polls show Obama will take why would Walker win then? Makes no sense to me.

    well, we drink. a lot.

  53. well, we drink. a lot. I know..I am…and with a tear in my eye.

  54. that cross-eyed corporate goon motherfucker. Am I really going to have to stare at his puffy lopsided smirking face for two more years?

  55. Have any of the big counties reported yet ZRM?

  56. Looks like unrestricted billionaire asshole money is going to run our country from here on out. The test bed case proved it out. Enjoy, America.

  57. I have voted against that cross-eyed mouthbreathing moron every chance I have had. So, you want to make some quick cash (and since the GOP will be destroying any opportunity to make a living wage, at the earliest opportunities, you might want to take advantage of it) just find out how I am voting and bet the other way.

  58. . The test bed case proved it out. Enjoy, America. Yep, our votes mean little when the Kochs can spend billions. Plus all GOP governors willl now go after the unions even harder…that last bastion of Dem big spenders

  59. Sailor Jerry says:

    May I just intrude for a moment to say I LOVE pills.

    Those cute little blue valiums work for me in a big way.

    Let me give you my shipping address…

  60. Heck, Jerry, you can take the rest of this thread to lobby for everyone to share their drugs with you. I guess I am done here.

  61. mikey says:

    Here’s the thing.

    We’re losing this fight, everywhere.

    That’s what Obama GETS – he gets that we represent nothing of import.

    It would be nice to be a part of some kind of political solution.

    But the American electorate is going to argue between corporatist thugs and authoritarian assholes. Oh, they will come to regret their choices, but it will be far too late by then.

    And us old bastards, and zombies will be out in the streets, leading the revolution.

    Keep breaking it y’all. The price is higher than you can imagine…

  62. Money for nothing, and your elections for free.

  63. If you are leaving the thread ZRM then I will too.. go be depressed for awhile, I am sick that Walker kept his job. CNN is calling it for him too.

  64. Money for nothing, and your elections for free. They aren’t free, they are costing the billionaires a shitload…but they don’t care so long as they win..and they are. We R FUCKED.

  65. They aren’t free, they are costing the billionaires a shitload…

    Not enough.

    Perhaps if the cost of those elections involved limbs?…

  66. Dusty, that money is chump change when compared to their lower taxes for this year, alone.

    And they’ve been getting that discount since 2001/2003.

  67. Stealing from Balloon Juice: here’s to Wisconsin getting what it voted for and getting it hard.

    Fuck all y’all pasty white hateful, resentful shitheels. I hope your kid’s teachers all kid you in the nads.

    Special note to Walkersha: drink your fucking tainted well water and go die. You ain’t getting the Lake.

  68. Right to work (for less) legislation in 5…4…3….

  69. apparenlty there are still people in line in Milwaukee trying to vote. But counting votes is so Pre-Citizens United. John Roberts says Pshaw to counting votes; dollars is what counts.

  70. Thought I’d offer condolences in this thread, rather than stank up teh new one. I’ve switched to bourbon.

  71. “Smallcreep’s Day” is painfully appropriate, in the end.

    Final comment:

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