This is not a Test

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Music nobody listens to

Call it an early Caturday, if you want.

I’ve already said most of what I want to say about the election, with one more thing:

It’s not as bad as you think. It’s not as bad as the Right wants it to be. Scott Walker doesn’t give a shit if you’re angry, in fact he prefers it that way.   No matter how it comes out, and no matter how the election in November comes out, there is still a metric fuckton of work to do. There always will be; lifting a civilization is a strain.  So we need you, all of you, to just calm the fuck down a little bit and look at these kitties and take a break, have a drink, walk a dog and let it all go until next week. Next Month.  Next year, whatever it takes.  Listen to/play some music, feed your heart and rest your brain.  Look at these kitties.  Look at them.

Hey, what the fuck, just to manipulate mikey and encourage him to steal a shovel, look at these kitties also:

So, I will just celebrate Walker’s HappyTime KochCo Wisconsin Raping Festival by resurrecting my annoying Friday Random Musical Spew and Chuckleroo.

Oh, but first off, g’ahead and listen to this Week’s Professional Left podcast, they have a lovely discussion about Ray Bradbury.  You really should have it in your weekly links, or even set iTunes to download it every week automatically.  They Do Say Shit.  And Motherfucker and Cocksucker too.  (hey, spell check is OK with both of those!  George Carlin would be so pleased!)

here we go (I hope I remember how to do these things), 47,000 tracks 231.5 gigs, 126 days of music.

1.  Crossfire, Jethro Tull.  Latter period Tull, from vinyl (and thanks to Wife Sublime for the USB turntable, you all get to share my lousy teenage taste in music!  Aren’t you excited?)  Kind of unremarkable, actually.

2. Clockout, Devo.  The Kent state shootings made Mothersbaugh and Casale come up with the idea that humanity was devolving.  There certainly hasn’t been any decisive proof the other direction since then.

3.  Yanqui Go Home, Camper Van Beethoven.  I am mostly annoyed today, because my large scale printer is kind of old, and the drivers are skittish in that they will only print a few copies, and then everything just hangs.  no visible freezes or anything, it just hangs.  Sometimes re-adding the printer at my computer is enough, sometimes the print server needs to be restarted; and sometimes you just have to fuck around with it until it prints again.  And people wonder why I drink.

4.  No War No Hate, Red London.  Wouldn’t it be pretty to think so?  Anyway, the other thing annoying me today is that I was informed today that a sign manufacturer that was doing a really nice sign for the tenant in one of my projects has gone out of business, putting the sign construction back to square one. (fortunately, the tenant is handling their own buildout, so it’s not as if they’ve made any of their own deadlines for opening) but even more annoying, they went out of business AFTER the $7000 deposit on the sign.  I don’t think the owners will blame me for that, but I fear for their ability to collect a refund on that.  Certainly not before some kind of bankruptcy proceeding.  So I need to scramble and see if we can set up a different sign manufacturer in extremely short time.

5.  Lonely and Wet, the Mekons.  From a live fan recording, surprisingly good quality.  From their 25th anniversary series of shows.  I should have gone to these, they did four shows; one from each decade, and corresponding roughly to the arcs of their various stylistic periods.  And a final, unplugged show.

6.  When Bobby Comes Down, Hamell On Trial.

7.  Love Circles, Squeeze.  The collapse of that sign company points to the real problems with the economy; there’s no demand.  Rich fucks that like Scott Walker will not spend a fucking dime on anything other than Soctt Walker’s kneepads until demand for whatever product keeps them in gold plated cheerios or whatever the fuck they buy with their ghastly wealth is increasing.  But there is nobody at a national level (other than Paul Krugman, of course) who will make this oh-so-obvious point in a public forum.  Certainly not the millionaire pundit class, because from their point, it is obviously the weak moral standards of the lessers that keep those lessers from achieving the Galtian success achieved by a Tom Friedman or Chuck Todd or Pinch-face Krauthammer.

8.  Halfway There, Mike Rutherford.  More of that vinyl weirdness.  A solo album from the eighties; Rutherford’s voice is not great, but serviceable, but you see why he hired other singers on Mike & The Mechanics.  The songs themselves are kind of halfway between a latter-day Genesis and Mike & The Mechanics.

8.5 Puck’s 6th Birthday, Cloud Cult.  short piece of a kid singing a little bit of his own song.  Only left it in because it is one of my favorite bands

9.  Couldn’t Get Arrested, Mike Rutherford.  WTF, iTunes, 47,000 songs and you put to from teh same album nearly back-to-back?

9.  Every Road, Mike Rutherford.  OK, now ITunes is just fucking with me.  This is Rutherford from his FIRST solo record, Smallcreep’s Day, which I used as a title for that super-post from Tuesday, but still.  iTunes, it’s not Rutherford’s day.  Between this and teh printer bullshit, teh computers are TOTALLY fucking with me today.  People wonder why I drink.

9.  Hot Hot Hot!!, The Cure.  OK, wev.  at least it’s not Mike Rutherford.

10.  Victim of Hate, Static Thought.  Old school punk from a Hellcat Records compilation.  yeah yeah.

11.  Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting, Elton John.  It will surprise many of you, I’m sure, that this was one of the first CDs I bought, when I was buying CDs.  The band on this album is hitting on all cylinders, every song.  Too bad he’s making a living these days by re-writing Candle In The Wind for anybody who dies.

12.  You Make Me Brave, Billy Bragg.  What a superb song.  He did play this when I saw him the last time.

13.  Something’s Turning Over, Low.

14. James River, Cracker.

15.  This Is Not  A Test, She and Him, otherwise known as Zooey D and M Ward.  I don’t care if she is a MPDG, I like this.  Fish probably does too.

Alright, that’s enough, it’s time to start drinking in earnest.  You guys buy first round.  I’m going to throw this large-format printer out the window.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Speaking of music… e-chords does not have Mekons. Hmmf.

  2. Jennifer says:

    (Although I hope we don’t have confusion around here with Blue Girl/ Blue Gal).

    Who could possibly be confused by a name??? Ha!

  3. yeah, I found a half dozen songs or so on various sites.

    Who could possibly be confused by a name??? Ha!

    There’s that conservative ‘Zombie’ poseur that floats around the wingutosphere. Pshaw. AS IF. Why would a zombie be conservative? we eat BRANES for cry!

  4. blue girl says:

    It would be great if there were way more blue girls/gals in the world than red ones. If they *all* showed up here, that *would* be confusing, but it would be a cost worth paying!

  5. Bloog Al says:

    You called?

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