Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Title Lonk

Beating thundershorts to the Carmi Thematic punch, this time it is “broken


I have lots of pictures of broken stuff.


a short word of explanation; the lovely young lady in that series is my niece.  She has struggled with addiction and been in and out of jail.  I haven’t talked to her in two years or so.  In a way, she is broken also.

  1. mikey says:

    As a non-combatant, I don’t pretend to actually know the rules, but I would have thought that these theme photo challenges from Carmi I see Thundra respond to were intended to encourage the participants (particiTROUSERS?) to go out and shoot NEW imagery, rather than rooting around in the old virtual shoebox for some pix that actually pre-date (that’s when you go on a date in your imagination before you go on the actual date. PROTIP – the pre-date often turns out much better) the thematic challenge itself.

    But then, as is so often asked by so many, what the hell do I know?

    Carry on…

  2. mikey, you fool, haven’t you figured out that zombies do NOT FOLLOW RULES.

    Anyway, Carmi has no such restriction. ( Thunder might, but who the hell knows how that dude thinks anymore, anyway?)

    pertinent quote: “If you’ve already posted something that fits (on a blog, Facebook, MySpace, wherever) simply post the link to the existing entry. Old or new, all photos are welcome.”

  3. but who the hell knows how that dude thinks anymore, anyway?


  4. mikey says:

    …zombies do NOT FOLLOW RULES.

    Which makes it particularly ironic, in a rain on your spoons and forks kind of way, that the zombie actually READ the rules while I couldn’t be arsed….

  5. Also, one of the followup posts in Carmi’s comments is about ‘broken rules’

    It’s way too meta for being this sober.

  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    ( Thunder might, but who the hell knows how that dude thinks anymore, anyway?)

    The orbs know!

  7. M. Bouffant says:

    Thanks for the explanation of the zombie niece. Thought it was Ann Althouse for a sec.


    I mean, she may be a drug-addict-thief and all, but comparing her to Althouse is just not called for.

  9. Here’s one to even calm thunderpoop down:

    box of puppehs.

    Word of warning; it is a hard life, being a puppeh, so sometimes they are sleepzors.

  10. mikey says:

    Not so much a hard life so much as a lonely life.

    “And you think you’re markin’ time ’til something comes along…”

  11. I still kind of prefer his Planet P work, mikey.

  12. mikey says:

    Ah hell, as long as I’m going back to the depths of the seventies malaise, I might as well share this with y’all. This was pretty much my theme song in the 80s. But it has the redeeming quality of being a very good song, in spite of it’s self awareness….

  13. mikey says:

    Nope. Planet P Project was cool, but Some Tough City was fucking REAL.

  14. mikey says:

    The fact that we can listen to the lyrics of the title track to “Some Tough City” today and recognize exactly the narrative is perhaps the most searing indictment of what they’ve left us with….

  15. Nope. Planet P Project was cool, but Some Tough City was fucking REAL.

    Well, I’ve got em both (STC on your recco, I might add) and I still rate for PPP.

    Excellent. We can get a good old fashioned blog fight going here tonight.

    If only I wasn’t out of rum….

  16. OK, I have restocked the Office Rum, and in deference to my left coast friend, I am putting Some Tough City on to start the day in the office.

    I had disquieting dreams and woke up with a headache. It’s a beautiful day, but I am filled with dread. Perhaps this is just what I need to listen to right now.

    Although every time I see “Some Tough City” I think of this:

  17. Bob Scotney says:

    How did you get that picture of my broken fence? At least it looks like mine.


      ….the smaller piece of broked fence is from where some drunken college students walking by thought they would be cool and tough to kick some fence slats; the larger piece on the ground is a gate that was destroyed when a delivery driver backed into it.

  18. Also, too, it should be said that Belinda Carlisle likes your title.

    Belinda Carlisle would be totally into me, if she REALLY got to know me…

  19. Also Broked: The Bloggerhood. Even thunder has given up.

  20. mikey Eddie Goes Underground” is a ripping good song though.

  21. blue girl says:

    Is this 3Bulls? I don’t know what’s going on here.

  22. see what you miss when you go all Kindle, Beege?

    We even had a Cookie Contest! You missed entirely! Nobody cheated.

  23. I don’t know what’s going on here.

    New motto for Glue Birl’s blog.

  24. mikey says:

    You heard the one about third time lucky?
    Hah – Didja think that they were talkin’ to YOU?

  25. blue girl says:

    Speaking of Glue Birl… Neddie’s back. Been meaning to tell you.

  26. blue girl says:

    That should have been: Jeddie’s back.

  27. blue girl says:

    Nobody cheated.

    How boring. What a bunch of goodie-two-shoes.

  28. mikey says:


    I’ve always been confused by that.

    Are we mocking the fact that they only have two shoes? Because that seems to me to be the appropriate number. Somebody with one shoe would look like a bit of a doofus, and I’m not sure why you’d want three or more – you’d always have to be carrying the excess footware around with you in some kind of custom shoe-pouch. Not seeing the value.

    So while I’m sure someone who is overly ‘goodie’ is annoying and to be shunned, I’m not sure why we would be unhappy if they had precisely the same amount of shoes as feet.

    Maybe it’s just me…

  29. it’s an old carpenter’s saying….”two shoes, three feet” meaning somebody fucked up the measurement.

    So someone being a “goody two shoes” was overly cautious. It eventually morphed into “measure twice, cut once”, which has also created “when you cut off your foot, once is enough”.

  30. perhaps I have visited Riddled once too many times.

  31. I have a dilemma; work on construction documents that have to be revised by Monday, a building design that needs to be well along by next week (and is kind of fun)….or crack the Office Rum and crank the tunes?

    Oh bother.

  32. mikey says:

    I have a similar dilemma (hmm, one ell and two enns? Seems backwards to me) if by similar I mean nothing at all alike. I have to decide what to eat for lunch, walk over to the bank and then try to figure out what the hell to do with an afternoon that won’t even feature an episode of Pardon the Interruption. Sit by the pool? Wander over to the Liberry and read obscure periodicals? Touch myself in an impure fashion?

    Of course, Rum will be consumed, and there WILL be flatulence. Some things you can still count on…

  33. Touch yourself in an impure fashion with rum while sitting by the pool.

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