Doing halo hula hoops, executing loop-de-loops, takes a lot of skill and bad taste

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Music nobody listens to

far too lazy and out of sorts to do a real post.


Fortunately, this video pretty much covers the entire internozzles:



you’re welcome.


I was going to put up a Title Lonk, but all the available viddys do not contain that verse.  Most of them are from 82; was it inappropriate to mention angels and devils on teenybopper TV in the 80s?  WTF.  it was a time of great delicacy, apparently.

  1. blue girl says:

    That was great and just my speed right now. It’s 3:30 on Fri afternoon and I am exhausted.

    Two things I cringe at watching… that poor little boy in the back seat of the car all doped up–his parents should have been taking care of him instead of filming him!! And when people do “tricks” and they fall or flip around and get hurt. I don’t like seeing them get hurt.

    Other than that, thank you for the video!

  2. blue girl says:

    And now that song is stuck in my head. Maybe I’ll go do a cartwheel off of the garage roof into the sunroof of my car.

  3. just make sure you film it, BG.


  5. Here’s another song to get stuck in yer head….

  6. blue girl says:

    Haha, love the way that video ended. 🙂

  7. mikey says:

    Title takes me lots of places. Halo is the model of one of the great modern folding automatic knives of all time from MIcrotech. They’re expensive, but SO cool and so well made. Problem is, every time I’ve ever owned one, somebody has seen it and offered me stupid money for it. Dammit.

    Also, too.

  8. Beege it’s one of the great Modern Media tragedies that Firefly ended before Whedon was able to do one of his musical episodes, like he did with Buffy and Dr. Horrible.


  10. mikey says:

    Quality never comes cheap.

    Auto knives are people, my friend…

  11. at least auto knives aren’t trying to buy the government wholesale.

  12. mikey says:

    And so is my heart…

  13. Silent Mike says:

    Whedon did get to put in the ballad of a guy named Jayne!

  14. Felicia Day, Whedon, and her Guildmates are great. I always looked at it as I was successfully keeping secret just how damn cool I was…

  15. that poor little boy in the back seat of the car all doped up–his parents should have been taking care of him instead of filming him!!

    I’m on the filming side.

  16. exactly, Substance. They had the kid buckled in! At that point, he is safe and it is time to make him Internet-famous.

  17. I think the problem with this country is there aren’t enough Breakdancing Star Trooper videos.

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