Pipe Dream

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Fridge Note

Suddenly got a terrible urge for a new guitar.
It’s amazing what you can find when you can’t afford anything:

It’s a call for price dealie, but it looks to cost about three of mikey’s auto knives….

Title Lonk.



Used to read Drum quite a bit.  The cat who owned him was killed recently and I can relate, so in solidarity and suympathy posting a piccy of Corbu and Tiller, and another of Toby, who went out one night and never came back.

Toby inspects the structure

It’s somehow not fair that our owners leave before we do.  

  1. Pictures for nothing, and your dreams for free.

  2. mikey says:

    I have no talent or skills, so I can neither draw pictures of recognizable real world items nor can I play any kind of musical instrument. I’d like to be the dood that shows up at the dinner party with his guitar and leads a singalong over coffee and cocktails, but I’ve tried twice and the challenge of understanding music on a production level and that of the necessary coordination to finger the strings while simultaneously strumming the specific strings is nothing short of overwhelming. But man, I LOVE things that do stuff, firearms, radios, computers, telescopes, you know, gadgets. And that guitar has like half a dozen controls – I have no idea what they control, or how you’d use them, but with that many dials and switches I’d have to agree.

    That is a good guitar…

  3. Also hard to see, mikey, is that it sports twelve strings. normally you can tell a 12 string by the length of the headstock, but this one has a clever alternating of side-mounted tuning pegs, and bottom mounted tuning pegs.

    I have no talent at guitar either, but lots of enthusiasm. That’s why I am often short on strings, so I figure starting with 12 will give me an even chance at finishing a song.

  4. mikey says:

    I’d twiddle the little dial at the bottom. I’m sure it’s the most important one. It controls the whole guitarness of the sound, I’m pretty sure….

  5. Larry Jones says:

    Is that an old one? Funny-looking pick guard, kind of chopped off at the front. New 360-12’s are $3K. Too much tuning involved, though. Your audience didn’t come to watch you tune. So you can only use them if A.) you play out of tune half the time; B.) you have two of them, so your guitar babe can keep one in tune and hand it to you after you play one song on the other one; or C.) you use it only to record your hits, since on recordings no one can hear you tune.

    But, since it’s a pipe dream, I’ll dream with you…

  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    If you have to ask the price…

  7. Larry, it is a vintage repro. has the list price as $5400.

    Toby was free.

  8. Larry Jones says:

    Is it like the one they gave George Harrison? Anyway, I’ll bet the new (non-retro) one is better. Buy it now. It’ll be worth a ton in 50 years.

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