Small Source Of Comfort

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Music nobody listens to

Having a bit of a moment here in ZombHome.  Sitting with a nice Cooba Zombre, and ripping some vinyl.
I may have mentioned before, or maybe not, but either way nobody probably cared.  But back when I was in the College, selling my guitar to start my long stupid path to becoming a failed architect, I was friends-kinda- with a weird dude who did the booking for the on-campus concert series.

Amusing side bar.  Later, this dude opened his own nightclub [This one].  In his only moment of coolness, he named it from the Spinal Tap movie.  But he had a nice apartment, and spent a ton of money on a huge home entertainment wall.  But since he had no actual skills, he enlisted my buddy Craig, who called me, to put the fucking thing together.  So we loaded up on 12-packs and headed over to unpack the boxes.  He had everything, VCR (it was the 80s) and CD, dual-cassettes, big ass TV…we spent all evening getting drunker and putting the thing together.  When we got it all plugged together, about 11 PM, we turned it on.  Everything.  Radio, VCR, Albums, all playing at once.  Peter came wandering out of the bedroom, rubbing his eyes and imploring us to turn it down.  We mocked him.

So he would book these shows, and be obligated to provide a couple large mules to shuck cases in and out.  And Craig and I were the ones. We got in for free.  Never got to meet the bands, we were peons; but got to see some awesome shows.  Art Of Noise, Iggy Pop,  jane’s Addiction…. Peter used to get kind of pissed that after load-in we would go down to the pub and drink beer, probably because he visualized us being drunk and dropping something expensive.  We told him that if he paid us, we wouldn’t drink, and never heard that complaint again.

Anyway, one of the shows we worked was Bruce Cockburn on the World of Wonders tour.  I had no idea who the dude was, I was into punk and new wave, but we had nothing better to do so what the hell.

Some of his crew got lost or something, so after load in, we also helped with some of the rigging.  And I stood next to Bruce on stage, holding a ladder while they soundchecked this song:

He was quite cordial and friendly (as those Canucks are) while we were working, and we chatted a bit.  I was impressed that he was so friendly to a grunt.  But then, Canadian.

The rest of his crew were still no shows at show time, so Peter asked me and Craig to do follow spots.  WTF.  Like we know anything.  But lighting was not particularly challenging back then, and after ten minutes of training, we were more or less good to go.  The lighting tech would direct us.

My favorite moment was during the band intros. The light tech was telling us who to spot, and we were keeping up just fine.  Until he missed his cue, kind of yelled into the headset “Follow Spot 2!!! Go…” and startled me, causing me to jerk the spot, which then hit one of the singers…the one being introduced.  “Oh…good” the lighting tech said.

Then they played this.

And I was kind of hooked.

And these days, that mild mannered Canadian’s anthem feels pretty fucking right:

After doing the extra work, that jerk Peter  wouldn’t even get us t-shirts.  I should have asked my stage buddy Bruce.

It should also be noted that Cockburn’s Christmas album is absolutely fucking stellar, in an earnest, folky hippie-with a guitar kind of way.  Hey!~ you know what we need?  A Glue Birl/Jeddie/Cockburn collabo for a Christmas song this year!

  1. Also, btw-ish. I moved on to ripping “Scene Beyond Dreams” by The Call. It strikes me as I listen that I had backstage passes for a show on this tour, but fuck me if I remember how the fuck I got them.

  2. frankly, though, Frank, I am really kind of loving going through all these big old black CDs and welcoming those old songs like old friends, even if they are kind of cheesy. I loved them once, or at least liked them, and am happy happy happy to bring them back into my frontbrain again.

    O yea, I delight in all manifestations of the Terpsichorean Muse.

    Beege has a nostalgic connection to the rituals of playing old albums—sliding them out of the sleeves, cleaning them, dropping the needle— and I relate o yes I do. I did that many many thousands of times, believe me I did. But for me, it’s completely about the NOISE. O yes, just make me some noise, my friends droogies and hamsters, make it all be alright, it might be loud it might be quiet, but it has to be from the heart and it has to re-write my code in subtle and magnificent ways…

    …and yes, BG, when that is happening I am having a WONDERFUL time…

  3. Silent Mike says:

    Back in the day (way back) my dad had bought a car with an 8 track player. This was my intro to Harry Nilsson as the car came with Harry’s 1st album “Pandemonium Shadow Show”. I think I was in the 5th grade. Senior year of High School my brother bought me that album for Christmas. I played it and sang along to every wonderful song. I new every line. Freaked my little brother out. But to me the music was (and still is) in the old noggin. Some Zombie should be really pleased with my brain someday.

  4. Silent Mike says:

    That should be “knew”. I also worked the Art of Noise show with you guys. Still one of my best concerts 🙂

  5. wait wait wait

    I am allowing other folks to comment on this?

    and mike, you were at the AoN show? Was I on heroin for that one?

    Also, Nilsson. And on the vinyl I am currently ripping a Camper Van Beethoven cover of Photograph, which I feel is connected to Harry in some way….

    Also, Nilsson.

  6. heh. Most of my Nilsson was either acquired later digitally, or replacing the Black Vinyl….

  7. Also, Jerry Garcia’s B-day today.


  8. mikey says:

    I’ve always loved music qua music (‘the noise’), but struggled with the delivery mechanisms. I HATED records. Besides being big and bulky, they were desperately fragile and around mikeyHQ always got warped or scratched up or stepped on or something. And the record player! Something weird was always going on with my needle, so that even new records sounded crappy. I mostly listened to AM Radio.

    I fell instantly in love with 8 track tapes. You couldn’t break ’em. Of course, they had a short lifespan, but that was different. I played “Not Fragile”, Steppenwolf’s “The Seventh” and “Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy” pretty much to death.

    As recordings got more robust and easier to play back, I took more control over the soundtrack of my life.

  9. blue girl says:

    zrm, I am with my BFF and she is MAKING me listen to new music. Rap, country, etc. We have NOT listened to one single song from 1976 yet.

  10. blue girl says:

    She will not stop playing this

  11. I reall like reading your stories of your past life. How interesting your life was dude!

    And I still say you didn’t waste anything becoming an stop it already, as you are a good one that builds places for the less unfortunate most of the time.

  12. Your a good man dude…do not think any thing less of yourself ok?

  13. Beege, Grace Potter was at Summerfest. I was somewhere else, though….

  14. OK, so you don’t like Jerry, how about this?


  15. herr doktor bimler says:

    around mikeyHQ always got warped or scratched up or stepped on or something

    It was the *candle-wax* after the parties that flummoxed me. Red-wine splashes I could understand, but not candle wax.
    We will not speak of Claire, who had the idea that the way to clean records (and wipe off the spilt red wine) was to wipe them on her jacket, which is all very well except when she was wearing a black leather jacket. Studded.

    Sonja Kristina has been lured out of retirement and has been playing gigs in the UK, but never at the same time and place as I am.

  16. Love Bruce! I remember shortly after 911, I was at a concert (festival-ish) thing he was playing at. As soon as he came on stage, everyone started yelling (except for me and a few others), for him to play Rocket Launcher.
    He didn’t though. 🙂

    Love your Bruce story-it’s a great one!


  17. mikey says:

    Well, in support of Bruce’s more destructive desires, Antonin Scalia apparently believes he can certainly have a rocket launcher if he wants…

  18. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Sitting with a nice Cooba Zombre, and ripping some vinyl.

    Is that any way to treat the sofa?

  19. mikey says:

    I just assumed “ripping some vinyl” was a euphemism for flatulence…

  20. mikey says:

    Gimme some eggs, gimme some ham
    Gimme some change
    HOT DAMN!!!

  21. herr doktor bimler says:

    OT, but Frank Lloyd Wright-related, and therefore Helping ZRM.

  22. vacuumslayer says:

    Hey, just checking in to say I hope you don’t know anyone at the SIKH temple. Horrible news…and my thoughts are with the people of Wisconsin.

  23. Thanks vs. No I don’t know anyone there, or don’t think I do…I rarely get into discussions with anybody about religion. Now that I think about it, though, Missus Zombie’s workplace is full of Indian immigrants, and there is a pretty fair possibility that I’ve met some Sikhs at her workplace functions….there’s only a handful of Sikh temples in the area.

    I have been considering a post, but am unable to come up with much as yet beyond a series of FUCKS in different sizes, fonts and colors . For now, I will try to lose myself in some design work while listening to Weird Al. “Trigger Happy” seems kind of appropriate.

  24. vacuumslayer says:

    I played that and LC was transfixed.

    Wow. I didn’t know Al was political and shit.

  25. Not too much, at least not in his songs. The peppy Beach-Boys style harmonies and the gun-nut lyrics are a hilarious juxtaposition though.

    True Story. When Young zombie was an infant and I would get up for him in the late middle of the nights, I would go into the living room and feed him and get him back to sleep; I would hit play on the multi-disc player, which was loaded up with four discs of “Permanent Recod” box set and “Off The Deep End”.

    Last year, YZ and WS got third row tickets for Al at the Riverside (I was elsewhere watching Trampled By Turtles).

    So yeah. Listening to Weird Al causes damage. It’s proven.

  26. vacuumslayer says:

    Oh, I think being raised by a ‘slayer is damaging enough. 😉

  27. This is up there in some Nexus of Flaky Hippie Songs I Like A Lot.

    Good guitar player.

  28. Or maybe this one. The old embed tags don’t seem to like me.

  29. I like flaky hippies, myself. One of the guys I knew back when I was working for someone else and drawing a respectable paycheck said “i I had been born 5 or 8 years earlier, I would have been a hippie. So I am a punk; what choice did I have?”

  30. blue girl says:

    No Marvin Hamlisch tribute?

  31. mikey says:

    Too young to be hippies
    Missed out on the love…

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