Zombie Factoid:  Yesterday was the first election of any kind that I didn’t vote in for at least a dozen years.

Well, look.  Tammy Baldwin was a lock for the Dem nom, and I could give a shit about the Republican nom.  But Imagine my surprise to find out that Tommy Thompson is still alive.


The rest of the elections didn’t apply to my district, so I kept working on the deck.


Paul Ryan is a goofy looking motherfucker.  For some reason, though, he gets all the Village pundits in a lather; perhaps it is how much pain he wants to inflict on The Help.  I look forward to a bright shining light on this cockroach as a disinfectant, and I am gonna send a little scratch Rob Zerban’s way to get that Howdy Doody looking shitnozzle fired from TWO jobs this fall.  You know, so he can have some knowledge of what real life is like, that richie rich privileged faker.



  1. mikey says:

    Did you kick Tommy in the knee?

    He doesn’t look too happy that he won…

  2. Oh, jayzuz, so know I gotta take time to hate on a whole ‘nother race? I mean, I got venom to spare, but time, always time. I can recycle some of my old Thompson hate, I guess, but that’s not exactly craftsmanlike.

  3. Did you kick Tommy in the knee?

    Now there’s an idea.

    I bet if I aim higher, though, I can break his hip. He’s like Grandpa Walnuts without the rage or the beer heiress wife.

    Speaking of which, where is Sue Ann, Tommy? You gonna skip the fake Family Values bullshit this time around? Because the Lesbian you’re running against has better family values.

    so know I gotta take time to hate on a whole ‘nother race?

    Well, you’re going to have a lot of rage once the basement project gets under way.

  4. I see you cut off the top of his head already…

  5. yup. But his brains had leaked out his ears YEARS earlier.

  6. Yikes! What is it with men crying in public these days? Do your crying at home like the rest of us. I’m soooooo glad that there’s no election in Canada right now. For the past 3 or 4 years we had a federal election every damn year! Since the same guy kept getting in, it was a damn waste of money!


  7. men cry too, Laura. (sniffle)

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