Don’t Bring Me Down

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Humanity is a virus, Music nobody listens to

I am so sick of reading about another fucking shooting.  Can we just put some motherfucking regulations on these motherfucking guns in my motherfucking country already? [/Sammy Jackson]

So in order to lighten my mood, and maybe even yours, –but what the fuck this is my blog, so what do I care what you think?– I have some music issues to clear up.

First of all I hear this on my iPod:

And when it starts, I think it’s this:

Or even this:

And because I know I will hear shit from Silent Mike if I don’t add this:

Nice cowbell.

I mean, I love Bob Mould, but dude, just cover the song, don’t bother ripping it off.

So anyways, now Bob Mould has sent me on an ELO listening spree, and how often has anyone said THAT?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love ELO. I should not be able to read, “shooting” and smile at the same time, but I am.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Also, I will fully admit to easily being sent on an ELO listening spree! 😛

    New World Record was one of those I think I went through 3 or 4 variations of. I killed an album, bought another. Killed a cassette, bought a CD. It was one that was easily listenable from beginning to end. It also makes me think of Easter so it’s a little odd to hear any of it in August.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Also, I listened to Don’t Bring Me Down on my own. 😛 Tease…

  4. Careful, J, or you will wind up in a LOOOOONGGG discussion of ELO with Silent Mike; rivaling Brando and me talking Rush. 😀

    But I was late to the ELO love; in college, meeting Silent Mike, we bonded over Genesis, BOC and Snopek, and he educated me in the Ways of the Lynne. Before that, I thought of them as Top 40 artists….

    I confess I came to them through their later, more pop stuff also; Discovery and Time and such. Mike fixxxored that for me though. He had all the vinyl so I taped a bunch of it, but I also have been downloading it as required.

    But am I wrong that the beginning of that Mould song is the beginning of “Do Ya”? I mean, it’s probably a standard chord progression, I-V-IV or something, but it’s the same tone, tuning, pauses and everything. It’s only missing the string drop after the first bar…

  5. Jennifer says:

    I think I first discovered my love for ELO in ’75… and… I still stand by the fact that Jeff Lynne had to be the visual inspiration for a characters in The Hair Bear Bunch!

    I think we’ve had the Bob Mould discussion before… it should totally lead into Do Ya.

    Lately I keep hearing Tommy James in songs… Maybe I’ve just heard enough chord progressions that they’re overlapping.

  6. BDR says:

    I love “Bob Ross.” I’m so glad Jeff Lynne found a third career after ELO and Wilbury’s. Both bands I dig.

  7. I think we’ve had the Bob Mould discussion before

    yeah, probably, it’s like an old married couple, traversing the same old conversational territory over and over…. not that you would know anything of that, you whippersnapper get offa my lawn.

  8. mikey says:

    There are touchstones that are always available to take me back to some fine moments. Crimson and Clover. High Flying Bird. The Night Chicago Died. The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down. She’s So Selfish. Feeling That Way. Used To Bad News.

    There’s the start of a playlist that might just be the soundtrack of my life…

  9. She’s So Selfish


    I taped that album off an album-rock station, and played it incessantly while driving around, and mooning over a girl I worked with who had ABSOLUTELY ZERO INTEREST in me…

    In fact, I will just go ahead and switch from ELO to the Knack tonight, mmmkay?

  10. mikey says:

    Over the weekend we did our annual family pick a nick at Samuel P Taylor park in west marin and at some point in the middle of the morning I had to retreat to the perimeter and play a few Knack songs. They occasionally just call out and demand to be listened to. I love the drum lines…

  11. That first album was so stellar, it was a shame that it got so overplayed. A better musical tribute to adolescence, sexuality, and frustration would not be recorded until the Femmes did their first album…

    Their later albums were really pretty good too, although the backlash from that first album never allowed anybody to give them a chance. I found that if you played the albums, people liked them until you told them who it was.

    RIP Doug Fieger.

  12. M. Bouffant says:

    FWIW, saw ELO open for BÖC at the “world famous” Hollywood Palladium 1974/5-ish.

  13. LOL, OPENING for BOC. Wonderful.

  14. Silent Mike says:

    Well, if you don’t listen to the Move’s version you don’t know why there is a jet engine sound in the ELO version.


  16. fridge note to Bastard: Nope.

  17. Devo – Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)


  18. blue girl says:

    ZRM, of course that girl had no interest, you never should have mooned her!


    I like ELO. In a medium kind of way. Never owned an album but rarely turn them off when they come on the radio.

  19. Jennifer says:

    FWIW, saw ELO open for BÖC at the “world famous” Hollywood Palladium 1974/5-ish.
    LOL, OPENING for BOC. Wonderful.

    Another LOL… I saw them in ’80… opening for HALL AND OATES! HA!

  20. You better not be putting Theda on the roof, thunder….

  21. Nick says:

    ELO listening spree! I like all their stuff. Dove into it about the same time as Genesis. Time was one of my first “concept” album experiences. I have the Expanded version on my playlist at work. I really like the three extra tracks.

    Are we sure Tommy Thompson ISN”T dead? Breathing isn’t necessarily a requirement in the Republican party right now since brain function is frowned upon.

  22. blue girl says:

    I was just at the post office. GUESS WHAT SONG WAS PLAYING IN THERE?!

  23. Nick says:

    Back in Black?

  24. Nick says:

    Magical Mystery Tour? Ring of Fire? Beethoven’s 9th Symphony? This is really hard BG– there are a lot of songs to guess from.
    😉 <– Because ZRM insists!

  25. blue girl says:

    Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO!

    How ’bout that.

  26. the Post Office? Should have been There Is Power In A Union.

    BG goes all literalist. She probably threw out her whimsy when she moved.

  27. blue girl says:

    What are you talking about? That *was* whimsey!

  28. BG’s whimsy is brokeded.

  29. blue girl says:

    My whimsey’s different than yours. Mine has an e. (It’s Ohio whimsey.)

  30. Whimsy, or whimsey, is illegal in Ohio. John Kasich said so.

  31. blue girl says:

    Should we be blaming you for Paul Ryan?

  32. blue girl says:

    Of course not, I only think good thoughts. Good whimsey thoughts.

  33. I have played Do Ya in front of actual persons.

    O nostalgia.

  34. Whimsical thoughts? WhimsiKindle?

  35. mikey says:

    Did I imagine the whole conversation about Boston?

  36. What the fuck is wrong with you people!?!?!

  37. Dreaming dogs are hilarious.

  38. blue girl says:

    We don’t know!!! Help us, Lord Peter Wimsey!

  39. Silent Mike says:

    If’n you all want whimsey listen to ELO’s 7th track off of their 5th album “Down Home Town”.

  40. Nick says:

    I don’t think BG can receive help from LPW. She is resistant to all Wimsey influence.

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