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Posted: September 9, 2012 in Fridge Note

“I think he diminished himself by even mentioning my name. How does he even know my name?…I think it’s funny he even knows my name.” – Sarah Palin, on John Kerry’s speech.


ALL of us are diminished by knowing your name, Snowbilly.


It’s an EXTREME RARITY at teh Empire, a sports post!

So anyway, today there is a Sporting Event of interest.  mikey is welcome to gloat in the comments, or whatever, or share Sailor Jerry drinks over the intertubes.  Although he pre-conceded, so whichever way it goes, he wins!  Well played indeed.

Anybody else should feel free to open-threadize this thread, laud a certain Vikings kicker who channeled FYF to great effect, or tell me how I fucked up this time.  Bears talk is especially encouraged, as it will either be mockery or shame.


  1. mikey says:

    Fourth downs are fun.

    Blue soot guy cracks me up.

    I am, after all, a “free” man.

    With Bouffant on the Good Mood Food dealio. Unfamiliar I am…

  2. M. Bouffant says:

    Aikman & that other fuck Buck need to be tied together & disappeared into the ocean from a helicopter, blimp or aeroplane.

  3. mikey says:

    Wow. That went a LOT better than I thought it would.

    This could be a pretty good year…

  4. mikey says:

    Mute button is your second best friend. 1 and 5 minute skip on DVR are your best friends…

  5. fortunately, there’s a Rush show on Paladia, and Hornitos on the counter, so I can self-anesthetize.

  6. I have to take the approach of Silent Mike, and turn the teevee voices off in favor of Max And Irv on AM 620.

  7. Wow. That went a LOT better than I thought it would.

    You have to admit that at least 40% of that win is attributable to the Packers being doofuses.

  8. With Bouffant on the Good Mood Food dealio. Unfamiliar I am…

    Arby’s commercials. Singing hipster douchebag.

  9. mikey says:

    Huh. We HAVE Arbys. But they haven’t been running that campaign out here.

    Yes. If I was Aaron Rogers I go into the locker room with a long handled heavy round head shovel and just start beating useless clowns…

  10. Well, he says, understatingish – that was not an ideal start to the season.

    ZRM, re: the Southerner Who’s Name Cannot Be Pronounced…ummm, I’ve lived here on the wrong side of the Mississippi for some time, and I had to laugh when the ‘Queens went for broke and picked him up, and bless his heart, they had a helluva a year, but I could have predicted what came next, and I lollered very much so.

    Try Jim and Larry on ‘TMJ (I think), but miss Max McGee.

    Still kinda early for cocktails on the raggedy edge of the continent.
    Is this something other than American English? Because while I know all the words, this assembly seems nonsensical.

    I…recognize those dread words, from an eldritch tome. My god, MY GOD! THAT HAND AT THE WINDOW…

  11. M. Bouffant says:

    Not enough Arby’s in SoCal to make it worth their while. Hell, the one in Santa Monica was replaced by a Wendy’s last yr. Speaking of, if I see that witch w/ the bogus red hair (hope the dye gives her cancer) say “living large, my friend” one more time …

    Also, having watched the advert, I hate you for making me curious about the hipster shithead.

    P.S.: Even a Rush fan can’t call that “singing.”

  12. Also, having watched the advert, I hate you for making me curious about the hipster shithead.


  13. mikey says:

    Bouffant, are you completely dead inside?

    That redhead is HOT. If those commercials were longer I’d be all over myself.

    Just sayin…

  14. TM-fucking-I, mikey!!!

    …also, her hair color is Schrodinger’s Red: it is indeterminate from commercial to commercial.

  15. P.S.: Even a Rush fan can’t call that “singing.”

    yeah, I lied. But I knew you would figure it out.

  16. I hate you for making me curious about the hipster shithead.

    Still paying you back for posting your poop in my comment thread.

  17. mikey says:

    “TM-fucking-I, mikey!!!”

    Ahh, c’mon, like anybody’s going to do it with me other than me…


  18. Gonna put this thread over the Zardoz threshold by saying that I am watching Gran Torino, and mostly suspect it was a vehicle to allow Eastwood to unlimber all the racial epithets he’s been bottling up all these years… but when he takes Tao to the construction site to get him a job, I will testify that the conversation within the jobsite trailer was almost exactly true to life.

  19. M. Bouffant says:

    Bouffant, are you completely dead inside?

    Pretty much, yeah. I just mostly dislike the “living large” bit w/ pseudo-Wendy. And when I was “dating” I kept it pretty much in my age cohort. No granddaughters.

  20. the thing about that commercial that cracks me up is that apparently American ambitions have slid so much that “living large” now consists of a crappy fast-food burger and a second hand La-Z-Boy.

    Another couple of Republican administrations, and “living Large” will be having a SECOND cardboard box under the viaduct.

  21. Nick says:

    What to say about that travesty yesterday… well, Lambeau Field looked good.

    Dom Capers “genius” status should immediately be revoked. The officiating just about made me break my tv. The refs made the game horrendous to watch and their constant, yet always, always, ALWAYS late flags totally eliminated ANY chance for the Packers offense to get into any kind of a groove or up-tempo rhythm. So, while most of the calls were accurate, the timing was such that it affected the Packers offense a lot more than then 9’ers offense.

    Contrary Mikey’s comment above, I think there were THREE bad calls (well, two, one was a non-call) that significantly changed the game. One benefited the Packers, but two helped the 9’ers. On our side, we got away with a block in the back on the punt return for a TD. One their side: the offensive pass interference call on Jones was… frankly unbelievable and probably cost us a touchdown. Call that a wash (though, of course, it isn’t since who knows how things play out if we score on that early possession instead of having to punt).


    Error #3: how, How, HOW, HOOOOOWWWWW did the refs not see the facemask grab on Rodgers on 4th down?! The umpire’s principle job is to watch the QB. When Rodgers goes from standing tall to his head suddenly plummeting straight toward the ground (not backwards, straight down), shouldn’t that be a little revealing? It was pathetic! There’s a fair chance we wouldn’t have scored anyway, and even if we did, a chance that we wouldn’t have converted the 2 pt., and even then we might have lost in overtime– but they still shouldn’t have missed it and it WAS a game changer.

    Okay, I feel better now (a little anyway). The refs were horrible. Inconsistent, timid, and far too often just wrong. But the 9’ers outplayed the Packers and we deserved to lose. My worry is two-fold: 1) The defense is still atrocious and 2) The offensive juggernaut of last year will be handicapped as long as we have refs like yesterday that prevent us from going up-tempo.

    And the Brewers lost. And the Badgers lost. I think the Bucks lost too, even though they didn’t play– they’re the Bucks, after all. Ugh.

    Oh, yeah. Politics. I loved seeing Clinton up there last week. I’ve always like him (as a politician anyway), and his skewering of Rmoney and Ryan and the rest of the Right was pure poetry. And I really liked Obama’s speech, too. I know many here don’t like him because he’s too centrist, but when the alternative is sheer, delusional crazy (expertly encapsulized by Mr. Eastwood the week before), his sane, sober (even somber at times) appeal to our better instincts and the need to help each other was very refreshing.

    And Troy Aikman needs to be dunked in barbeque sauce and fed to ravenous ocelots. What an egregious squeezebag.

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