Sounds That Can’t Be Made

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Fuck You Friday, Music nobody listens to, Turdwaffle and problems

Yeah, that’s title lonk is for the new Marillion album, go ahead and Hate Me.  I ordered the Special edition (but too late to get my name in the book for funding the effort; s’OK, though, I got my name in the two prior ones.  Cash flow, yanno) and although it seems to be making it’s way here by deserted-island-bottle, the band sent me a lonk to an MP3 download, so I was enjoying it for a couple of weeks now.

Is it Caturday?  Might be, might be….

But I don’t have any good new piccys of By-Tiller and the Snow Cat, so here is one of YZ and Lucifer, with the inaugural fire on the deck:

Canvasser came to the door this morning, made me put pants on and everything.  Wanted to know what my biggest concern was in the upcoming election.  “Frankly, I have serious disagreements with President Obama and the Democrats on many things…but my biggest concern right now is keeping Willard Romney as far away from the office of the Presidency as possible.”

In that vein, this quote from President Obama is posted in contravention of the Prevailing Wisdom that Obama is going to cut Social Security:

“You know, I do think that looking at changing the cap is an important aspect of putting Social Security on a more stable footing,” Obama said, via satellite feed. “And what I’ve said is, is that I’m willing to work with Republicans and examine all their ideas, but what I’m not going to do, as a matter of principle, is to slash benefits or privatize Social Security and suddenly turn it over to Wall Street — because we saw what could happen back in 2008 and 2009 when the stock market crashed, and we are still recovering from that.”

I have often argued that Obama has actually made no real gestures toward slashing SS, let alone proposing action on it.  There was an interesting question posed at BDR’s joint the other day, to the effect of “what could Obama say that would make you retract your support for him”  which is an interesting question in itself; although perhaps not particularly pertinent in the upcoming decision because the choice isn’t between Obama and The Perfect.  But if it comes down to that, perhaps if he said something like this:

In almost every fight we are involved in here, on Capitol Hill…it is a fight that usually comes down to one conflict: individualism vs. collectivism…That is why there is no more fight that is more obvious between the differences of these two conflicts than Social Security. Social Security right now is a collectivist system, it’s a welfare transfer system…..

If we do not succeed in switching these programs, in reforming these programs from what some people call a defined benefit system, to a defined contribution system– from switching these programs—and this is where I’m talking about health care, as well — from a third party or socialist based system to an individually owned, individually prefunded, individually directed system.

I would like to have more people on our team who are owners and believers in the individualist capitalist system than on the other side, and if every worker in this country becomes an owner of real wealth, of seeing the fruits of their labor come and materialize for their benefit, then that’s that many more people in America who are not going to listen to likes of Dick Gephardt and Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, the collectivist, class warfare-breathing demagogues.

That is the difference between two starkly different philosophies.  There is no equivalency.

Once upon a time, it was also a given that Obama was going to devalue and weaken Medicare.  But in the end, the PPACA was enacted, which had the effect of closing the donut hole and strengthening Medicare.

Finally, as a  FYF-on-a-Saturday, I find this video mordantly amusing:

Fuck YOU, Paul Ryan, you and your dead eyes give zombies a bad name, regardless of the FAMOUS Charlie “driftglass” Pierce.  Too bad they didn’t charge the stage and beat you bloody with their walkers.  Although I actually suspect they will use this to demonize the Aged Moochers, like they used Rmoney’s appearance at the NAACP.  You know, demonstrating that Rmoney/Ryan are tough enough to tell those parasites what is what, and it will have a tendency to play well with their angry resentful demographic.

Oh heck, here’s a cat anyway:

  1. herr doktor bimler says:

    made me put pants on and everything
    You have Trouser Enforcement Police there?! GUBBLEMENT FASCISTS!

  2. Sent by Obama, no less.


  3. mikey says:

    Jeez, man, that was lucid. And included less than three bands I’ve never heard of. Your reputation as a dork is fading even as your gifts as a writer come to the fore.

    Y’know, in much of the world, they only have one week for campaigning. And I’ve often thought that would be really nice –

    You’ve got your list out
    Say your piece and get out

    – but if we’re going to permit outright lies and manipulated videos we actually DO need more time. And sure enough, the people are beginning to catch on to a party with an agenda so malicious, so toxic that they have to lie about it and pretend it does things it does not do, not to mention things it does not do that it does. Perhaps we’re being saved, at least in the nearest term, by a system that is designed to maximize the profits of the consultants, advertising agencies and broadcast networks…

  4. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:


  5. Also: Romney tells schoolteacher “I didn’t ask you a question”

    Whoah. That is one entitled prick of a CEO asshole boss, right there. Listen, shit-canoe, the help have to take that shit when you are the CEO, but that’s not really how this whole ‘elected official’ thing goes. I recognize that you had anticipated the Presidency as a bought-and-appointed position….

  6. blue girl says:

    the help have to take that shit when you are the CEO, but that’s not really how this whole ‘elected official’ thing goes.

    Amen, Brother.

    Goes along quite nicely with the whole: Stop it! from his lovely wife.

    They are just very, very used to getting exactly what they want.

  7. 1bluegirl says:

    I’m on the kindle

  8. put down the coffee, Blue Zombie.

  9. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I useta have a head of hair just like Young Zombie’s.


  10. mikey says:

    Roll down the window.

    I think somebody farted…

  11. mikey says:

    Aaron might need emergency medical assistance before this one’s over…

  12. Canvasser came to the door this morning, made me put pants on and everything.

    Before or after you opened the door.

    Marillion rates an LOL.

  13. fish says:

    I thought I had reason to complain about NFL refs, but Zombie’s got me beat today.

    • Sympathy from the Fish. It’s kind of disconcerting.

      For much of the game, there were a series of blown, or at least questionable, calls; but during the final couple of minutes, I count no less than FIVE completely fucked calls, all of which impacted the Packers and any one of which was going to prevent the Seahawks from winning:

      1: when the Packers went for 2 points, they gave them a kicking ball, which apparently is smoother (there’s a separate kicking ball. Who gnu?) OK, this one maybe wasn’t game changing, but even with the others, had the potential to make it an OT game.
      2: Egregious roughing the passer call, which negated a Packer interception.
      3. Called defensive pass interference rather than the much more obvious offensive pass interference; without this yardage; the defender was turned all the way around to the ball.
      4. Offensive PI in the end zone. Admittedly, rarely called in a Hail Mary situation, but this was so blatant; Tate pushed the Packer completely to the ground.
      5. Possession of the ball. Jennings had both hands on it, well before Tate, and had it cradled. Tate had one hand on it around Jenning’s chest. It wasn’t simultaneous, and it wasn’t even shared possession until after they hit the ground. One of the refs called touchback (interception) and the other touchdown. The one who called touchback had a better view of the ball. Look, evenSummerfest is posting about it.

      look how bad it is: even Turdwaffle (hypocritically) is calling for the real refs back. They’re UNIONIZED, Turdie!

  14. mikey says:

    Yeah – Packers got utterly hosed. Malicious Hosery.

    But it was bound to happen – the teevee idiots kept trying to make it about ‘player safety’, that’s dumb, the refs don’t impact player safety, but it was, at some point, going to impact the outcome of the game, and there can’t be much argument we’ve had that now. There are a few hundred careers on the line every time a team loses, and the mafia could lose millions and there’s really no upside to pissing off the mafia, so you can see how destructive this thing is, with the ripples of misery spreading throughout the land.

    I kept wondering why the hell the League didn’t just pay these guys and make it all go away, but now we’re starting to understand what it’s all about. The NFL wants to end defined benefit pensions, for EVERYONE, so they started with the ‘easiest’ CBA and went after the Officials. The Officials, on the other hand, don’t want to switch to a 401(k), and who can blame ’em? It’s a shitty deal, in many cases utterly worthless, and pensions are supposed to be about economic security, not risky investing with limited capital – it’s the worst of all possible options…

  15. fish says:

    The Ravens/Pats game was horrendous with one pass interference call where the defender never actually touched the ref, but the Pack got screwed even worse.

  16. mikey says:

    To me, the best one (so far) is the same replacement ref has called two ‘Illegal block in the back by the kicking team’ penalties, in TWO different games.

    It turns out there is no such penalty – he just made it up…

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