Man In The Black Sedan

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Humanity is a virus

Good fucking Orange Dog, I have had an endless series of disagreements with meteorological-americans, and I am still not convince that Obama is a Manchurian Social-security-Cutting Magic Negro.  Here:

First, Obama’s ACTUAL  stated position is not to cut SS benefits.

Second, gore-crows also predicted that he would take the first opportunity to fuck up Medicare.  And in the end, PPACA actually strengthened Medicare, extending its viability.

As another blogger has pointed out, the Presidency for all its attention, is not by itself an very powerful position.  In 2004, Dubya announced quite loudly that he was going to move SS to a private program, and that turned into a turd almost immediately.

So let’s take it as a given that Obama wants to cripple Social Security.  How does that putative desire become a reality?  In the face of an ostensibly Democratic Senate (and I would dispute that there are not nearly enough votes on the D side) and a House that is unwilling to allow ANY Democratic successes at any level.

Grand Bargain my ass.  There are four or five leverage points at which it will, inevitably be fucked.  But beyond that, I still have seen no actual, real and clear proof that Obama actually wants to fuck with Social Security other than raising the cap and some other finagling on the edges. One of the former bloggerhood usually comes back with some combination of “Obama created the [failed] Catfood commission” and “there are some vague Grand Bargain” blatherings  that we can point to.  But in the end, let’s rack up some numbers here:  Under Obama’s administration, the PPACA strengthened Medicare, not to mention enabling several million Americans to obtain forms of health care.

Look, I have issues with Obama on my own.  He bought into the surveillance state (established int he prior administration) and has been all too willing to wage unacknowledged violence with drones and surreptitious aggressiveness.  But I am also not foolish enough to think that those are something new.  It is easy to forget that that the carpet-bombing of Cambodia was also done without public knowledge.

America is fucked up by nearly any metric.  And almost all of those metrics were bought into by Our Congress.  Look, Feingold was the sole vote against the Surveillance state, and that worked out so well for him didn’t it?

The idea that any single Presidential candidate is supposed to encapsulate some kind of ideal has been a mockery at best; Although the Republicans have been propping up  Reagan’s corpse for so long that as a zombie I find it unseemly.

Voting sucks  Yeah, you are going to be faced with two horrible people.  But goddamit, at this point you should have figured a couple of things out..

One of those fuckers wants you to die.  For the most part, they are conveniently labeled “Republican”.

The other asshole is just as egregiously corporate-owned, military squeezebag that is using black budget crap to kill all kinds of people (for a change we are able to see it that we haven’t been able to) HOWEVER;

under the second asshole, the two stupid wars have been drastically scaled back; restrictions on gays have been rolled back; health insurance coverage has been radically expanded and the limitations of insurance providers has been restricted.

It’s not an ideal situation, by any accounting and it is not enough; but in every way it is far better than we can ever expect if the Party of teh Plutocrats ever get their hands on the levers again.


  1. M. Bouffant says:

    I am now on record that if my benefits are fucked w/, that last decent sized deposit will go to guns, ammo, bomb-making supplies & a plane ticket to D.C.

  2. Landru says:

    I want to be sodomized and gay married by this post. And I don’t even care if it kisses me.

  3. herr doktor bimler says:


  4. mikey says:

    Very well said, with clarity and patience.

    And probably more effective than my typical “of course it’s the LESSER of to evils. Do you really want to support the GREATER of two evils instead?”

    • And probably more effective than my typical

      I kind of doubt it. I was reading comments at Hunting of the Snark, and there is a LOT of anger toward recognizing that we only have a choice between Obama and Rmoney, and that Magic Democrat is not on the ticket. And a LOT of false equivalencies, not to mention a seeming misunderstanding of how the American Legislative system works.

      It reminds me of the PUMA dead-enders. And, in a sad way, the great Feminism Purity Wars that you served in…

  5. mikey says:

    Giants 48-33 at home, 43-32 on the road. First two, almost certainly against Cincinnati, led by the weird and unreliable Dusty Baker, who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in ’02 when he managed the Giants, Cain and Bumgarner against Cueto and Arroyo. This is going to be fun!

  6. mikey says:

    It’s hard to tell when you have the Ravens playing against Pop Warner’s finest…

  7. Silent Mike says:

    Since we are showing odd buildings, what the frack is this?

  8. fish says:

    Fits right in with the neighborhood I say.

  9. not to mention a seeming misunderstanding of how the American Legislative system works.

    Tell it to Bernie Sanders.

    “That’s exactly what’s going to happen,” Sanders said of Social Security being on the proverbial table, “Unless someone of us stops it — and a number of us are working very hard on this — that’s exactly what will happen. Everything being equal, unless we stop it, what will happen is there will be a quote-unquote grand bargain after the election in which the White House, some Democrats will sit down with Republicans, they will move to a chained CPI.”

    – Bernie Sanders

    The only good news in the article is that Woodward doesn’t think the Democrats will go along with “entitlement” cuts. Unfortunately, so far, we only have 28 Democratic Senators willing to stand up and say no. That’s not enough. It will all hinge on Reid and I’m not sure he’ll defy his newly elected president.

    – Digby

    As for the lesser evil nonsense, it is mikey and yourself who absolutely refuse to listen to what I’m saying.

    If this were just one election that came out of the blue from nowhere, then I’d agree…Sucks that our choices are so bad, but D is better than R and that’s the end of it.

    But it’s not. Let’s take a look at the GOP base. They’re mean-spirited and willfully ignorant. But GOP politicians have to respect their wishes, or they pay.

    Not on our side! Any improbable excuse for selling out the Democratic voter is fine, because of course the “retards” will vote for the lesser evil. And so the lesser evil keeps getting more evil, and the greater evil responds.

    • Thunder, I don’t have time to respond. Suffice to say that you are completely wrong about me (dunno about mikey, unlike you I am unable to read minds from half a continent away) but I listen and read what you are saying.

      I just don’t agree.

      In all your lonks there, there isn’t a single direct reference to a quote from Obama or an actual piece of legislation that even hints at what you’re saying. You are verging into the Rumsfeld “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” territory….

      but hey, thanks for calling me a retard.

  10. mikey says:

    There is also, in Thunder’s construct, an apparent theory that if enough people vote for some marginal or niche candidate so that the Republicans regain the White House, something fundamental will shift to either a) create a true multi party democracy in America or b) drive a seismic shift in the Democratic party, in which they suddenly embrace their left wing, reversing decades of rightward drift.

    But can somebody provide any practical evidence that this might happen? Because you’re taking the position that inflicting the Romney Ryan policy agenda on the United States for four, or even eight years is necessary to ‘fix’ the system. I’m not sure I’d accept that it would be worth it, but it WOULD be worth considering if there was any reason to believe what is, frankly, just another quadrennial left-wing fantasy.

    I find it especially odd to hear this sort of construct from Thunder, who acknowledges as readily as anyone that the American political system has been utterly co-opted by the wealthy and the corporations, something we all agree with and something that really isn’t even argued against by most of the media. So to somehow assume that electing MITT FUCKING ROMNEY to the presidency is going to somehow act as a catalyst to take back that political system seems…illogical. It seems more likely that a Romney/Ryan administration would further cement what is already an irreversible process of subverting the democratic process in America.

    We have no power to change the system. It has been occupied at its highest and most functional levels, and it is has been effectively and purposely hardened against internal change. We are its victims, and our only choices are the ones they give us. Some of us prefer the policies promised by the authoritarians and bigots, and that choice is perfectly acceptable to the owners of the system. Some of us prefer a little more in the way of government services, and within specific parameters that preserve corporate profits and individual wealth that is also acceptable to the owners. Those are the choices the system has allowed us.

    We have one other choice. At some point, we may choose to exercise it. At this point, it appears to be off the table.

  11. fish says:

    Thunder didn’t call you a retard, Rahm did.

    • I must have missed where Rahm Emanuel commented on my blog.

      Thunder made the reference, fish. The implication is pretty clear. If he didn’t want to call me a retard, there are about two thousand other ways to write that sentence.

  12. fish says:

    We are its victims, and our only choices are the ones they give us.

    We can choose not to play with their rule book. cf. Susan B Anthony, Gandhi, MLK Jr. etc.

    • Yeah, fish, but that takes WORK. and it seems the people crying about ‘lesser shittism’ don’t feel like it.

      The way the hard-right conservatives managed to make the Republican Party scared of them is not because some doofuses in Medicare Scooters wore funny hats; but by putting hard-right candidates in all the available offices, starting with dog catcher and working up. Local committees, school boards, whatever. They ORGANIZED. The worked their asses off and took over the party from within.

      Which is also what Anthony, Gandhi, and MLK took advantage of. While all of those people were galvanizing, they weren’t operating in a vacuum. The civil rights they helped move forward were part of a continuum of people who worked their asses off, inside AND outside the system. And Susan B as well as MLK (dunno about Gandhi) had allies within the system too. Including, oddly enough, Willard’s Dad.

      Liberals, of course, organize as well as cats herd, so that’s an even tougher hurdle. But is it impossible? I don’t think so. We replaced Walker as county Exec with Chris Abele, a good philanthropistic liberal. He’s working with a hidebound system that was impoverished by Walker and is STILL revealing the timebombs that Turdwaffle left, but he’s doing what he can (regardless of the inexplicable firing of Sue Black).

      at the national level, there’s no such thing as a protest vote. put your protest vote in one hand, crap in the other, and see which piles up faster. The only thing withdrawing from the system does is provide more weight to the fascist bastards, whose idealism extends from “fucking the blahs” to “fucking the libruls” and back again, and that half-vote for Willard is just fine with them.

      And withdrawing from the system is even more pointless, because the system is not going to withdraw from you.

  13. 1bluegirl says:

    I’m on my new phone leaving a comment! It’s finally working!

  14. Interestingly enough, at least to me, is that now that I’ve gotten some work out of the way and a couple of drinks in me, I lonked to thunder’s lonk and see that where Rahm says “retards” it is in regards to a specific group agitating for single-payer healthcare. Not to say that I am not in support of that, but 2 things: 1) in this time, with this Republican Party, if you are looking for single payer, you might as well wish for a pony that pisses rum and shits dollar bills. So while ‘retards’ is a godawful way to express it, it does get across the relative naivete. and 2) thunder’s sentence there clearly implies that Rahm was directing the comment at people who vote for Democrats and Obama, which is not the case.

  15. mikey says:

    The crazy thing is, we all like to try to think in eleven dimensions, but the simple fact is that the Romney campaign, especially through VP nominee Paul Ryan, has EXPRESSLY and repeatedly proposed eliminating Social Security and Medicare. So to somehow say that to work against their only real opponent for the White House on the basis of his being a threat to SocSec and Medicare is lunacy. It’s like worrying about catching the flu in a mortar barrage…

  16. blue girl says:

    Met a college guy yesterday who worked at the Verizon store, a political theory major. His thought was, “We all need to *hug* it out. Can’t we just hug it out?” I am well aware of the Rodney King political theory.

    He has a long road of heartbreak ahead of him.

    Talked with a friend last night who hates Romney but doesn’t like Obama because of all the “welfare” he hands out.


    I know where thunder is coming from, but I have no idea what the answer is because the president can only work within a rotten system, and Obama has actually cemented a lot of the rottenness himself. It’s disappointing. Outrageous even.

    And withdrawing from the system is even more pointless, because the system is not going to withdraw from you.

    I agree with that.

  17. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Snakefinger? Did you get Smut to help write this post?

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