Posted: October 11, 2012 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to

They are indicating that it is either the last Musical Box tour, or the last time they are touring the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway; either way I am not ABOUT to miss it:

This one goes out to whiny whinemaster Andrew Sullivan, who is whining:

Yeah, they are doing the full theatrical show, videos, costumes, even antique instruments.  Peter Gabriel says they are better than Genesis were at it (they’ve certainly had more practice).  Phil Collins and Steve Hackett both played with them, and professed to be terrified about not remembering how to play the songs.

The Lamb predates The Wall in theatrical rock-show concept album over-the-top pretentiousness, and since it is far more surreal, makes for even better rock show wham-bang WTF-ness.  Although the many costumes and running around tend to take a toll on the singer.

The first time this came through, I saw it on two consecutive nights, and by the time the second show started, all my nerve endings were shot and the show seemed kind of flat.  But talking to others, it was me, not the band.

The extraordinary thing is that this was done in 1974; no Varilites, no digital video, hell,  hardly any digital INSTRUMENTS; done by kids, really, who 5 years previously had been in high school.  The album was released to widespread head scratching and mixed reviews, but has since become a touchstone of prog and theatrical rock, paving the way for every concept album and show since.  And yet has Pink Floyd ever thanked Genesis?  Did they bogroll (Rush has actually recognized the influence of the band).

I said it was pretentious, and certainly there is some of that; but it is also earnest, the ambitious work of crazy youngsters who haven’t learned where the edges of their world are yet.  They didn’t pretend that they were the heirs of Mozart or Bach; they were trying to find out if rock music could be expanded into different theatrical corners.  If the Lamb never reaches full realization of these ideas, it may fairly be said that their reach exceeded their grasp; but I think you would err to say they were wrong to try.

  1. BDR says:

    Thanks! Liked the song that was in my head, always nice to get it knocked out for another.

    • Sorry, BDR, the WP mini-posting box confused the hell out of me and the video got posted before I could write the wrap.

      I was going to make it short and sweet, because I know everybody likes me better when I talk less, and just post videos, but I got on a roll…

  2. However, Beege will be tickled to know that now I am listening to the “Ultimate Zombee Genesis” mock-live playlist, the three hour show they SHOULD have played….

  3. mikey says:

    It’s cool that somebody’s still putting on those shows after nearly forty years. Yeah. Fuck. That’s insane.

    For me, I never had the depth or breadth or sense of music-as-art to figure out how to enjoy Genesis or Yes or Pink Floyd or Led Zepplin or ELO or really, even Bowie. I was simple and predictable – I liked the singer/songwriters, I liked the “corporate rock”, I liked the GUITARS. I liked Nazareth, I liked BTO, I liked .38 Special, I liked the HELL outta Night Ranger. About the only real brag I’ve got is I was a Springsteen fan before Born to Run, long before he was on the cover of Newsweek. Of course, I never really cared much for any of his work after Born to Run. To me, Asbury Park will always be the Seminal Springsteen. Except for the bits and pieces of live Zevon you can find with Bruce and/or Jackson Browne. The Zevon version of Cadillac Ranch is beyond excellent.

    In another vein, man, the Giants and As are making this a highly unproductive week. Thank goodness nobody had the bad judgement to hire me before this – woulda hated to miss it. Giants-Reds Game five in half an hour. I kinda prefer watching baseball with a cocktail and some cheese and crackers, but somehow at ten aye emm that doesn’t sound so good. So it’s win or go home over a bowl of cereal, I guess. I like the Puffins, but it always freaks me out because it says on the box they’re “Barbara’s Puffins” and while shovel larceny is perfectly respectable, stealing some lady’s Puffins just seems kind of wrong to me…

    • It’s cool that somebody’s still putting on those shows after nearly forty years. Yeah. Fuck. That’s insane.

      I know, right? I think the members of Genesis are a bit nonplussed by the whole idea; they never even videotaped the original shows. Never thought they were doing something epochal that would resonate with people half a lifetime down the road.

      I am with you on the guitars thing though. Not so much on the Night Ranger.

  4. The Zevon version of Cadillac Ranch is beyond excellent.

    Any song could be put in the middle of that sentence.

  5. I kinda prefer watching baseball with a cocktail and some cheese and crackers, but somehow at ten aye emm that doesn’t sound so good.

    My image of mikey has been shattered.

  6. mikey says:

    I think it relates directly to that whole ‘forty years’ thing.

    It’s not ‘mikey’ so much as ‘old mikey’.

    It’s kind of a manifestation of the same evolution that makes me unwilling today to have a long annoying conversation with an idiot just to have sex with her…

    It IS kind of sad, but it seems to be beyond my control…

  7. “conversation”?

    OK, I think that explains some things….

  8. 1bluegirl says:

    Clothes of brass and hair of brown
    Seldom need to breathe
    Don’t need no wings to fly
    And a heart of stone
    A fear of fire and water
    Who am I?

    Let me repeat my favorite part:

    A fear of fire and water, who am I

    I love to sing that part!!

    Also: fish, he got a hook in his throat, fish he got problem.



  9. 1bluegirl says:

    ZRM, how weird and fun would it be if I came up and went to that show with you? Are you definitely going? Do you have plans with anyone else?

    • I have tix already. presale was yesterday, after some problems with the internozzles, I got fourth row. Left Center, row D, seats 5 and 6.

      Wife Sublime has first shot at the second seat, but she passed on the Lamb last time also. I also extended an invite to Zelmo in the event WS declines, but he is so rarely able to escape his dungeon.

      You’re third in line!

      • Service charges and fees were very nearly more than the face value of the tickets.

      • 1bluegirl says:

        Having a conversation in my head with someone who is close to me yet doesn’t know me very well. Let’s say for fun sake, my mother.

        Mother: What are you doing this weekend?

        Me: I’m flying to Wisconsin.

        Mother: What on earth for?

        Me: To meet a guy I met on the Internet.

        Mother: WHAT?!

        Me: We’re going to a concert together.

        Mother: What concert?

        Me: Musical Box.

        Mother: Who are they?

        Me: They’re a band who performs Genesis music flawlessly.

        Mother: Who is Genesis?

        Me: My favorite band of all time.

        Mother: Well, then why don’t you just go see them?

        Me: Cuz they broke up 20+ years ago.

        Mother: Then why do you care? And who is this man in Wisconsin?

        Me: I care because it’s the best thing ever in the history of my musical life. They live in my heart. The man in Wisconsin loves them too in the same way I do.

        Mother: How do you know this man in Wisconsin is not a serial killer?!

        Me: He has been known to eat brains.

        Mother: WHAT?!

        Me: It’s a joke, Mom.

        Mother: So you’re going to see a band that does music this band you love used to do a long time ago?

        Me: Yes. But they perform music even older than 20 years ago. Let’s say 40 years ago!

        Mother: You were eight 40 years ago. Did you know this Musical Box then?

        Me: No, I was a cool kid, but not that cool. I didn’t know of Genesis till I was 16-ish. But that was when Phil Collins was the lead singer. Peter Gabriel was the lead singer 40 years ago. Musical Box performs the music from the Peter Gabriel era. I don’t know it like I know the newer Genesis. But not the new “pop” Genesis. The newer prog stuff before they went POP!

        Mother: Well, I’m not sure about this plan. It doesn’t seem necessary to me. You flying off to Wisconsin to meet some man you met on the Internet who has been known to eat brains. All to see a band that’s not really the band you love; a band who’s not even performing the music from the era when you fell in love with them. It all seems quite unnecessary.

        Me: I love them so much that it makes me cry.

        Mother: Well, I don’t understand.

        Me: I know. Now excuse me, I have to get my green food coloring out and go make some cookies to take to the man in Wisconsin as a “thank you” for selecting me to be the third in line to go to this show with him.

        Mother: You have always been a strange girl.

        Me: I know. YOW… YOW!

    • Did you ever see the Musical Box when they brought one of their shows through, Beege?

      • 1bluegirl says:

        No, I haven’t. Cleveland’s Genesis cover band was Fayreweather. I *thought* they were good but just listened to them on YouTube and that is actually debatable. lol

        I swear tho…. I dragged the Skimmer to a bar to hear them play when we first got married. The place was packed and I thought they were great. We were all probably looking at them thru rose colored glasses. I’ve heard many, many, many people say Musical Box really *is* great.

      • Musical Box is different from your standard cover band, though. They take a more theatrical approach to the shows, reproducing entire shows from various tours. Including the weird stories and interludes Peter Gabriel used to do, and the costumes. They have been allowed some access to the stuff that Genesis has in storage to get period instruments and reproductions of the visuals and special effects. For the Lamb, they managed to one-up Genesis, by using current technology to make the triple slide screens work in unison, an effort that Gabriel admits they were only able to get to work as intended a half dozen times over the 100 performances of the Lamb they originally did.

        The Musical Box has done several versions: The Trespass tour, Selling England By The Pound, The Lamb, and Trick Of The Tail. I saw all those in Milwaukee. The Trick was the one where you could see the beginnings of those awe-inspiring shows from the Duke and Abacab period…amusingly, at that time Phil had not become fully comfortable as front man, and the band would alternate introductions to songs; Rutherford, Hackett, and Banks all gave it a try. The Musical Box even reproduced that hilarious bad idea.

  10. 1bluegirl says:

    Say goodnight, Gracie.

    Well, then, you don’t get your cookies!

    Or…. has that been your plan all along?

    • Is it possible that Beege doesn’t recognize the George Burns reference?

      • 1bluegirl says:

        I always thought it meant, You’re a little nutty. Which is apt, I suppose. Or is there some deep, meaningful reference, possibly becoming a newer Internet tradition that I’m unaware of?

      • 1bluegirl says:

        And yes, I know that I’m a ton younger than you so that it would be possible for you to think I had never heard of that phrase. Me being so much younger and all.

      • At the end of the (George) Burns and (Gracie) Allen show, Gracie would go into a ditzy blond routine, to which Burns played straight man, and after she would go wandering off into the loopy ether and eventually deliver a malapropism or punch line, Burns would say wearily “Say goodnight, Gracie” to which she of course replied “Goodnight Gracie”.

        So, of course, I meant it in sense that you had delivered an hilarious routine.

      • 1bluegirl says:

        Yes, I know. Went off into the loopy ether cuz I seriously can’t imagine telling someone close to me who would never understand it that I’d actually go to this concert with you.

        And hey, I’m comfortable in the loopy either. So THERE!

        Phil would understand.


  11. And yes, I know that I’m a ton younger than you so that it would be possible for you to think I had never heard of that phrase. Me being so much younger and all.

    Speak up.

    And get offa my lawn.

  12. It’s the Lamb. Phil’s gotta sit back there and just play the drums, and if he comes out, we’re allowed to throw things at him.

  13. I seriously can’t imagine telling someone close to me who would never understand it that I’d actually go to this concert with you.

    So you’re going to lie to your MOTHER?

    • 1bluegirl says:

      It’s the only way to survive, ZRM.

      She doesn’t even know I have a blog!! lol She doesn’t get a lot of stuff that I do. She thinks everything’s dangerous.

  14. 1bluegirl says:

    Haha, NOT “yeah, I know” that I had delivered a hilarious routine. “Yeah, I know” where the phrase came from. Although I do have to admit, I don’t think I ever actually SAW any of their routines. Just learned about it through osmosis. Passed down from much older generations than myself.

  15. Now I’m listening to one of the live versions of the Lamb I have, Lakeland Theater in 1975. I blame Beege.

    But I love the bridge in the middle of The Cage where Rutherford and hackett just ride that crude rhythm, ba-dum: Ba-DUM while Banks rides a single chord for some interminable time….

    • 1bluegirl says:

      I blame Beege.

      Hey, you started it! And now you’ve got me wanting to listen to my Trick of the Tail ALBUM like I used to when I was young and cool.

      And reading that, Bouffant starts to laugh his head off…

      • LOL. I have a recording of Trick of the Tail tour from Ontario, must have been 76 or 77….

        imma listen to that next, perhaps.

      • Trick of the tail tour setlist:

        “Dance on a Volcano”
        “Lamb Stew Medley” – “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”/”Fly on a Windshield”/”The Carpet Crawlers”
        “The Cinema Show”
        “Robbery, Assault and Battery”
        “White Mountain”
        “Firth of Fifth”
        “Supper’s Ready”
        “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”
        “Los Endos”


        “it”/”Watcher of the Skies”

      • 1bluegirl says:

        Aaahhhhheeeeeeeeee! I miss those days. I LOVED THOSE CONCERTS.

      • 1bluegirl says:

        What album came after Trick of the Tail? I think whatever it was was the one where I fell in love making me go backwards to Trick of the Tail.

      • 1bluegirl says:

        I guess I could goggle it myself but I know you are an expert.

  16. To be fair to your mother, everything IS dangerous.

    At least everything that’s any fun…..

  17. M. Bouffant says:

    All your tastes are in your mouths.

  18. mikey says:

    All of which led to the end of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In when Dan Rowan would say “Say goodnight, Dick” and Dick Martin, would, in accordance with the prophecy, say “Goodnight Dick”…

  19. we’re not disrupting your baseball games, are we mikey-the-old? Not being too loud or anything?

  20. mikey says:

    Not as loud as one Mark I Mod 0 Buster Posey.


  21. mikey says:

    Also, too, I just finished eating one of the great sammiches of all time. Last night’s herb-roasted chicken breast, sliced thin on top of a slice of black forest ham and topped with a slice of righteous ementaller, ripe tomato and chopped cilantro.

    Warren Zevon implores us to “enjoy every sandwich”, but some are just better than others…

  22. I guess I could goggle it myself but I know you are an expert.

    Also, my buttons are easily pushed and they are all clearly labeled.

    “Wind and Wuthering”.

    Here’s Gabriel listening to it:

  23. 1bluegirl says:

    Also, my buttons are easily pushed and they are all clearly labeled.


    Hope I didn’t push any buttons. Didn’t mean to. Just can’t remember the order and also, if you put them in some sort of order up higher in the post or even in the comment thread, I don’t remember and can’t find it now.

    Ahh, Wind and Wuthering. Not sure that was the one either. My memory is horrible. All I really remember is that I heard Carpet Crawlers and was a goner. Maybe Three Sides Live? Maybe And Then There Were Three? Oh, whatever. Don’t remember the first one I ever heard. All I know is that I loved it.

    • I don’t regard button-pushing as negative. No worries.

      I would guess you heard “And Then There Were Three” first, it had their first hit. Myself, I got Duke, then ATTWT and TOTT in pretty rapid order.

      • 1bluegirl says:

        I would guess you heard “And Then There Were Three” first, it had their first hit. Myself, I got Duke, then ATTWT and TOTT in pretty rapid order.

        I am now just totally wallowing in nostalgia and want to time travel. 🙂 or…. 😦

      • Because I was stupid and in high school working minimum wage jobs, I recorded TOTT and ATTWT on cassettes, but because the albums were too long, had to drop a couple of songs off the tape. Until I later bought the vinyl, I had NO idea how “Los Endos” actually went.

        Actually, that’s not entirely true; I bought “Seconds Out” on vinyl not too long after that, so the live version was on that.

      • 1bluegirl says:

        Seconds Out! I think that was it!

      • Seconds Out was the live album, after Wind and Wuthering. Last album with Hackett.

  24. mikey says:

    Oddly, mostly because I’m completely unfamiliar with those songs, it makes me want to crank up some RJ Dio. One Night in the City and Evil Eyes, in particular. Although I used to just laugh my ass off through I Speed at Night. It kind of filled the role that “Once Bitten…” and “Hooligans Holiday” occupied in later years…

  25. I am now just totally wallowing in nostalgia and want to time travel. 🙂 or…. 😦

    I know. I would be at my drafting table listening to Genesis and laying out apartments, if my back didn’t hurt so fucking much today.

    Although revisiting my teenage self fills one with horror.

  26. I think I’ve said this before, Beege, but because I recorded TOTT on cassette at first and didn’t have liner notes; not to mention that Phil had not fully developed his own vocal persona yet, until I bought the vinyl I was certain that Gabriel sang on that album. It was that close (or my audio equipment was that poor).

    • 1bluegirl says:

      The whole Phil Collins vs. Peter Gabriel war thing was a shocker to me. Didn’t even know it was A Big Issue That Divided Mankind until I started my blog. I just knew Peter Gabriel had been the lead singer before Phil Collins and figured that’s just the way it was! My 16 year old self did not realize I had to take sides. 🙂

      Even to this very day! *Gets dramatic and waves finger in the air!* I love them both and appreciate both. But know the Phil stuff way more than the Gabriel stuff. It’s just in my dna, that’s all.

  27. I haven’t been this deep in a Genesis obsession for quite some time….

  28. 1bluegirl says:

    I haven’t been this deep in a Genesis obsession for quite some time….

    I don’t think there are any other bloggers in the bloggerhood who are Genesis freaks like you and I!

    thunder’s all, Gross, listen to the Rolling Stones, Mikey’s like, eat a sandwich, Bouffant’s all, Yeah, right, ok, bye!

    We’re all alone in this obsession, ZRM!!

  29. Nick might stop by….

    I know Zelmo won’t. I am involved with backchannel discussion with him, and he is barely able to keep up with that….

  30. mikey says:

    Hey! It was lunchtime, fer crissakes.

    Now I’m on to cocktails, cheese and crackers. And rooting against the Yankees, always a worthwhile undertaking.

    And there’s a crappy football game on just upchannel if I wanna.

  31. 1bluegirl says:

    I don’t think anyone can go wrong by being reminded of Warren Zevon instructing us to enjoy every sandwich.

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