I Bet On Sky

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Fridge Note, Wa fuckin Ha

Vegging on the couch this afternoon when a couple of canvassers made me get up and answer the door.  They liked our door, by the way; we had the glass panel replaced with reeded glass some time back and I admit it looks awesome.
But here; check out the flyer they dropped:

I have a lot of disagreements with some Democrats and they rarely approach my stand on most issues.  But claiming there are no differences between them and the Republicans is demonstrably false.  Further, I don’t agree that they have gotten more reactionary over the years.

I cast my first Presidential Vote for a white guy.  My governor votes have always been for white guys.  Mayor ditto.

But look at the slate of top tier votes I get to cast on Tuesday.  A black guy, a lesbian, and a black woman.

Progress may be hard, halting, not as fast as one might like; but progress still.

Title Lonk:
    • herr doktor bimler says:

      “The worse the better.” I have not yet seen this argument in print, but I have heard some persons of a progressive or leftish tendency express it. They say they would prefer a Romney victory because it would administer a horse doctor’s dose of emetic to a deluded electorate. By “heightening the contradictions” inherent in the American political system, a Romney victory would accelerate a crash whose pieces a reinvigorated left-populism would pick up.

      For fans of “I Claudius”, this is known as the “Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out” approach for hastening the end of Empire and encouraging popular demand for a return to the Republic.

  1. Another Kiwi says:

    I would vote for Gwen Moore and her Gary Larson glasses like a shot.

  2. paleotectonics says:

    Loves me some Tammy Baldwin, i haz a cousin knows her well and says she’s a really neat lady!

    OT: reeded door? Sweetie needs pics, plz post? There’ll be beer there…

  3. oakdilettante says:

    This is such a positive post I don’t know what to do with myself

  4. Further, I don’t agree that they have gotten more reactionary over the years.

    Drone strikes? Redefining “militant” to mean someone we killed with our drone strike?

    The Bush-Cheney-Obama USA PATRIOT Act?

    Giving a pass to every Bush-era torturer and all the banksters?

    I doubt if Janet Reno would have done that. But this is what Obama hired Eric Holder to do.

    • mikey says:

      Y’know, I had to come back, because it struck me how interesting this is. Here’s a dood who wants to blame Obama for the Patriot act, passed under a Republican Administration, and wants to oust Obama for not prosecuting the torturers and financial fraudsters who actually committed their crimes under a complicit Republican administration, a dood who’s entirely prepared to facilitate ANOTHER Republican regime that will commit all these crimes all over again.

      But I’m sure he’ll be happy to blame the following Democratic administration for those crimes too…

  5. mikey says:

    Hey, Thundra, I know you hate the fuck outta them goddam drone strikes, but are they really worse than invading and occupying two countries? I’m gonna take the position that’s a helluva lot LESS reactionary, and I’ve never been totally clear on what “reactionary” even means…

  6. mikey says:

    You know who ELSE held Democratic administrations accountable for the crimes of the preceding Republican Presidents?

    That’s right. Rush Limbaugh…

  7. M. Bouffant says:

    Hey, one just doesn’t get into the Presidents Club w/o tacit acceptance of the Nat’l. Security State, the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex & Wall Street. And everything that’s been done & that they want done in their name. That’s “our” democracy.

  8. Landru says:

    I’m fucking tired of having to fucking remind you to fucking say fuck. I mean, it’s not like you were fucking sober when you fucking posted, was it? Oh. You were? Well, fuck.

  9. mikey says:

    Y’gotta mix in some other cuss words too. Remember, the bible teaches us that man does not live by fuck alone. At least you need to throw in some shit and piss, and REAL Americans never forget the tits…

    • Some of you might remember the Great Cuss Shortage of ’84-’85. Bad Language is so easy, so prevalent nowadays, what with foul mouthed bloggers and an “Urban” hippity hop President….but it wasn’t always so easy to come by.

      In our neck of the woods, I recall it all started with the evening of that election day. I sat with a friend, watching the returns and Reagan re-elected, as we scrawled our thoughts in a notebook and got exceedingly drunk. Mondale was a crappy candidate and even more corporate controlled than the Debbil Obama. As the evening wore on, our writings became more incoherent and raging, finally ending with a page of “fucks” straggling over the page. I think we may have exceeded our allotment, all by ourselves.

      When we came to in the morning, we could hardly talk, and I first noticed that I couldn’t even say ‘fuck am I hungover’. As the day rolled on, though, and in the ensuing days, it became obvious that the fucks had been drastically depleted. In traffic, irate drivers would yell “I am rather upset! Please allow me to drive past you!” Longshoremen and sailors were nearly stricken mute, with no alternate language available. Many people were unable to even leave their houses, terrified of human interaction without fucking language available.

      It was fucking awful. Everybody talked like Don Shitstain Rumsfeld. The goddam President should have tapped into the Strategic Fucking Cussword Reserve, but being totally in the pocket of Big Goddam Obscenity, he fucking backed down.

      We couldn’t fucking yell fuck when we fucking hit our hands with a fucking hammer. It took nearly 18 fucking months before the whore-mongering cursing market responded and filled the fucking gap with words like “effing”, “Shut the front door”, “Focking” and “splinter”. Sad fucking replacements all, but what could we do? We had no fucking choice.

      By the time that goddam Reagan was drooling at the podium while his overdressed sparrow fart of a wife tossed goat entrails to tell him what to say, decent fucking cusswords were starting to trickle back into the environment. It helped that that shitter George Bush the Fucking First was such a goddam namby-pamby rhetorician, it opened up some extra fucks for the rest of us.

      You youngsters don’t know how good you fucking have it. Now get offa my fucking lawn.

      • Not so fucking fast. There were pockets of carefully nurtured fuck. I couldn’t give any extra fucks, but my crowd, fearing the fucking worst, fucked with much care. While everywhere around us, I saw comedy degenerate to creatures such as Carrot Top, Gallagher, and Joe Piscopo, we cultivated Fucking Deliriousii and the rare Bill Hicks fuck.

        So fuck off with your fucking sob story.

      • You fucking fuck-hoarders….

      • Landru says:

        You are a fucking magnificent human being, with only one tiny and fundamentally irrelevant exception that we need not deconstruct here. And it’s not that you’re a zombie, you fleshpacking piece of cheese-eater.

  10. mikey says:

    Thunder, meanwhile, used the opportunity of my World Series post to take me to task for being insufficiently critical of the current state of governance in the United States.

    I wonder how many posts I’d have to write criticizing the current state of political affairs before he’d agree I’m not an enemy of the people? And if I can even count that high…

  11. Yeah, I remember the golden days of Liberal-Left Democrat majorities. Remember when that anti-war Democrat won the Presidency by historic margins in 1972? Oh wait…

    Do we remember a President who:
    -rose to power supported by Big Business, supported by the WSJ, and proclaiming the gubblemint to be “a horrible bureaucratic mess”
    -campaigned as a ‘firm advocate of the private enterprise system’
    -the WSJ mentioned as ‘singing the praises of finance and industry’
    -opposed New Deal politics
    -campaigned on fiscal conservatism
    -called the US tax system a ‘disgrace to the human race’
    -urged the severance of payments to 1.3 million welfare recipients
    -called school desegregation ‘the most serious threat to education’
    -extolled family, work, patriotism, and religion
    – dropped the effective corporate tax rate to 13%
    -85% of his tax cuts accrued to the upper half of the income scale
    -90% of a capital gains tax cut accrued to the top 1%
    -builders of new factories were awarded an investment tax credit, regardless of whether new jobs were created
    -argued in favor of less burdensome environmental and safety regulations
    -deregulated natural gas
    -eliminated crude oil price controls
    -also lifted regulations in the fields of air, rail, and truck transport; communications, and finance
    -although stated goals were to stimulate investment and production; however productivity fell and mergers took place in lieu of investment
    -supported business anti-unionism and worked to de-certify Federal unions
    -increased deficits and defense spending while cutting back on domestic spending
    -triggered a recession by acceding to business demands that monetary supply be tightened
    -supported the Vietnam war
    -urged Japanese rearmament
    -increased military spending 5% per year
    -sent military ‘advisers’ to El Salvador
    -accelerated production of nuclear weapons
    -approved every weapon system requested by the Pentagon
    -shipped weapons to the top ten violators of human rights
    -U.S. arms sales doubled.

    Does anybody doubt that man would have used drones, had they been available?

    That man was James Earl Carter.

    -he also supported Ford’s pardon of Nixon.

    I re-iterate that I do not think the Democrats have drifted rightward very much. In fact, on quite a few of those things, they have actually moved leftward.

  12. mikey says:

    Well, that whole Japanese constitution that depends on the US for their national defense is horseshit. I’d like to encourage Japanese armament too, and take the US troop presence out of Japan and especially Okinawa. Let’s at least start to begin to get our heads around the fact that World War II ended almost a century ago, and Japan is perfectly capable of taking responsibility for their own national defense.

    Beyond that, I got nothin…

  13. Jennifer says:

    Progress may be hard, halting, not as fast as one might like; but progress still.


  14. fish says:

    republicans are the ratchet, democrats are the pawl. One machine, two parts.

  15. mikey says:

    Why did they stone Fish?

    Did he have sex with a Lobster?

  16. Since I am Helpful Zombie Filled With Love, here is a link to help y’all find your fucking polling place.

    • Landru says:

      I work for a small company with a geographically dispersed workforce. Yesterday, our HR Director, who would lose in Jeopardy to a box of hammers, sent out a polling place link.

      To votebarackobama.com.

      There was a small protest march in my office within three minutes. Fortunately, I keep firehoses and rottweilers on hand for just such an emergency. Which was doubly handy, since those dirty hippie protester fuckers needed bathing.

      I think I’ll send this link to her and see how long it takes for me to get a call from the bossman.

  17. mikey says:

    I guess I shouldn’t expect to actually know the answer when I fall asleep at ten or eleven tonight, huh.

    I better go get some extra rum…

  18. Okay, other than ZRM, I don’t know where all y’all live, but that horrid fucking blood clot Thompson just compared Tammy Baldwin to a road-kill deer one of his buses took out. Useless piece of shit has to go the fuck down. Anyone else in WI, get to the motherfucking polls, grab your neighbors, points if they’re a new Black Panther, fuck him, fuck him so goddam hard that when he gets a Rush-pill fueled erection his family feels the pain, FUCK HIM.


    • He’s a total chump-nugget. Always has been.

      I was amazed at how much the anti-Baldwin ads were going dogwhistle with “gay” in place of the word “ni-CLANG”. “Not right for Wisconsin” “Too extreme” “More extreme than NANCY PELOSI” (ooo scary SAN FRANCISCO!”

      The only other cheesehead in these parts normally is ex-Libertarian Nick, who is already in the Tank for Tammy. Zelmo used to stop by, but now he hates me for some reason.

      Nate Silver, the current boogeyman to the right, has Baldwin at 73% to win.

      • Landru says:

        My employer is also a Federal contractor, and one of my jobs is at a Federal department that Tommy used to be the boss of. In a meeting yesterday, someone remembered him as a skeevy ogler who made a joke about her coffee cup, the punchline of which was, “D-Cups!”

        Yeah. Take him out. Please.

      • With pleasure, Landru.

        Voting against Rmoney AND Tommy Thompson? TOO MUCH FUN! Could only have been better if we were tossing Turdwaffle out also.

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