Walk Like A Giant

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Fridge Note

strong turnout today, 305th voter.  Reliably super-blue district with moderate minority representation, so little shenanigans, although I did see one poll watcher and one election official stopping in to make sure things were running smoothly.  Lots of college students registering; I am certain Turdwaffle would love to kill Wisconsin’s same-day registration.

Paleo, I think Tammy has this.  Tommy just isn’t that popular; a lot of the angry rural white guys have stroked out since his last election, and the kids don’t know who the fuck he is, except that he’s that old dude who never campaigns and likes to show off his push-up technique.

Rmoney fucked up and pissed Chrysler off.  They gave their workers the day off to go vote. [note below that thunder points out that this is not something new.  I confess I was fooled by the DK article, apparently originating from Politico.  Wow.  Politico wrong about something. Who would think??}

Last night, Maddow opened by running down a litany of achievements during Obama’s first term, and when they are all put in one list like that….wow.  I mean, top of the list is expansion of health care, a significant step toward universal coverage.  THAT little pipe dream has been in the Democrat wish list for fifty years.  Expansion and strengthening of Medicaid. Getting out of one war and on the way out of another.  Civil rights progress.  Consumer Financial protections.  New restrictions on financial institutions.  Making wingnut heads asplode all over the place.  Oh, and a real-time demonstration of a textbook response to a natural disaster, showing clearly how effective governance and a well-run government agency can get a daunting job done.  AS WELL AS granting wishes to Republicans.

One note:  this Pierce article is not about electronic voting machines, but rather the mechanical tabulating thing that one feeds a paper ballot into.  In Milwaukee, I think the ballots alongside the machine would have been just fine, but applaud the determination of my fellow citizens to stay there until they could make sure their ballot was treated properly.

Oh yeah, one other thing:

  1. mikey says:

    Gad. Shouldn’t there be a little kid playing with a doggy on the lawn?

    Just sayin…

  2. Hamish says:

    No kids, dogs or Irish.

  3. Nick says:

    Busy, busy voting in Mukwonago. But certainly not any more so than for the recall and, surprisingly, a fair number of folks lining up to vote that weren’t old, angry, white men. Quite a pleasant shock. So, I have no doubt that Waukesha County will vote heavily in favor or Rmoney and Thompson, and against their own best interests in most cases, but I think there is a lot more enthusiasm on the Democratic side than I have previously witnessed. All these talking head, conservative blow-hards keep talking about the good “feeling” they about the election (better known by its clinical terminology: delusional), but it seems much more likely to be the angry liberals election.

    And yes, Obama’s achievements are quite impressive– doubly so when you factor in the unprecedented Republican opposition to anything he proposed. He is not perfect– the fact that Dick Cheney isn’t on trial or in jail as a war criminal proves that– but he’s been awfully good under some very, very trying circumstances.

  4. Brando says:

    Pretty quiet at our place today. I did park behind a car that had a “Cats for Obama” sticker on it.

  5. OT: I suspect the bloggerhood will never actually recover.

    Since fish is long gone, I guess I will accept the blame. Why not?

  6. mikey says:

    C’mon, dood, we haven’t even had the first round of TOLJASOES yet.

    Long ways to go…

  7. mikey says:

    And look at it like this – we all kinda got together in the first place because of the odious GW Bush. So if’n Romney wins, we’ll all pull together again until they start rounding us up and shooting us, anyway…

  8. Rmoney fucked up and pissed Chrysler off.

    Detroit auto-workers have had election day off since 1999.

    =>(Yokich) said that the union’s goal was not to elect more Democrats, but rather to elect more candidates who advocated issues important to workers. By increasing labor’s importance on Election Day, the union hopes to give candidates an incentive to take stances more sympathetic to the unions, he said in an interview.

    ”It isn’t the party that matters, it matters what they do for us and where they stand on issues,” Mr. Yokich said, adding that, ”If I were a candidate, I’d be talking not about free trade but about fair trade.”

    At the time Yokich said he hoped UAW members would view the day as something more than a mid-week freebie. He expected them to vote, and work for candidates that they (and presumably the union) supported. “It’s not a holiday; it’s a day to show you’re a good American citizen,” Yokich said.<=

    Unfortunately, it's hard for politicians to find their comfortable shoes these days.

  9. Nick says:

    Eh. You’re like Dr. Who. You’ll just regenerate as someone else and I’ll have to hunt you down like the dog you are. Again.

  10. These days I am a Zombie Filled With Love, but I swear if I HEAR the name Kathy Nikolaus in the news tonight, I will take a fucking hostage…..

  11. mikey says:

    Goodness me, wouldn’t you have LOVED to have worked on one of those cable news election studios with the touchscreen walls and the interactive floors and the glowing red and blue maps and such as?

    I haven’t watched cable news teevee since the ’08 election, and they’ve really embraced gimmickery. Of course, they still have the challenge of having to talk all the time with news coming in slowly. It’s impossible to listen to for more than ten minutes at a time, but I’ve got music, and rum too…

  12. mikey says:

    Wisconsin Polls closing in a few.

    Let’s get this done, cheese-zombies…

  13. 2 Goddam minutes for WI (Tommy Thompson – hemorrhoidal blood fart, or re-animatedcorpse of the rest of the horse from The Godfather) and MN “Holy shit, teh queers aint a myth my mother told me to make me stop masturbating p’raps we should make it legal to hunt them for sport or at least keep them somewhat untermenschen” Marriage Amendment.

    Need whiskey or heroin.

  14. Originally I had planned to watch the returns on MSNBC and do a little work and a fair amount of drinking.

    But I think mikey is on the right track. Wife Sublime is watching returns; I will sit at the dining table and keep one ear open, but do some work, surfing, blogging and a LOT of drinking while listening to music.

    Have I ever mentioned I listen to a lot of music?

  15. blue girl says:

    These Republicans they’re calling wins for in red states? Guys I’ve never even heard of? THEY LOOK LIKE REPUBLICANS. Why do they have *that* look?

    ZRM!! They just called WI for Obama!! Good going, you.

  16. mikey says:

    Good work, WisZombies.

    March on…

  17. Suck it, Tommy! Suck that tailpipe!

    On Wisconsin!

    Now if we could get rid of Scottie the Rodent Feeler!

  18. Maybe Paul RAyn can lose his House seat too!

  19. Think Progress calling for Tammy. Only source, though

  20. Looks like Warren won though.

    • blue girl says:

      So happy tonight because of Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown! Was a teeny, tinier happier pushing the button for Brown than I was for Obama. Just a schmoodge, tho!

      • It took me like 10 seconds to fill out my ballot. I was perfectly satisfied with every one of the choices, and outright pleased with Gwen Moore and Tammy Baldwin.

        Wish I could have voted for Rob Zerban against Paul RAyn in the House race though. Had to be satisfied with sending him some scratch a few weeks ago.

  21. Dang. I wanna take another kick at that asshole Thompson.

  22. from Daily Kos:

    WIsconsin was called 26 minutes after polls closed. Republicans spent $5.7 million in the state last week.

    These geniuses are supposed to be brilliant businessmen.

  23. Chuck Todd is talking about the paths to 270; Obama has quite a few different ways and Rmoney has to basically sweep the battleground states. Chuckie Buckets sounds like he’s ready to cry.

  24. Kathleen says:


  25. Jeepers, Kathleen’s still alive??!?!?

  26. I wanna see Chuckie Buckets cry on national TV.

  27. Well, I am glad Beege took my advice and went out to fraud the vote. GOhio.

    now we run up the score with FLA and VA.

  28. mikey says:

    Here we go.

    It’s going to get totally weird.

    Know what? I’m going to load a couple extra magazines tonight…

  29. yeah, Chuckie Buckets comes across like a small-market weatherman, not a national pundit.

    But now Tweety is talking about getting legitimacy from the Right. News for ya Tweety, and the first one’s free: If Obama won 60-40, the Right still wouldn’t acknowledge him as legitimate.

  30. mikey says:

    Yep, the right-wing nut-clutching freakout is starting just south of Mobile Alabama right now.

    Here we go…

  31. Play Mitt out, Keyboard Cat….

    …dammit, Cat, play faster.

  32. jeez. Even Chuckie Buckets is telling Willard to pack it in.

  33. My wife just time-paused the MSNBC feed, so I can’t tell if Obama is going to speak or not. nobody spoil it for me, ‘K?

  34. Nice way to wake up!

    Early voting results indicate he owes the traditional progressive coalition, so let’s hold his damn feet to the stovetop, fuck the ‘Grand Bargain’ bullshit. He’s not been terrible, surprisingly and pleasingly positive in many arenas, and I again have hope. But it’s up to us to tell him what we expect, and grade him on that.

    I longed for sweet, smooth fundie tears to adorn my breakfast. Pancakes?

    I’m a cynic, and actually, thought this one would pass handily, as people are dumb. Must re-calibrate something…

    2010 Teabagger surf-pony Chip ‘Chip’ Cravaack has been sent back to Aitkin, where he will end up selling the extra ‘A’ to buy matches for heat.

    Yay Tammy Baldwin! I have a relation who knows Tammy pretty well and says she is very cool, and everything I’ve seen, she is, so GO GET ‘EM TAMMY. And, Thompson suffering has it’s own particular odeur of schadenfreude!

    TEH BAD.

    90% + counted, and she has a 1% margin, not sure of the re-count trigger, half a percent? She was a teabagger (Marcus’s ears perk up) before it was cool…


    When did he stop?

  36. oakdilettante says:


  37. Nick says:

    I am having great fun this morning doing the Nelson Muntz “Ha ha” every time I drive by a Romney/Ryan or Tommy yard sign. Since this is Waukesha County, I may be hoarse by the end of the day.

  38. Jennifer says:

    Also… props to those in my state who finally decided to get rid of that whack-job, Joe Walsh!

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