Let’s Get To It

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Fridge Note, Humanity is a virus


Blogs suck.  Bloggers suck.

You want to know how much blogs suck?  Billmon stopped blogging.  Norbizness stopped blogging.  The Editors stopped blogging. Even Sadly, No, started sucking (and NO, it was not when Tintin became a front pager you assholes).  Gilliard DIED so he could stop blogging.  Most of the bloggerhood has given up on their blogs.  And I KEEP ON blogging.

Blogging sucks.  What more evidence do you need? Blogging sucks. I will entertain opposing viewpoints in the comments, but fuck, isn’t that a big fucking hill to work up against?

Blogging sucks, especially when you allow comments.  Interacting with fucking other people, and MANY OF WHICH DISAGREE with you.  Fuck.  Is there anything that sucks more?   Shit, if you have to interact with other people, you might as well walk out into the REAL FUCKING WORLD.

People on the internet are aggravating, annoying, interesting, verbose, persistent, noisy, disagreeable, angry, talkative, full of misspellings, weird, twisted, sometimes drunk, know-it-alls, antagonistic, troll-y, interesting, intelligent, stupid, friendly, loving, sympathetic, considerate, inconsiderate, Cookie Queens, cat-haters, dog-haters, people-haters, music-haters, music lovers, animal lovers, and assholes.

Just like people in real life.

I find it hilarious when the print or viddy media gets all pearl-clutchy on all the various HORRIBLE HORRIBLE permutations of blogs and social media.

We all find these ways to reach out to other humans.  Some of us do it through letters, some through art, some through sex; but we all connect.  We all NEED to connect. Sometimes it happens on the Mojo Wire, you know?  What’s the difference, unless you’re counting fluid exchange?

I met up with Zelmo tonight for some drinks.  His time was limited, but we made the most of it; yeah we talked about love and life and politics and work and music; we talked much about Genesis and music and the bands we’ve seen.  Yeah, I’ve seen them all and he has missed a lot and I apologize for the hurt I gave him when he realized he would never see Sonic Youth and I had seen them three times….

Zelmo and I go way way back.  I met him when I was working for another firm, and was being stressed to produce designs for a project that had me on the edge, when he was hired I just started throwing plans at him saying Elevations!  Sections!  After we finished the crush, I bought him drinks and we discovered that we liked all the same music and almost everything else, and he became one of my best friends.  Such a good friend that when I offered him a job from my independent practice, he refused, out of concern that it would damage our friendship.  well, fuck how do you argue with that?

Anyway, I originally connected with Zelmo in the workplace.  Connections happen without caring about media; in previous generations, pen pals connected.  People who didn’t speak the same language connected.  People connect.  It’s how we do; if we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be people, now would we?

Zelmo asked, any DEMANDED, that I blogpost after I got home.  I had some other things to email out, so first things first, but this is how it comes out.

I come from a very stubborn family.  My mother was usually pointed to as the most stubborn person, but really, we all have been, and are, stubborn motherfuckers.  And so, this fucking blog has been around, in one form or another, for longer than I care to admit.  Mainly because I published posts for an amazingly long time before anybody ever commented; I did it because I was fucking stubborn and I had some fucking things I wanted to say.  Also, I like to write. And say fuck.

So I did.  I wrote.  I yelled.  I screamed, I howled, I said things I wanted to.  And, at some point, someone commented.  I said fuck.

And I kept writing.

People come and go, and they participate, or they don’t; I start new blogs.  Everything moves. People connect, whether it is in person or over the net.  It’s the PEOPLE that count, not the method.

And I keep writing.  My stubborn mother would approve I think.  Some of you comment.  Some don’t.  You all count.   I keep blogging….

  1. M. Bouffant says:

    It’s as if you’re daring people (If that’s what they are.) to comment.

  2. Spittle and rage:

    reflection and consideration:

  3. Hey, the police just initiated a little dance club outside our house. Lotsa flashing lights and drunk kids.

  4. Shit, if you have to interact with other people, you might as well walk out into the REAL FUCKING WORLD.

    Come on, MB, did I not just sum your entire blog up in a single LINE? That is fucking art, that is.

  5. herr doktor bimler says:

    Billmon stopped blogging. Norbizness stopped blogging. The Editors stopped blogging. Even Sadly, No, started sucking (and NO, it was not when Tintin became a front pager you assholes). Gilliard DIED so he could stop blogging.

    That Billy Pilgrim guy stopped blogging. He was pretty funny.

  6. blue girl says:

    Not that you CARE at ALL but I swear to God I am going to start writing again. I was up early this morning, around 4-flippin-o’clock, reading Ann Lamott’s new book, Help. Thanks. Wow. Took me till 6am but I finished it. (It’s only 450 pages. Just kidding. It’s short) Anyway, she makes me grateful. And she makes me want to start writing. Dammit!!!!

    I love this post. I’d love to write a rant about how things have changed and no one’s blogging. Just to do it. I really miss the olden days! Of 2007! lololol

    Where’s aif anymore? What is he, too good for us?

  7. blue girl says:

    Who was your first commenter?

    Mine was some guy who yelled at me. 🙂

    Remember when that one guy told me to Get Bent?

    Good times.

  8. mikey says:

    Hey! I did not know about this post. A post about blogging and it’s a fucking secret? You’re one wacked zombie, dood.

    I met everyone on Sadly No! Most of them are gone too. Smiling mortician, crap I can’t remember a bunch of names right now, I’d have to go look. Sometimes it’s cool to look at SN from ’06 and ’07 and realize once again that there are some just fucking AWESOME people just walking around and you’d never know it if they didn’t write on blogs.

    Just saying…

  9. blue girl says:

    there are some just fucking AWESOME people just walking around and you’d never know it if they didn’t write on blogs.

    So true!

  10. blue girl says:

    I think it was on a Kurt Vonnegut post.

    I remember that! That was the first one, BP? TC? ZRM?

  11. mikey says:

    EJ Olmos as the head motherfucker in charge on Miami Vice created a great character. The way he was always so soft-spoken, it carried steel and menace even as it made you lean forward to catch every word. I always wished I could cultivate that kind of character, but I talk loud and tend toward the melodramatic and when I get frightened or flustered or pissed I tend to crack wise, so I was always more of a film noir/Elvis Cole kind of character.

    But if I could talk like that EJ Olmos Miami Vice character all the time fewer people would have hit me…

  12. mikey says:

    This was my first post at Sadly No. The very first step with which this whole trip began.


  13. mikey says:

    I’d have his flank…

  14. Von says:

    Um……do we need to talk?

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