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Posted: November 15, 2012 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to

Time for a new post, but no time.  Also no material.  also I have to get up early tomorrow, so no liquor.

So it’s a video!

Since Von is gone forever now, I don’t have to worry about pissing her off by just posting a vid.
Tomorrow is stock up day.

Uh-oh.  Looks like it’s gonna be an Alarm night:



OK, here’s some content.  The Republicans outspent the Democrats 2 to 1 in the battleground states. 


I had no idea the Failboat would be so expensive.But lo

But look here, it gets BETTER:

They spent twice as much money in Wisconsin as the Democrats.  To lose their VP candidate’s home state by 7 points.  Called 26 minutes after the polls closed.

Financial geniuses, they are.  SUPER-Geniuses. [/Wile E. Coyote].  I begin to wonder if there is a Citizens United backlash brewing.  The day before the election, there were essentially NO commercials on local tv that weren’t political.  People are largely tuning them out, and in the DVR age, more and more people zap them.

Or, as Young Zombie put it, “I don’t know much about Tammy Baldwin, but I just saw an attack ad that makes me want to vote for her.”  Political commercial spending benefits media companies and consultants (Hi, Karl!) but THEY will never admit that Peak Political has come and gone, and they are like America on oil; blindly hoping to pump a few more gallons out of a dwindling system…

Also, they have a frantic, fervid base that thinks this boatload of Fail is witty:

I only wish there was a warehouse in Indiana full of these.

  1. I felt bad that this thread had no comments.

  2. Landru says:

    Back in the day when I had hair, virility, pot, and fewer fatty tissue deposits, I really liked the Furs and saw them live once or twice. Almost alone among the bands from those days, their music hasn’t held up well, for me. YMMV, etc., of course.

    • Yeah, I was a bit surprised how much I liked this one when it came up on the playlist. I think their later, more slickly produced Radio Friendly Unit Shifters have not aged as well.

      Speaking of not aging well, we saw them a few years back at Summerfest. I think Richard Butler was the only original member. They…weren’t great, and he was flat-out strange.

      I do expect Bouffant to come around soon to tell me how much he hates them and what a failure I am for liking them. I will haz disappoint if he does not.

  3. mikey says:

    The last time I bought weed it was like 2007 and I wasn’t sure exactly where to get it so I asked a whole bunch of likely peeps and two weeks later had bought like five bags. I still have the remains of that major purchase in a tupperware container in my sock drawer. I didn’t think it rose to the behind-the-medicine-cabinet level of stashation…

  4. Never mind that.

    Guess who I want in MY band?

  5. I have a tape (tape no longer works). Along with the Furs…


  6. wait wait wait. The Rmoney campaign spent 15.4 million in MICHIGAN? 14.9 million more than the Dems?

    They obviously had much better pot than mikey….or else maybe they went straight for the oxy, like good Rushbots.

  7. mikey says:

    The problem with the Oxy, as I understand it, is once you get going on it good, you kind of have to give up pooping. Now, thing is, once you no longer have sex, pooping is one of life’s little pleasures, so the pleasure and satisfaction you get from taking the Oxycontin, factored with the funds you have to expend to do so, must be balanced against an inability to poop.

    No wonder Rush is so fucking grouchy…

  8. mikey says:

    Did you have to relocate the hadrosaur pelvis?

    Don’t be silly. I just took out the socks…

  9. mikey says:

    I actually watched one of your vids!

    Well, about half of one – I fucking HATE that song, but I had to check out the drummer. Dood’s tweakin fer sure. They have a much wider variety of amphetamines in Asia than we have over here. We either get some local adolescent’s ADD meds or biker crank. Now, I’ve got nothing specific against biker crank – I can testify it helps build strong bodies 12 ways – but some variety would be nice. I understand that since I gave it up they have a bunch of Colombian industrial crank now. Don’t know why you’d try to smuggle speed across the border when you can make it in a single-wide, but whatevs. I expect it would be disappointing compared to some genuine old-fashion stinky biker crank, the kind that makes your eyes water and then makes you mentally unstable. Recommended.

    I’m very surprised you didn’t mention the Zombie keyboard player. As a member of your tribe she certainly should be able to expect a minimal shout-out…

  10. Looks like he went to the Shatner School for Drumming.

    • He’s having SUCH a great time. The rest of the band must hate him with fiery passion.

      Keyboard girl is to petite to make much of a zombie. It would be like being attacked by an undersized chihuahua.

      Now, when 250 pounds of angry zombie lands on your back, you KNOW you have trouble….

  11. What haired drummer dude is making me laugh over and over. An almost complete lack of rhythm (admittedly this does not, by itself, disqualify him as a drummer). He’s GOT to bring up the barely-competent stick twirls, though.

    But competence aside, he fucking OWNS that stage.

  12. I loved loved loved LOVED when he stood up and went all Victor deLorenzo during the second half.

  13. “It is critically important we remain true to who we are,” Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said in an interview here at the meeting of the Republican Governors Association. “We have to figure out how to make our principles more attractive to emerging voters. But if we abdicate those, we become a very different entity.”

    What’s that Bob? You’re drowning? Here, have an anchor. Oh I see you already have one.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  14. blue girl says:

    I know. Me too. They were all cuddled up together, sleeping for awhile – and now they’re all frisky. 🙂

    If K stops by again, she can show B!

  15. blue girl says:

    Did you see they were all flipping around, playing, wrestling… and then their mom came in and they all went running to her and flopped down together.


  16. Back in ought-three I saw a “reformed” Alarm (drummer was formerly with SLF, bassist was formerly with Sisters of Mercy) three times in three weeks at The Knitting Factory. Mike Peters put on a hell of a show, tore out his heart on the stage like he was playing an arena. The crowd knew every word and sang along. Mike did a version of “In a Big Country” to memorialize the departed Stuart Adamson and rolled out some amazing new material. Got to hang out with him after the show for a bit- he’s a genuinely nice guy.

    • Got to hang out with him after the show for a bit-


      I have always been much more affectionate toward the Alarm than, say, U2. U2’s social attitudes seem so much more like a posture, their Dublin working class background notwithstanding. Mike Peters and his band seemed more true in their expressions, if less artful.

      I almost always go for passion over gormless skill. Shocking, is it not?

  17. mikey says:

    I haven’t been to a significant number of live music shows (unless you count just finding myself in a bar with some local yokel playing the ukulele and singing about nasal congestion), but I am reminded of one night when I went to see Tanya Donnelly at Slims in San Francisco because I love her passionately and would die for her. I was rolling in stupid quantities of dot com dough at the time, so I threw aces around until I had purchased the rights to two stools at the end of the bar right next to the stage. In order to execute this plan, also because you never know about parking in the big city, I got there quite early. So I was sitting on one of my stools drinking scotch and shooting the shit with this interesting fellow in a loud Hawaiian shirt. Eventually he wandered off, and then the opening act (Black Lab) came out on the stage and that dude was the lead singer. After they finished I bought their CD from the dude. I still don’t know if I’ve ever listened to the whole thing, but “Wash it Away” is an AWESOME song. I’m not sure what it’s actually about, but it has something to do with life and death and has an intensity to it kinda like early Everclear, think “Heroin Girl” with a decent melody…

    • So, nobody else has fuck-all to do on a Friday night, it’s not just me?

      I semi cleaned the Kitch, Rush is playing and I have nice Kooba Zombre. Wife Sublime is out at a retirement party for a colleague, and I have to decide if I want any food; I had a big breakfast and a big lunch, and really am not all that hongry. I have a new bottle of Sailor jerry’s and some zombie movies as backup. The dog is not farting significantly.

      I am interested in that Black Lab CD, mikey. I have a problem, as has been established.

      One of the things I loved about the local music scene is that no matter how talented they are/were, at that level all they care about is the music. I have partied with so many of the Milwaukee bands….

      It’s like the video I posted with Trapper Schoepp and the Wallflowers. Saw them at Summerfest, and they were perfectly happy talking with the old fat dude who bought their CDs. They played with spit and energy and love; and months later they had a label contract and are touring with Soul Asylum and the Wallflowers. They deserve it, but I dearly hope they don’t lose that life and love and energy.

      I did mention, but when Matthew Sweet played Shank Hall, I sweet talked a waitron into finding us some spare seats right the fuck in front of the stage. O yes we tipped her mightily. Word to Papa John and the other rich fucks who want to screw the serving crews: they will get you back, o yes they will. At best, who do you think will be paying the fines when your ‘restaurants’ are found to be festering pits of vermin?

    • unless you count just finding myself in a bar with some local yokel playing the ukulele and singing about nasal congestion

      When did you see my solo show?

      Except that was a mandolin, you savage.

  18. mikey says:

    I almost always go for passion over gormless skill.

    Huh. I GET it, I think, but I’m not sure that’d work for me. In some cases you can find both, but music, like most art is better when it’s, well, BETTER, and good musicians that are also talented songwriters are going to occupy the majority of my (admittedly much more meager) music library. I’m also very easily taken in by what might very well be false passion, like Skid Row or Heart or even “Never Enough” by Patty Smyth or “Used to Bad News” by Boston. But I am very happily complicit in this fraudulent passion, because it makes me smile and twitch. And ultimately, what more can we ask of our music.

    I am reminded of the shrieking over Greenday. They weren’t REAL punks – they were commercial, they were sellouts, they were poseurs and fakers. Know what else they were? They were GOOD. Great songs, great musicians. The shit that gets attached to music is, at it’s root, non-music related, and has more to do with cultural perceptions and tribal identification.

    My biggest weakness, though, is lyrics. I can be entranced by a single line in a single song. I have a thing about simple melodies, because I like to sing along and listen to the music in my head, but from Warren Zevon to Soul Asylum to The Refreshments it was originally a perfectly crafted phrase that drew me in…

    • I think some of the best examples of this, mikey, are the early 80s/90s, MPLS/MKE music scene. Predominant at the time were the Femmes and the BoDeans in Milwaukee, and Soul Asylum, teh Replacements, and Husker Du in MPLS.

      All of those bands threw themselves into every show. I saw the BoDeans before they could even scrounge up a bass player, and it was a lovely sweaty drunken shouting dancing party good time mess.

      But the point is that they all started from the energy and attitude, and developed into hella good musicians and songwriters and showmen on the way.

      I wouldn’t have skipped seeing them in those old, young, spit and beer fueled days though.

      Look, I love highly produced shit too; I love ELO and Genesis and Todd Rundgren and all kinds of stuff like that. I still get wobbly when certain REO or Journey songs come on. There are a couple of Nazareth albums that rock my brainpan.

      But I am with you on lyrics. I can totally get behind simple love songs like Cheap Trick or Big Star used to toss off effortlessly. Even better if they are bitter love songs.

      That, to me, is the biggest weakness in mid-70s mainstream rock; the lyrics are really not good.

    • y what might very well be false passion, like … Heart

      Oh HELL NO>

      I saw them open for Def Leppard at Summerfest, and the only lack of passion on stage was not on Heart’s part. They have a new album that is worthy too.

  19. mikey says:

    I am sucking down Sailor Jerry’s like it’s Friday night before Thanksgiving. I’m going to make a chicken dinner and later I’ll watch the latest “Burn Notice” on the murder recorder. I’ve got Big R Radio playing on the other computer and I never did get any brie, so no good snax before dinner tonight…

  20. mikey says:

    Great. Let me know if there’s any other songs I should listen to…

  21. mikey says:

    It’s hard living life on this memory-go-round…

  22. mikey says:

    You’re just not trying…

  23. Von says:

    I would just like to say that I like the videos posted. I have zero vitriol for this post.

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