The Punk And The Godfather

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Fuck You Friday, Turdwaffle and problems

Turdwaffle, the House of Many Doors (h/t driftglass!) is calling.

I have blown thousands of words on this wall-eyed motherfucker in the last couple of years, and have  been forced to realize that he is a canny politician.  His manipulation of the recall as a referendum on the recall in lieu of his tenure was a clever and effective tactic.

However, it seems that he and his closest staff suffer from the Republican malady of considering themselves above the law.

Oh hell, just go read Charlie Pierce, that magnificent bastard.

I especially like this:

but Wisconsin takes good-government principles very seriously, having invented most of them.
Also, delight in DonkeyHotey’s lovely new rendering of the Turdwaffle himself.
Hey, remember on election day when I said Turdwaffle must be unhappy with Wisconsin’s Same Day Registration laws?  Ha-Ha, GUESS THE FUCK WHAT.   For those of you that don’t click links, yeah, that’s brand new legislation to eliminate SD registration.  No, there hasn’t even been any claims of same day registration fraud.  It’s just that it seems there are too many students and blahs voting, and Walker has a compliant Lege again, so let’s fuck the proles some more.  There are Republican phoney-baloney jobs to protect, you know!
Soon, very soon, I look forward to seeing you standing in the Room Of The Big Desk, Turdwaffle.  Oh and by the fucking way:
I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy.  You watch your ass.
  1. And before anyone even gets started GET OFF MY BACK I know there is a misspelling in the Scout Walker picture; stolen from the Internet there is nothing I could do.

  2. mikey says:

    Load it in GIMP. Copy the “pression”. Cut a chunk of background to paste over to cover up the “ression”. Now you have “Op”. Paste in your “pression”. Done….

  3. mikey says:

    Looking at that killer robot thingie, it naturally occurred to me that the US will be operating something quite similar inside of ten years. Although I’d be willing to guess they’ll go with six independently operating legs, even though two will be very possible (think of that Segway thingie). But the stability and all-terrain mobility of six legs, each with it’s own processor and imaging system will be pretty frightening in it’s ability to cover ground, even while laying down its own base of fire. And a sensor-linked, computerized, laser-ranging, gps enabled networked fire control system will pretty much never miss. We better get our asses out in the streets soon, ’cause these fuckers are going to be a lot harder to take out in the near future…

    • you mean like this?

      Although I suspect there are decent reasons for going to two legs rather than six. In the original, it was a very cluttered forest topography, and perhaps the mobility of reducing the numbers of legs was necessary.

      Also, they aren’t technically robots, but vehicles in this case. The weakness was demonstrated when someone dropped a feral primitive into the cabin, which then became kind of blood-blender.

    • Who’s scared of a robot that can’t walk down stairs? [/Tom Servo]

  4. OK, I am QUITE ready for iTunes to lay off the Dream Theater today. Brando knows what Imma sane.

    But the real question is, Go or No Go for the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin replicant tonight? Led Zeplication.

  5. mikey says:

    I suspect it will be a weaponized version similar to this. Maybe twice as big, with a 25mm Bushmaster chain gun on a rotating turret and a separate Ma Deuce on a gimbal mount. With FLIR, thermal imaging, synapp radar and autonomous navigation systems, configurable for either confirm-before-kill or free-fire modes. Obviously the only real countermeasures will be anti-tank weapons and, since they will certainly be networked, some possibility of hacking them and turning them around. If I was designing them I’d also include a “psycho” mode, initiated on loss of communications for 60 consecutive seconds. Kill everything it can find then self destruct when out of ammunition. Maybe as a suicide bomber…

    • some possibility of hacking them and turning them around.

      With people like Petraues running things, should be easy to hack. Password will probably be “PENIS”.

    • The SW tank I showed up above had a middle pair of legs, more widespread, that would be useful in absorbing any recoil from the weaponry, especially when shooting toward the sides.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      Weird thing about the Big-dog project is that they’re going for a single central processor and a rigorously top-down approach rather than separate routines for each leg, loosely collaborating to produce the desired gait.
      I can see their reasoning… just because vertebrate and invertebrate evolution both came up with a particular approach (with a bottom-up central pattern generator at the level of the spine) doesn’t mean it’s the best system. And there is conceivably a bias towards a top-down paradigm.

      • Plus, if the legs get all Thunder-ZRM towards each other, it ends up kicking itself apart in rage and futility.

      • mikey says:

        I suspect it’s a programming – driven decision. Programming for loosely – coupled systems is a much more recent development than using a single processor to address multiple devices (servos, sensors, accelerometers). But more and more, there’s an established code base around distributed systems, clustered databases, distributed file systems and Hadoop type distributed processing systems, primarily using Java classes and Gossip-style system communication protocols. I suspect something similar to that, but more device-focused will evolve to allow processors and sensors to operate each of the limbs independently, overseen by a kind of hypervisor equivalent software layer. Particularly in a military robot where you could do damage isolation and failover as part of the OS…

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Oh yes. It did occur to me that having a single processor did not mean that the *processing* was single-threaded.

        Particularly in a military robot where you could do damage isolation and failover as part of the OS…

        Imma guessing that they are not yet at the stage of letting people shoot at their prototype to check that performance degrades gracefully as its legs are progressively destroyed.

      • You guys ought to get a room.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Ho ho, lookit Mr Control Freak, doesn’t want people leaving off-topic comments.

      • O yeah, as a Prime Zardozer, I NEVER let anybody go off topic.


      • I suspect the best thing will be for mikey to immediately decamp to Cow Country Adjacent, so he can use his Programming Experience to educate the Robot Children.

        Let me know your ETA.

      • I am pretty sure if you weirdos got a room, it would end in blood, alcohol, and police.

  6. Ooof. I made that Kooba Zombre a little strong.

  7. Perhaps I need to task the Robot Kids with something along these lines. One of the dweebier kids keeps obsessing about rail guns.

    He’s also intense about ‘flying robots’. A couple of kids cracked up when I said we have those, they’re called helicopters. I didn’t even mention thunderdrones.

  8. mikey says:

    When you aren’t concerned about the weight of the weapons systems, recoil stops being a concern. There are lots of ways to dampen recoil – from buffer springs to hydraulic struts like shock absorbers – this is why you can have artillery. You just can’t ask a grunt to carry a two hundred pound rifle. Well, you can ask, but he’ll shoot you with it.

    Just take a minute to imagine trying to hold a company perimeter in urban or semi-urban terrain at night against half a dozen autonomous six legged killer robots that can see in all wavelengths, communicate at the speed of light and shoot accurately on the move.

    I’m tellin ya, they’re going to take all the charm out of ground combat…

  9. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    However, it seems that he and his closest staff suffer from the Republican malady of considering themselves above the law.

    I wonder how they got that idea? Let’s ask Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and company. And maybe get Eric Holder* in on the call.

    * To be fair, Holder and company did try to bring history’s greatest monster, John Edwards, to justice. And they’ve kicked medical marijuana provider butt, bigtime.

    • I wonder how they got that idea?

      Pretty sure it was Dick Nixon, thunder.

    • John Edwards was a skeevy bastard, and not just for fucking around on his wife (although between said wife being mortally ill and spawning with the Other Woman, it certainly brings this up a notch. verging into Republican territory). His caving on Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan was truly Democrat-worthy. I suspect his populism was a meager front and he would have been just as aggravating for you at the end of the day.

      Perhaps Holder didn’t need to pursue him. Probably not. Powerful Man Takes Advantage of his Powerful Position. Dog Bites Man, right. But FFS, are you DEFENDING him?

      OTOH, running edwards through the Wood-chipper (not as if it damaged Edwards, he was done anyway) seems to me to be a political calculation; it removes the issue from the Republican arsenal, they can’t bring it back into play like they STILL do with Chappaquiddick. I would be surprised if Holder thought it was a prosecution that stood a chance of success. Politics ain’t beanbag, if Edwards’ Penis was going to destroy his career anyway, why not use it to some advantage? It ain’t right, I am not arguing that. But it is realistic.

      And dude, if you want your friends to take your arguments seriously, you gotta put down the hyperbole pipe.

      Otherwise, YOU are History’s Greatest Monster and a Tool Of Big Orb to boot.

      Heh. TOBO. Thunder is a TOBO.

      On the pot thing, I got nothing. probably because I no longer have any short term memory. cuz I’m high. On the pot thing, I got nothing…

  10. Uh-oh.

    Oh yeah, that’s what’s going on here.

  11. Uh-oh.

    I am sucking down Sailor Jerry’s like it’s Friday night before Thanksgiving.

    I am sucking down Sailor Jerry’s like it’s Friday Tuesday night before Thanksgiving.
    If I don’t get out of here soon, I will have to pay extra at the parking garage.

  12. Since none of you helped me with the Jason Bonham decision, I am going; and before that, going to a bar-closing party with free food and booze. It’s all your fucking fault, believe it.

  13. For FUCK’S sake, I spend all that time working on a political anti-Turdwaffle post, and the entire thing is derailed into a MechWarrior discussion? I mean, where it wasn’t derailed by thunder blaming the Democrats for…something?

  14. I’ve wrecked lots of otherwise lovely posts

    O tell me about it.

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