Christmas At Ground Zero

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Music nobody listens to

Paleo had a semi-grinchey post up about shopping and the holidays (if you are not one click links, especially to Minnesota, he  hates the former, loves the latter), that got me rambling about music.
Well, of course, right?
So here is a link to BG’s blog, where you can listen to (and download, DRM free!) the songs she did with Neddie Jingo in years past.  A tradition I miss dearly.

The XTC one is the best, no doubt there.


Hey, check it out, I found a newer Mighty Reindeer Lick song:

Outside it’s Christmas!  Outside it’s Christmas!

  1. mikey says:

    Great light in the sky tonight
    Oh honey it’s burning bright
    Come and take me away tonight
    And it’s alright…

  2. mikey says:

    Fuck your douchebag governor. Fuck Willard. Fuck ’em all.

  3. blue girl says:

    Hey! Thank you for the link! Them were the good old days.

    Neddie and I talked recently about doing another song. Just haven’t done it yet.

  4. If it ducks and covers like a duck…

  5. mikey says:

    I love that you can always count on Pinko to offer a complex and insightful analysis of an otherwise difficult concept…

  6. mikey says:

    Got a cocktail and a chicken breast. Gonna watch Rahjuhs and the Packers, and I’m going to be rooting for them against the loathsome Giants. But it almost doesn’t matter – the 49ers are so deep they can afford to bench the second best quarterback in the league. And still beat Drew Brees and the New Orleans head hunters (because “knee-hunters” isn’t alliterative). So enjoy the run, Green Bay.

    Hey, speaking of, when I was growing up I had no idea where “Green Bay, Wisconsin” was, but we had a little residential village in Marin between San Rafael and Mill Valley called “Greenbrae”, and I thought that they must mean the Greenbrae Packers, and it seemed odd to me that we rooted for a San Francisco team rather than one from Marin.

    When I see Faith Hill sing that atrocity of a former Joan Jett song (I remind myself that Joan is getting well compensated for the abuse) I wonder what it must be like to be standing up there on a stage in a tiny dress that barely covers your junk. She doesn’t seem concerned, but how hard is it for a woman to learn to no worry about that? Seems weird to me…

  7. mikey says:

    I thought you said that useless place kicker was gonna get fired or killed and buried in the parking lot or something…

  8. mikey says:

    I’m thinking I want to go live in that brand new nation of Catalonia…

    I think they have cats there…

  9. mikey says:

    Now would be a good time to explain to me why Rajuhs is a better quarterback than that little weasel Eli…

  10. And the one stupid time I need the ‘Queens to win, Jay Cutler looks like the reincarnation of Steve Young, and Ponder looks like the reincarnation of Tebow.

  11. And the peckernecks announcing have their lips wrapped so tightly around the Hamsterlickers genitalia he’s gotten gangrene.

    And aarrgggh.

  12. mikey says:

    I’m running along trying to keep up, but I think I need a scorecard. Are the peckernecks the Giants? Who are the Queens? Why do the Packers lick Hamsters? I feel like the dood that accidently ended up in the advanced class….

  13. Well, perhaps I will forget about watching the rest of this debacle and concentrate on my drinking.

  14. mikey says:

    I’m gonna call it a football night in america and poke at the remote. Maybe somebody will tell me how to cook something good….

  15. mikey says:

    Yeah. I hate capers too. They look like rabbit shit and taste like…rabbit shit…

  16. Landru says:

    The most disturbing thing about that game last night is how Mrs. Landru wouldn’t just stop masturbating on the couch and come to bed.

  17. Landru says:

    Dood. Redskins fan. And you know what I like to say to her first thing every morning? JAY CUTLER.

    Okay, okay. Every morning when I don’t really think I’m going to need to have sex for the next week or so.

  18. mikey says:

    The key lesson here is just about any NFL team is just a brilliant coach and a bunch of high draft picks from winning their division…

  19. Landru says:

    As long as we’re stipulating that the Redskins don’t count under “brilliant coach,” I’m cool with that.

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