Facing the Wind

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Fridge Note

O well.


Nothing much.  Making buildings.  Destroying relationships.  same old same old. Yes, I will have another drink.

  1. Put the building on a swivel so it rotates in the wind.

    Thus guaranteeing energy savings pulitzer prizes water recycling making the tenants boot every 15 minutes or so…

  2. mikey says:

    Get a bigger glass, dig a deeper hole and keep your voice down….

  3. I was kind of jazzed when the CAD software added the pale beige background to the workspace in the last update (I hate the AutoCad standard black background. It makes it impossible to tell what the drawings will look like when printed).

    It just occurred to me that it also replicates the look of the yellow onionskin trace paper we used to use in studio.

  4. Also too: deactivated my fucking Twitter account. Because, DAMN.

    Interesting to go through FaceHell friends to see who has de-friended. Not always the ones you would think.

    • mikey says:

      I find the twitter machine to be good for brief entertainment, like when standing in line at the grocery, or waiting for someone to “see you now”. Just gotta follow funny folks. For fifty five foreign fellows falling fast for fermented figs….



    Carry on.

  6. Pinko Punko says:

    Mysertious allusion to drama makes one sad. Where were you on Twitter??? Is that a thing?

  7. Pinko loves a mystery. He’s like Encyclopedia Brown! Wikipedia Pinko, we call him around the Zompound.

    Heck, if it gets PP to comment, I will be getting mysterious on a daily basis. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser. Goddam opaque, I will be.

  8. Also, creative spelling of “mysterious” there. Golf claps!

  9. Pinko Punko says:

    I mysert that my spelling was correct.

  10. Twitter is stupid imho. As well as the Book of Faces too. People who spend a lot of time on either need a fucking life.

    • Huh. Must be some other “Dusty Taylor” I friended on FaceHell then. 😉

      • I spend very little time on the Book of Faces. I use it to promote my latest blogpost and that’s about it.. occasionally I put up something I think is important for people to know….like something political..you know me Zombilicious…it’s all about politics for the most part, because everything in life is political in some form or fashion. I would never defriend you…but my genetic family….now there is a group of humans I have defriended for the most part. I think I am linked to two out of 25 of them on the Book of Faces.

      • . I would never defriend you

        You realize that I will eventually just take that as a challenge?

  11. mikey says:

    There is certainly no argument that I need a fucking life…

  12. mikey says:

    Y’know, I hear this sort of sentiment quite often, and it always amuses me. People making some kind of a determination about what internet venue is “cool” and what others are “lame”. In this case, apparently, sitting in front of your computer typing a post in a blogging application is perfectly fine, but sitting in front of your computer typing a post into Facebook or Twitter indicates a desperate need for a “life” (whatever that is). I’m breathlessly awaiting a declaration on where sitting in front of a computer typing a post on a listserv falls in this continuum…

    • Dunno. I see it more as a discussion of what you find useful, and what it is used for. FB is very different from this blog, and I use them differently. You may have even noticed that my…voice…is markedly different from one to the other.

      I just never found a use for Twitter that appeals to me.

      Dusty’s ‘get a life’ comment was maybe a bit strong, but she lives in Bakersfield, so there you go. Getting a life carries with it the distinct hazards of responsibility and maturity, so I would hardly recommend it.

    • I don’t use a ‘listserve’ so I have no feeling either way on that Mikey. I am also aware you and I have nothing in common other than commenting on some blogs we both read.

  13. mikey says:

    Hey Z, I think I heard them say that next week is the last episode of TWD for this run. Looks like your undead brethren will be mere observers in the coming bloodletting. Kinda hoping ol’ bayonet arm gets a crossbow bolt in the noggin, but pretty certain the good governor is going to get some samurai sword action upon his pretty face. Also, like the idea of the cancer patient experiment, but it appears Andrea is somewhat anti-science.

    I find myself confuzzled by the geography. The town (Happyville or whatever they call it) and the Prison are so close to each other that bayonet arm and loverboy found themselves at the same grocery store. And sistah samurai and Andrea have traipsed all over hells half acre, and neither was aware of the other? I find it all quite odd…

    • Haven’t watched the new ep yet.

      But it also strikes me that the Ville and the House of Many Doors are probably not that far away; they both are within some radius of the farm. And as Mira Grant’s novel Feed (blogging and zombies! I may sue her for copyright infringement) points out, in the zompocalypse, traveling outside of secure locations is very hazardous, so it has to be kept to a minimum.

    • FaceHell says it’s midseason finale. So like Breaking Bad, they are splitting the season up.

      Makes sense. removes some of the “6 days to air” panic.

      • mikey says:

        It’ll be fun ’cause they’ll be killing breathers, who incidentally have the capacity to shoot back, not just nibble on your dangly bits. The governor is one downright creepy big bad, and we’re going to enjoy seeing his violent conclusion, but I suspect we’re going to lose some of the original survivors in this one. They better start a farm team…

  14. I am just referring to a study wherein people picked Facebook before a bathroom as a quantitative ‘need’ in their lives. I find that sad and disgusting.

    Since the Ball n Chain had his heart attack in Feb, I find my use of the internet has changed dramatically. Reality has a way of doing that to some folks. Others…not so much I guess.

  15. Let me also say I do not judge those I consider friends or cohorts. My comment might of been taken as harsh but it was general in nature, not aimed at anyone specifically. Everyone uses the intertoobs for their own needs. Twitter serves what purpose? To spread bullshit and bravado or real information? Or is it there only as a way to pass time? I am not really sure. Facebook on the other hand can be used in markedly different ways than Twitter it seems to me. Of course I don’t live in Egypt or the middle east where they used Twitter during the infamous Arab Spring.

  16. mikey says:

    My use of the twitter machine has been increasing slowly. Some people have adopted it as their primary mode of communication (it’s just texting on the web instead of a phone) and when I want to communicate with them, it makes sense to use their preferred modality. But mostly I read it rather than type on it – there are people, journalists, scientists and tech figures who’s thoughts and opinions are interesting to me, and they have chosen that venue to share them. As I pointed out above, it’s all the same to me – it’s just the intert00bz. A digital communications platform with a rich set of tools and applications designed to be used by different people for different things. I can’t see where there’s a worthwhile value judgement to be made…

    • Strangely I agree with you Mikey that there are true journalists that use Twitter to break news. I do subscribe to their feeds, but I am on Twitter so little that I miss their posts…

    • well, it was a personal value judgment for me. I found I didn’t get anything of value out of it as a tool. Not to say that others don’t; as the kids say on the Twitter, YMMV…

      Actually, during the FIRST Robotics regionals, Young Zombie’s team set up a twitter feed for their team to keep all the friends and family in the loop. Our team intends to follow their lead this year.

      As you say, mikey, it’s a tool. just not one that I’ve discovered much of a use for….

  17. mikey says:

    Actually, the coolest thing about the twitter machine is that most companies now have a dedicated “social media” employee to monitor it. So if you have a decent number of followers (alas, I don’t, so I get ignored) and you start bashing a company, they will usually contact you and ask you what they can do to get you to say nice things. Often discounts and freebies are offered. So it’s a kind of a democratizing process, where an individual, by dint of his or her voice, can have genuine influence over even very large organizations. I like to see that kind of decentralized power…

  18. mikey says:

    Yeah, they actually have to believe you’re affecting their brand. It’s really common in the tech industry, I don’t know how widespread it is in consumer and financial silos, but I DO know those organizations have people monitoring their mentions on social media platforms. Some of the best selling software in the world right now is designed to do just that…

  19. LOL! Thanks Zombilicious. Now, I have been online much too long and ye olde back is screaming at me. Nice to visit with you all. 😉

  20. mikey says:

    Did I see somewhere in a rare moment of lucidity that there’s a movie made of “World War Z”?

    • Based on the info, I am not hopeful about the WWZ movie. One of the best things about the book was that it was a series of vignettes, exploring different aspects of the zompocalypse from many angles and all around the world, and how all these different parts fit together to create the World War Z as a story arc.

      It looks like they settled on one storyline, and are running with that. So it’s just a standard zombie movie.

      Which is OK, I guess. But the multiple threading and interwoven plotlines of The Walking Dead are much closer to the book WWZ, it seems to me.

  21. mikey says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s two things. First, it’s a commentary on how fragile our society is, and what we might become if and when it becomes something less structured. Second, it’s an argument about the limits of power, and what people might have to become when the rules are revoked. Bouffant and me see this as a second chance.

    But of course the big ugly won’t be zombies, as much as we spend cycles trying to understand how to dominate that world (here’s a hint – it starts and ends with .22LR). It will be people, with their anger and hatred and sexual desire and arms and peer pressure and brutality. The lesson we learn here is we need to care about a few discrete social entities and we need to be willing to bring hard times to those that would do the same to us. It’s about resources and weapons, and more than anything building a culture that isn’t vulnerable to the evolving power structure…

    • …and shovels. It’s ALL about the shovels.

      yeah, TWD just uses the zombies as the MacGuffin. It’s the lever with which to advance the plot, but the real problems are created by breathers.

      In the Mira Grant novel, the blogging team tags along with a Presidential campaign as reporters. There is zombie violence, of course, but the real heinous actions are taken by religious zealots.

      I hope that isn’t too much spoiler if someone wants to read them. The epidemiology in her book is really well thought out.

  22. Nick says:

    So, a post about buildings and breezes has become all about the “Zombie Apocalypse: What are the options?” Somehow, I am unsurprised. Just an interesting note to pass along from my eclectic reading– Obama won the Silicone Valley/Bay area by 49 points. His IT infrastructure worked flawlessly. Rmoney’s, not so much. I think this is the way to get rid of Turdwaffle in two years– use their proud know-nothingness against them. Okay, back to zombies and booze. And shovels.

  23. mikey says:

    The first thing you notice when you get off the plane in San Jose and begin to scout around Silicon Valley is the near total lack of white people. This was simply not a rich environment for Romney voters…

  24. Only the agriculture area, known as the inland empire is Romney country in Cali. All those brain-dead farmer-types love the GOP.

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