Broken Hearts And Auto Parts

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

OK, here I am just going to go ahead and post for the senseless her we go, but based mostly on responding to rick-n-roll mikey.

Here is Kevn Kinney, local Milwaukee musician who moved to Atlanta in order to … well, get absolutely no further in the music industry than he might have in the midwest.  But it does not delete the quality of his music:

And yeah, it was punk as fuck:

Kevn was in a punk band called the Prosecutors, before I got to Milwaukee, and My great and good friend Scary Joe did sound for them when the were such.  He moved to Atlanta and got hard rock and nearly made it huge.  But his best stuff is either raw and Punk as Fuck, or solo and Punk As Fuck.

But you know, good fucking songwriting:

Believe me, the man who wrote these lyrics is…well.

Well I'm out of work, I'm out of hope
What should be of thee I spoke
Good times for the undeserved
And bad times for the ones who work

I said poor man, rich man, blind man, dead man
Hoped for more than they had all planned
Just then they suffered a serious blow
As the real world cuts the line you hold

Nobody said it would be fair
They warned you before you went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted
To a new world, new life, scarred but smarter

Is it right to wish the poor man rich? 
Is it right to wish the rich man poor? 
To hope all that's well is well ends fair 
To wish thy neighbors life to despair 

Being so mad that I start crying 
No payoff for all my trying 
To do it right, to never fail 
I'm wishing for a fairy tale

Nobody said it would be fair
They warned me before I went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted
To a new world, new life, scarred but smarter

But then my life it turns all around
Jobs and things to do that I've found
I think how foolish I must have looked
To think I could be down for good

Nobody said it would be fair
But in the end I think it is.
Karma, justice, whatever you call it.
It's really there just keep looking for it

Nobody said it would be fair
But in the end I think it is.
Karma, justice, whatever you call it.
It's really there just keep looking for it

Nobody said it would be fair
They warned you before you went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted
To a new world, new life, scarred but smarter
  1. Damn, that was quick! You gonna do 24 posts in 24 hours now?

  2. mikey says:

    Cars break down
    People break down
    An’ other things break down too…

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’ve found it’s much easier to not do any posts in 24 days.

  4. mikey says:

    Wow. I guess the Blogger really is down. Or drunk as hell.

    Should we get an aquarium for your upper bits?

  5. Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ got respect from the local punk-rock skater kids, which was remarkable given their other listening habits.

  6. mikey gets to say words I can’t say.


  7. mikey says:

    Yeah. It’s that kind of night. Turning out the lights, turning up the music, trying to transport myself to a world where I wasn’t walking wounded, a cripple in a world of sprinters.

    Y’know, I really did fall in love with a hooker. Eventually married her. Guess I should be shocked, SHOCKED that it didn’t work out. And emotional cripple and a sex worker – hey, what could possibly go wrong with that?

    Linebacker in a corner with too many guns and too much anger. Kills what he loves, and then goes to say thank you to those who helped him along the way before checking out. Love and hate – sometimes it’s just hard to tell the difference. And sometimes there IS no difference.

    Oh dear. It’s going to be along, dark night out here on the edge. When the best you can hope for is distractions and ultimately sleep, when the future is something you’d like to avoid but the past is full of monsters, when the world around you doesn’t seem real and won’t let you participate anyway, it’s just a matter of hunkering down and trying to let it all just roll off like rain off your poncho.

    There. There’s my uplifting thought for the evening. Think I’ll have another drink…

  8. mikey says:

    I hope you enjoyed the Knick-Knack-Kaepernick era as much as I did.

    Honestly, TEN points in regulation against St. Louis? Thank goodness tat-boy can “get the ball downfield” or it woulda been a shutout…

    • What I enjoyed MOST was the Seahawks making up, a little bit, for that early season ref debacle, and putting the Bears down at Soldier Field.

      Although any day you can stomp the Vikings, even when Petersen rushes for 200 yards (and Crosby muffs another 1.5 kicks) is a Good Sunday.

      In fact, every other team in our division lost today. That is ALSO what the rum’s for….

      • Whale Chowder says:

        Man, it looked to me like the refs were trying their best to hand the game to the Bears. And the Hawks were doing their best to help. Apparently Wilson didn’t get the memo, FSM be praised.

    • SF is still playing that guy?

      • mikey says:

        Yep. Never mind that Alex would have quietly, ploddingly, SAFELY and without drama assembled something on the order of 24 points and run the clock out, again, without drama, and the 49ers would have easily won the game and people would have sighed and said “Oh, that Alex Smith, he’s just a “game manager”, he really doesn’t have the athletic talent to be an elite quarterback in the NFL…

  9. mikey says:

    Hey, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear this.

    I’m half-watching the Baltimore – Pittsburgh game because apparently the Jokeland Traitors weekly debacle is blacked out because not enough blind and retarded people live in Northern California to fill Mt. Davis, and a commercial just came on that I’m pretty sure said that Led Zeppelin was going to be on David Letterman’s teevee show tomorrow.

    Although I can see how it might make you kinda sad and wistful, too. That’s what the Rum’s for…

  10. What, are you guys waiting for a new post?

    Destined to be disappointed by the zombie yet again….

  11. mikey says:


    Frankly, we don’t give a fuck.

    But whatevs. You can type shit when the spirit moves you.

    Pretty much like the rest of us…

  12. Resurrecting a LOLComment from the wayback days of the Packer-Seattle game:

    mikey [kill]​[hide comment]says:
    September 26, 2012 at 12:06 pm (Edit)

    And those freakin Vikings are REALLY good, it turns out.

    We’re talking REALLY good.

    They don’t need any help from the refs…

    • Landru says:

      As much as Mrs. Landru dislikes your cheese, I still couldn’t get her to say “Go Vikings.” Schadenfreude is THE BEST.

      What’s with this watching single games thing? Haven’t you discovered the ADHD fuel that is Red Zone? I mostly don’t even watch entire Redskins games any more, unless they’re the only game on.

      Or have I just outed myself as cable-swilling elitist swine?

  13. Argggh. Doing Interior material schedule database. IT’S SO TEDIOUS.

    …oh well, could be worse, I could be writing specs. Am sharing the duties with a couple of dozing animals, skiffy shows on the ‘Pad, and some Kooba Zombres.

    • mikey says:

      Seems to me that ‘puters should be smart enough at this point that you could just specify the materials and it would populate the database. Also, back in the dark ages when I worked in a door shop supplying interior finish materials I used to have to do take-offs from the blueprints in order to bid, pull and build the doors, trim and closet packages. Would I get a listing generated from a database today? ‘Cause if so I’m gonna be retroactively pissed…

      • Yes and no, mikey. The manufacturers of interior materials have too much variety in their websites, it seems to me a program would be hard-pressed to be able to pull the relevant info from them directly. And there is just too many different materials and colors to have databases pre-loaded with anything more than the most typical finishes from teh biggest manufacturers. So what I have done is create a database that I can fill in, or not, depending on the material, and include color swatches. In addition, I do related information; what accent color is related, what the adjacent base material is, the thickness of the material, the substrate, the location. Some materials need different pieces of information, so without meta data, the program would get kattywampus in filling in the fields. The nice thing is that once I am done, the contractor has most of the info he needs for construction and installation in one place, and if we need to revise or add materials, it is set up to do it easily.

        High end CAD software includes some of that functionality, for things like window, door, and equipment schedules; but you have to load the info into the objects anyway. For me, it works better to have a database separate from the construction drawings for colors and materials. On my plans, I always have window and door schedules so the specifics are there, all the bidder has to do is add up the numbers. If I built the whole project in BIM, the numbers would be there also; but the danger becomes if the plans are altered to include objects that aren’t smart, it will throw the schedule off.

        There are some CAD programs that automate takeoffs; but they are oriented toward simpler construction, mainly wood framed houses, where the construction style is much easier to quantify. Again, you kind of need to know a lot about the construction type when the plans are started in order to have meaningful output.


      • mikey says:

        Ahh. Sounds like they’ve complicated the shit outta interior finish since the seventies. We had 1⅝ and 2¼ casing in bullnose, bevel and step, pine, fingerjoint pine, oak and lauan. Baseboard, Crown, Chair Rail and shit like that was similarly standardized. I worked at a very high-end shop (in Marin) that had all the necessary shapers and milling equipment, so if you wanted something different (very frequently these rich fuckers did) you’d just give us a cross section and a species and we’d make it. We built up a pretty big library of custom knives that way so we could offer lots of “custom” trim options. But we didn’t do anything finished. I was just starting to see prefinished Lauan base and those awful, ubiquitous hollow core six panel hardboard doors that come primed when I wandered off. The fun part for me was specing out gigantic custom stile and rail entry doors (I’d get people excited about them and we’d charge them twenty grand BACK THEN!) and doing shit like custom ash cabinet doors with Purple Heart inlay (I LOVE Ash!!) and Maple floors with very fine ebony inlays. But it all required hours of leaning over big tables of prints with this cool little triangular ruler that had different scales on different edges. There was often much cocaine involved in doing after-hours takeoffs and bids.

        Hey. Did you know it was snowing in the Empire? That seems…Senseless….

    • Thanks(?) for reminding me of the amount of time I spent writing AutoLISP code to semi-automate block-attribute-to-database stuff back in the early 90’s.

      I was already depressed and that didn’t help.

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